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HawaiianGuys on the Torpedo

by HawaiianFallsFun • 12,983,392 views

HawaiianGuys Ride The Torpedo!!

"it's fast, it's fun." - HotShotGG
I want to try this soooo badly.
im 14 and have my own laptop! I wanna go to the hawaiian falls waterpark!
His face of terror... Priceless!
Omg! I got butterlies just watching you!!
Lol I don't ever get tired of this video. Y'all are so funny. And Kyle is so cute ^_^
i fell like i been ther is it in tx
Yes freeway speeds are exilerating rating aren't they...LOL
The first time I wen on this, I was as scared as HECK!! But now I go on it ALL THE TIME! :D
i did this to but in the Netherlands so cool i swear
Hawaii 5-0!!!! i mplayed that in band
Oh man, awesome, .. so funny!
i been on it before its so crazy
that ride was so scary i wanted to cry
I WANT TO RIDE THAT!!! But I honestly don't think the dramatic: 3,2,1 would help much at all.
I want to go on the one in the background
I am horrified of heights but even I would do that!!!
Omg I Went ON That IT Was Sooo Fun
I went on this today!! It was freakin scary! But fun(:!!
i went on a slide just like this except it did a loope-d-loop
yes. Garland, The Colony and Mansfield, Texas (suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth).
I like the Insane of Beach Park in Fortaleza, Ceará - Brazil It's worth knowing.
The ride looks cool, fun, and scary. Gosh I wanna go there!
ikr at first i thought i was gonna die but then it was kinda fun!
Hawaiin falls is in carrollton where i live so ive been to hawaiin falls many times
I live right there in the colony
Not to be hating on this video but you guys thing your so manly to go on it and me and my friend were 6-7 years old and we went on it and we were not crying
I would like to try that fun looking torpedo slide
I go to that exact water park all the time it's like 3 miles from my house!!
I live 15 minutes away from these :)
i love thos rides i love thous rides
I went on dis ride my heart dropped
I went here on Thursday and it was sweet.
y is it called Hawaiian Falls if its in Dallas, Texas lol
i know the tune at the beginning without the guitars does anyone knows how the name of the song
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