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Flint and Steel at 5000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 4,368,500 views

Follow on twitter! -!/gavinfree Gav and Dan, who have clearly been playing too much minecraft, put their survival skills to the test while using their brand new fire starting...

So now we know. Everything in Minecraft is just coated in petrol.
lol you cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂
That was... ... notch.
+Jeremy Dupas No, it's Sssssssssssssss-BOOM
+KnockbackZero You meant, Da-Boom Tsssss...?
Btw huge minecraft fan
Gav looks like Flint from cloudy with a chance of meatballs
That's officially the weirdest thing I've ever heard, and for some reason I'm actually stupid enough to believe it 😂 Lol
Minecraft is stupid.
I love this comment section grabs extra butter popcorn, large Mountain Dew and Doritos
Wow, I'm hoping I'm not the only one who found the gasoline vapor igniting to be extremely relaxing
I used flint and steel to make my own fire works and BOOYA WORKED!
Wow that opening scene escalated from "You look like a absolute mess" to Dan rips his shirt xD
looks like little fireworks so the ants can watch
so why is this not in 4k? :<
Can anyone else smell it just watching?
I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never knew they play it.
Ya'll should do this same thing again, but with the FPS high enough, or exposure low enough, to where everything but the igniting flints are at the right exposure... the background would be dark/pitch black, like space. The only thing we would see are the bright particles seemingly bursting into existence.  Pls do this.
Minecraft faggots everywhere...
He didnt insult them...and *you're
how do u guys even stay in 'chat' with each other
I guess every block in Minecraft is covered with gasoline!
totally didn't copy the most liked comment
at 1:31 i like the sound it makes
I can imagine how they came up with the idea for this. "Hey, Gavin, why don't we do some Flint in slow motion?" "Flynt Coal?"
This is amazing!!! This like special effects)))))
do darude sandstorm at 3000 fps 
Were did u get the flint and steel my friends got one were can u get it
How. The flint coal joke hasn't come up on this video I will never know
Aluminium foil in microwave, can it be shot?
Did I'm a Todd fan can you explode a car with fireworks the making a junkie car
I like trains Trollolololooooolololololololololololol ho ho ho ho ho. Ho ho ho ho ho lolololololololololol
im new to this channel so dont be angry when i ask this very serious and straight foward question that really only needs a yes or no are they gay?
+Qbed Well EXCUSE me for getting something wrong. You didn't have to go "-_-" for a tiny mistake.
+Hazel Heywood Sorry, I agree that I sounded a bit rude. xD I said -_- because I thought you knew lol. Idk. :3
The tool you guys were using was a Flint and Steel with a chunk of Magnesium attached. The Flint is actually the smaller, black hard cylinder attached to the larger silver-grey piece of Magnesium. It is intended for the user to scrape off a small pile of magnesium without sparking it while doing so. After you have about a dime size pile of shavings, flip the Magnesium block over and strike the flint with the steel. I usually hold the Steel "your steel should always have sharp edges" firmly at a 45 degree angle just above my pile and drag the flint across it to avoid knocking my pile all over. Magnesium should be able to start a fire in harsh conditions, it burns around 3,000* C.
It looks like fireworks
where can i buy Flint and steel?
should make a slow-mo on Dan ripping his coat thing at 2000 frames :) it would be cool seeing all the thread splitting apart LIKE IF YOU WANT TO SEE THIS! xD
The log didn't lite because it was wet
u have to redo this but instead of just striking it carefully get the fillings of without making them ignite then put them into a pule then light that pile the bigger the pile the bigger the small explosion would look cool in macro
Ah, flint and steel... So modern.
stepped it up a notch!!!
What a waste of Flint and steel. Mm mm steel I'm making a meme
Oh my god, so their awesome quality videos (not talking about the V1610 :D) when they talk before doing their tricks (Intros) are caped by an Iphone? OH MY GOD
It's only this video that was filmed with the iPhone. And they film with the phantom flex and not the v1610. They have only used that camera a few times
I know that they don't film with the v1610 read the comment again dude :D + even if this was the only video that was recorded using an iphone, OH MY GOD :D
the way the flames grew were so mystical! it was awesome! great vid!!
minecraftttttttt i love it XD
Pretty sure its ferrocerium and steel that makes the sparks here :d
The flint is made of magnesium, carbon, and tin
+Give Me A Puppy The modern version of "flint and steel" has ferrocerium. Not to mention they are using Swedish Fire steel which always has Ferrocerium in it. You can't shave off Ferrocerium off that rod like you could with one made of Magnesium. 
Sure would love to play Acu at 5000 fps
too bad you cant go above 40 fps maxed out with the most high end gaming pc out there :D
Minecraft flint and steel?! SRSLY??!?!??!?!
Are you dumb? Flint and steel is a real thing... 😑
i love minecraft maybe they could join my server some day
Strike a match in slow motion
2:50 The on spark within that can start it all.
Life ain't Minecraft what the heck?
Flint and steel is a real thing... 😑
I don't like your work, because all you show it is only destructive. I don't see the beauty in destroy all. The beauty is life in slow motion but not destruction. You can slow motion a butterfly, a Bee working on a flower, a flower growing, the rain impacting on the floor, a lot of life beauty. Not hits on faces, explosions and all the other things you show is regarding destruction an death. It is easy with a good camera do what you do, but it is not easy capture the real beauty of life in slow motion, that is the real challenge is an admirable work to do and show to the world. That is my opinion.
are you for real? you want them to film a flower growing in slow motion? 
First of all, beautiful Second, how does it record audio in slow motion?
The camera actually doesn't record audio at all. They record audio separately and slow it down.
But the audio has incredible detail when slowed down. Take a look at the popcorn video, you can hear one of the popcorn release gas before popping. I don't think it's just another microphone
So this is the video where Dan ripped his sleeve on his lab coat.. 
Reported for false advertising! Mincraft is not in this vid u cunts!
Are you fucking serious...
Yes, I am fucking serious...
do a sparkler bomb please
I always knew minecraft was real...
those sparks just look like christmas
You guys are wikkkkkkked!!!!!!!!
Oh..this how Dan's lab coat torn
I quit because of he servers went bad
Oooooohh I play mc too :)
We lit magnesium in science two days ago its fucking bright
dude you gotta change your name on your coat it looks like it says gay lol
It says Gav, for Gavin.
I'm a fan of mine craft and u 😄
Did Edgar lick Gavin's hair while he sleeps?
is that Gavin from letsplay
No its the guy from cloudy with a chance of meatballs
That was majestical... 0^0
Тут русские есть?
Minecraft flint and steel :D
what is minecraft and what is that weird pixel thing on the thumbnail
+Anastasia D There's close to 17 million people actually, and by the time I post this, there'd probably be at least 30 more buyers than the time I started typing this. Not to mention there's also probably around 50 million registered users and about 40 million actual players who either play on friends/family accounts or have pirated the game or just play the console versions.
"You look an absolute mess, Daniel". You're one to talk, Hairdo XD
+Alonso Palmero that's not how critique works. I don't have to be a game designer to critique one fyi.
"G00D 4 U$"~ Another Minecraft Fan 2014
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