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Let's Play - The Binding of Isaac - Episode 172 [RAGE]

by Northernlion • 77,532 views

What they don't show you in 28 Days Later is that the Rage virus originally started when Bruce Banner fornicated with a howler monkey.

A missing page is definitely my favorite trinket, but I like flat penny and mom's pearl a lot, too.
The Tick is actually a good trinket as it makes bosses easier by reducing their starting health by 15%!
9:05... did that shit really just happen?!
9:15 doesn't take all the money, even though he is flying
The northernlion story.
Why would he not fly and waste a bob's rotten head???
Me: 4:14...What the hell happened there? Greg the Medicore-ist: Glitches with old man Snitches!
Polyphemus is the giant/cyclops son of Poseidon in Greek mythology
Man this makes me feel some how stupid, because everybody in the comments watched this video a month before i watched it.
+Mr.Kizzwinkle and you watched nearly a month bfor me
SMB Super Fan: Increases all stats except Speed by 1. Reduces Speed by 1 Collecting any type of flying items will make you a flying head
With the Polyphemus, when you kill an enemy, the leftover damage from your shot travels through the enemy...
Now it has been fixed, ??? is the true final boss :P
The Mulligan is a great item. Additional homing shots after successful hits. Stacks really well with high tears or technology. :D
10:47 *Sees Polyphemus* NL: "Woah, that's a new one I think," Me: "...Jesus, how far back have I gone?" o_o
I'm watching these back, waiting for the day where a patch changes the way flying out of the mob trap room works so I can see Northernlion's reaction.
Lord of the Pit, Tough Love, Small Rock, Peeper, Mutant Spider, Holy Grail, 3 Luck Up Pills. YEAH.
9:00 My head is full of fuck...
why u just every penny in basement 1!? u can FLY!!!!
Technology 2 = constant attack Mulligan = small chance to get overpowered fly per attack Technology 2 + mulligan= overpowered
You need to beat the new floor in the latest update to getsamson lock and stuff, but said new floor is ridiculously difficult
You could have gotten all that money
Dude, you can push bombs, no matter what kind, with your tears (if there not piercing or ouijibourd)
If I remember the Larry Jr. fight increases Samson's damage because their health works incrementally
The Tick lowers boss health! It's amazing!
Northernlion you made me face palm alot today.
No longer applicable here, pal. Go to one of his later episodes, and then see if he still sucks. This was months ago. Also, it doesn't matter if you're not trying to brag, you still look like a dick.
Did no one read the description?
V V V -stupid asshole with no brain :) warning samson loses his hair when he drinks juice
9:10 are you kidding you can fly and explode the rock
They were monsters, I tried to take a screenshot, but it didn't save :(
lol he uses the bomb to get the money when he can fly
i had no idea tech 2 proc'd the flies. thats OP as shit.
gets flying* *wasts bomb for cash`* fcuk logic
mulligin+tech2+rage= super powerfull fly army.
You people are pathetic :l You're not impressing anyone by putting some one else down. Seriously, grow up.
NL stupid how he got dead dove and says i could fly and didnt get all the cents in the room.... *faceplam*
9:09 - Oh, Northernlion, you make me laugh so hard sometimes.
it hurt so much watching the flying and not getting the coins.
Pahaha, I love Nova's playthroughs. I just wish they were longer. He just runs around screaming at everything.
9:07 what ta fuck you are you doing?
One day i will get it, the Northernlion story.
Yeah, I totally agree! Plus, he is honestly a decent player, regardless =)
The easiest explanation for polyphemus would be trample damage (makes sense if you've played MtG)
He was just talking about being able to fly, but he forgot that he could fly over the rocks to get the money.
4:45 game set trollometer to max
8:57 was extremely painful to watch
wow, wrath of the lamb was really badly balanced at first. like, just plain awful. i'm glad it was fixed, because it wouldn't have been any fun getting OP items in every single run.
The reason you were so powerful is that the Big eye effect maxed out you damage and because the laser scales up with power up grades, but isn't effected by the slow shot.
In NL's Let's Play comment sections, everyone's a pro. I wonder why not one of them have their own perfect run videos though... :s
I had Sacared Heart Choco Milk Polyphoums and Quad shot Yea big
Fah!!! You were flying!! Get the money !!!!
id love to get technology 1 and 2 together. does anyone know if they stack?
14:45 its an advanced duke of flies bro. duke. of. flies.
Perhaps he got it after taking out some Larry Jr. sections.
8:57 - 9:09 ... are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!
"Binding of Isaac sucks man. Glitchy game. Would not play. 0/10" rofl I lost it when he said this for some reason.
Whenever NL says "I'm going to shut up so I can focus" he always talks at the exact same rate that he did before.
guys stop being fked up and let it slip, with all the shit NL does for us, why u gotta be dicks
Why did you blow those rocks up with your spacebar item WHEN YOU CAN FLY?..
2:55 square circle The day this statement makes sense is the day pigs fly
aka i mean kopler456 has no brain and is a asshole :)
That larry jr. was like "Nope. Npt gonna get that." And flew over stones
No not really :P Triachid was giltch. 1.15 patch switched it to correct polaroid final boss and Edmund made post in his tumblr about possibly adding Triachid to game in content update(it was originally removed from game for some reason)
Program for the Polyphemus: If Damage > Enemey health, then left damage go through for next enemy.
People have been criticizing him since the first one he're late .-.
Just when I thought you couldn't get any worse...
Then u didnt even need to reply to my comment who was a reply to another comment. Commenting on his stats? Isnt even what i talked about. And if you didnt notice i put in that he sometimes forgets it? So ur comment was useless.
With the Mulligan and Technology 2, Mulligan spawns flies every time you hit a mob, it has a chance to spawn flies. With Technology 2, you are hitting mobs hundreds of times, therefore spawning a bunch of flies :D
"I'm Gonna Stop Talking So I Can Focus.." *Instantly Continues Talking.*
I think he may be retarded, just a hunch
It's not bragging, it's just stating how I did in one round, and don't call me an ass.
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