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4D Systems' DEVBOARD-G!, uOLED-160-G1(GFX) and Parallax GPS. Displays and optionally logs GPS data at 1Hz. Build details and source code can be found at:...

Good idea Chris. You'll probably see those changes in V1.1 ;-) The reason the graphical elements are there at all was to help fill the screen real estate a bit better. I did the text first and added the graphics rather late in the project.
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That's awesome Steve. About the only thing I would have done differently with the display layout is moved the compass heading degrees under the graphical compass and moved the speed value to over the needle for that to keep those common items together.
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Steve, I know all too well about adding features later. It's nice work though! Glad you liked the ideas.
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Excellent video and project most enjoyable. A professional useful and thought out project.
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