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Halo Waypoint: Bungie talks Reach at X10

by Halo • 22,551 views

On February 11, 2010, Bungie presented the first Halo: Reach Vidoc: "Once More Unto the Breach" and demoed the game from an alpha build at X10. Waypoint got a chance to talk to Bungie Creative...

@robbinsillinois There are techically 3 "Halo games" 1 expansion, and an RTS game based on Halo. So 3.1 games in total
i've played all the call of duties and all halo games. personally i think halo is not only superior in gamplay online but also stronger in story than cod, bottom line cod is full of halo haters because all the haters are afraid that halo is not only their rival but is also whooping their ass in the fact that its by far a better game.
And why does this sound like a MS representative I talked to on the phone with a few days ago...
@cocacolafresh Oh great !!! Some body have 2 bring that up , MW2 suks
NICE cant wait for the beta, ill be honest Bungie lost me to Modern Warfare 2 but really hoping they can win me back oh and there is firefight in reach?
i think it would be cool to choose weapons and perks and stuff like in call of duty but you would still be able to pick up weapons and stuff in the environments for the multi-player..........guess we will just have to wait until may 3rd to find out
@decadentgamer thanks. you saved me 8:04 minutes of my life :)
i like the perk idea but if you started with chosen weapons it would end up being only snipers rockets and other power weapons that are ussually game changers. it just wouldnt work
I can't wait until ODST 2 comes out!!! =]
Even if bungie stops making halo games after reach (which i hope they dont), they will probably still make other great games, BUNGIE FOREVER!!!
i agree with you on everthing. halo odst wasnt a great game but its cool that bungie took the time to try to make dlc into a game.
To sum up what basically the entire discussion here has been, here goes: ODST was more of an expansion, it wasn't exactly a full game. I agree on the fact that while it was short, it was one of, if not, the best campaign in a halo game yet. People cant say its a disappointment. Reach is the HUGE project. ODST was something to give us a new experience and to test out firefight and etc. to see how well it would work in reach (+ improvements). Reach will be great no doubt, beta sounds epic to. :)
@LightSkateboards your right Halo takes so much skill. first time i played cod, it was so simple and easy to fucking kill someone, i was like is this a game or what
yes. yes. that was the best map EVER!
DO YOU EVEN THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE IN STUPIDITY!?!?!? Halo made competitive gaming and the competitive gaming community has been and always will be far superior than the so called peasants of the the gaming community such as firefight kids and campaign randoms. You obviously didn't get what I was saying, THE MULTIPLAYER BLOWS. Host selection: terrible, Maps: pitiful, Hit detection: descent, spawning: Atrocious. It almost killed an amazing community and with Halo 4 looking like shit it will die...
@LightSkateboards your right i used to like it on my second prestige ive got 8 nukes without boosting its to easy
Halo is a competitive game, what you just said to me is that the competitive community should should explore the features that reach has to offer and that's understandable but Halo has been and always will mainly known for the multiplayer. I don't understand what you want the competitive community to do, Competitive firefight? Professional Forging?!?!?!?! LMFAO, you obviously don't understand the argument that I presented...
Im not going to play modern warfare 2 for awhile lol.
They don't have to develop anything, they just slap new skins on the guns and call it a new game.. Am I the only one who is tired of Halo? Tweaking a few formulas is not giving us a new game. Halo = suck.
WOW!!! I just saw the opening credits and it looks EPIC!!!
yes i am a halo fan and i understand what you sayin that you upgraded everything
i loved this game..bungie did a GREAT job..still play it after i played Halo 4...sorry 343 you did a great job...but custom games and maps..were in my opionion...peanut butter and jelly together in Reach..never got old..i just was sad thinkng halo was over..THEN YOU GUYS CAME :)
@BlueSharpshooter bungie has said fall and well before christmas so most likely late august or early september
I wonder if forge will be in Reach. Custom games were fun in Halo 3 mostly because of player-created content. Thoughts?
i just want the gameplay to be fast paced again like in halo 2. also smoother graphics
Haters gonna hate... Have you even opened up Forge? You can design your own map. And yes matchmaking in general sucks... But Reach is still a great game. Hell, it's not even a game. It's some multiplatform type of shit. But again, I agree that the multiplayer in general is not at all like it used to be, or should be. I just don't like it, when you claim the whole game sucks, just because you and your so called "halo veterans" can't understand that there are more to Reach than Matchmaking.
I meant the game modes. So there's Campaign, matchmaking, forge, and theater. And Reach is using the Halo 3 engine. Bungie said they "retooled" it.
@Homegrownkev Reach is going to be the last Halo game made by Bungie
you know what they should do after halo reach they should remake halo ce and halo 2 to have hd grafics. i would buy that
@FilipStumpy its hardcore gaming with out simple cheats. Just pure skill, team work and trash talking !!! haha
we want blood gulch back!! :) and more!
yeah i guess, maybe they should just put the weapons that you are able to choose from stuff that aren't "power" weapons like a battle rifle or a carbine or something
Waypoint was pretty gay. It actually is really gay. I like Halo stuff, but Waypoint was just clumsy.
Halo does take skill like when you first play halo your terrible. In cod it takes like 3 games to get good. When in halo it takes years to get MLG. Cod just isn't a challenge for a skilled gamer that's why little kids play it.
Haha. That's real good lighting for Brian.
It looks ok i guess. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around why they would put a sprint feature in there. I think that is dumb. But most of it looks really cool.
Well that's your personal preference. I think Halo Reach is still great to this day, so I guess you're wrong.
they announced on the vidoc or on an interveiw that u will be able to play as an eleit
The only confirmed perks are invisibility, sprinting, and the jet-pack. There are a few others shown in the multiplayer trailer, but I don't know what they do. All I could see was the little icon on the left of the screen. There is one that looks like an eye and another that looks like a shield with a lock centered in it. I think the "eye" perk provides advanced intel to the HUD, where the "shield and lock" perk provides a large backpack to the player model, possibly an over-shield generator.
why does Jerard look like Ryan Reynolds
agreeing with daflammable chicken. blood gulch was awesome. has to be my favorite map out of all them. coagulation was fun too though. but out of the 3 blood gulch type maps valhalla sucked the most.
@Lordmandell yeah, im getting on at midnight!!!!!
4:04 emphasis on good things? I'm thinking easter eggs!
Good interviews. I heard a lot from multiple team members that I have not heard in other videos. Love hearing about behind the sceens stuff also.
Thats how I feel, the campaign was short, and while I still think Halo CE had the best, it is easily close. And Firefight's a blast. If Reach brings back the Halo CE feel, that I'm pumped.
ya but i would call ODST an expansion not so much a full fledged game. But i agree considering I already had Halo 3 .Odst was kinda not worth it.
I love HALO but ODST was a great improvement the style ant art yes the campaign was to short
i like marcus letho hes a K00l guy.
It must be good if it's "packed with good things" :P hehe
I'm glad i have an XBOX 360 and not an PS3.
I want Congulation back! not Valhalla!
Reach is going to be sick. Can't wait for the MP Beta thats only reason I still have ODST.
We will all die one day but I bet Halo fans will live longer than you.
After this game Bungie might not make a new Halo... Its sad isn't it? But hopefully they make DLC for the campaign in REACH WHOOOOOOOOO bungie!!!!!!!!!!!!
but well i'm expecting improvement with everything that came from the other games that will be implemented in reach
You obviously don't understand that I was never really referring to the competitive side of Reach when I said Reach was a great game. And for the record, yes there are some insanely professional forgers out there, that mainly play Reach because of the possibilities inside of forge. This conversation is obviously a waste of time for both of us. We have our different opinions on what Reach is really all about. I suggest we leave this argument finalized. You are right, because it's your opinion.
if bungie made mw2, it would be the greatest fps ever
well i downloaded halo waypoint off of halo reach the game why dont i have it?
odst was never meant to be a full game, just an expansion and something new to give people a refreshment before reach
@wert180 and 5 months later we got it back!!
I hope they fix infection if it is included in reach, and well I am expecting a whole lot from what will be bungie's best game, the best halo game, and soon to be one of the best fps ever made
@sam199166 ODST wasn't huge hype hahaha HALO 3 WAS HUGE HYPE
My first halo game was halo 3 and i loved that game.for me that was the best campaign ever, i have played CE now after halo 3 and it was alright, i think its just the story that is so compelling, the first time you experience that is the key moment for every halo fan. Halo reach in my opinion is going to be great, bungie really knows what there doing now and there fixing al the faults halo 3 had, and i also agree ODST was a waist of time for bungie, it was really just a dlc for Halo 3 .
Put it this way the best game franchise in the world is about to end so they have to make something good to end heres the equation Halo+Franchise end=Best game on EARTH or reach
i want to get an xbox just for halo reach
I want blood gulch, or something almost exactly similar. Valhala just wasnt enough. There were to many hills/cliffs, the cave wasnt big enough, it wasnt big enough, it was too narrow, and the bases werent designed correctly
I got an xbox off ebay just for ODST.... it was a huge hype, but I was a bit disappointed... hopefully this will be different, that didn't kill me off as a halo fan, I still hold on to the odst disk, just to try the Reach beta as soon as it comes out on May..... SO FAR AWAY lol
It took two years for someone to tell you that you were horribly wrong.
floooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! i WAT FLOOD flood made halo for me
@husslecozimhere why dont udie wahts rung got banned? Wow... First FollowRUles Man Thats how u stay Away From Bann.
halo ce is still funny and i cant wait for the Halo Rwach Assault Rifle tags in Halo CE :)
An expansion for 59.95? Hype? Yes, Buy? no thanks M$...
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