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Making beats with the MPD 32+ Reason 4 | Twitter/IG: @NefSoulDojo

by NefTheDamaja • 266,692 views Check out my record label:

a beautiful start! liked the variations created. check my beats bro
Young DJ premier right here
Nice feeling about the time,solo,every thing but missing only 1 thing ?? haaa your voiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i think that if you want to improved put your special vocal on track have a good sense
Hell yeah nigga eat that beef stew
that food @ 4:30 looks pretty good
aq BRASIL SP  escutei gostei p/ caralho desculpe nao falo ingles sou MCALEMAO    PSICODELICOS ZL  independente  busco parcerias pode me  ajudar...
kickass gun DJ.. well done :)
The punisher!:) dig the vids thannx
Ayyy brother i like those drums. Do those come stock with reason?
On that beef stew tip. 
Bra u went hard on dat track wrdd
i wanna used your track to preform with it,can i used this instrumental?
Yo Nef!! Good joint homez. I'm rockin with cha!!! Keep it up!!
Had to revisit this video again after seeing it from years back. I can honestly like say I've learned a lot of my beat making skills from you, Boon Doc, Kingidivine and Saint Joe. Keep on it G
Fam keep up the amazing work! Dig your videos.. What sample did you use ?
yes u can, u hafta set up the pads with the mpd software first then once u get it synced into reason it will read the redrum pads accordingly...
Did u sample the gas sound I heard whoa !!!
how is niggas gona hate on something so dope
@tkoze and i see that you have a video for that. nice beats.
This sounds great brother. Nice work.
I don't understand why people just don't chop samples in the piano roll instead of manually pushing the buttons like that.
nice beats. good sample too. how did you set up your mpd with reason?
Thats sick bro. Where did you grab the kick and snare from, at 4:14. there sick.
What program do you use man ?! Dope!
do you sample from a USB turntable or ?
Yo man! Nice beat dude! That's dope my brother! I ain't got an MPD or an MPC yet but I make beats on Reason 4, haven't got any online yet unfortunately, been getting my shit sounding nice first, been diggin' in the crates loads, got mad beats now, I'll link you one or two when they're up if ya interested. Nice work anyway, peace!
a well deserved meal afterwards!!
nice! love the music! btw killing drums man! which kit is it??
whats the samplee?btw nice beat!!
aspero buen beat mi hermano bendiciones desde colombia ,pd:seria interezante compartir conseptos musicales.
This cat is real..doing big things bruh. Soon u be eating stew out of platinum bowls!
Can you assign redrum sounds to the drum pads? Cause I can't figure it out
that for the singer on the record?
actually great. The image quality was so horrible that I almost stopped listening. Until the drums came along :)
bro if u can make a tutorial on how to program the mpd32 with reasons. that would really help me out. watching your videos made me go out and get an mpd, but now im stuck in a situation where i dont kno how 2 work the pad bank and control bank with dr.octo rex. everything else seems understandable
this is ill as fuck! I need a mpd so bad :/
i think u and evidence sampled the same sample dogg
GOod stuff brotha! Check out my new live performance if you get a chance would love some feedback!!
AY! Sick beats :D but whats the name of your turntable? and how do you sort of get the songs into the computer??? plz answer
with reason is very easy create beats
with how modul do you do all the beat on reason ?
Really great sample flip homie! Big up!
wasssuuupppp, do you mix your beats yourself? ore let someone else do that 4 u? (not for this beat, but like now in 2012)(new shit). Love dem beats. Tjoo
nice !!!!!!!!! man u have a new fan !
beef stew got this boy choppin samples
Damn the haters, you got skills little homie, keep it up, I'm impressed
love ya worki make beats to keep it up cuzz
Yo that was pretty dope i like where u going with that sample..but tell me. Wtf are u eating bro? Looks like meat cereal
keep it up my dude dats tight fuck them haters
haha so dope just chillin with his bowl of chunky while the finished beat plays. Nice job man.
How can you sell this beat, as the sample is not yours? if somebody buys this beat and he makes it big, he will get a big as copyright claim.
thats whats up lil homie keep doing yo thing
MPD is a controller and there are no sounds in it. You can use your samples or control vst intruments with it!!
Punisher Comics, some home cooked grub, and makin music. Damn lil bro u livin it...
You look like Trey Songz... !!! good music!
Right now, I ain't got the money to buy a mpd, still producing in my laptop but i'm dying to get one brow, you are inspiring!! get blazin it!! Holla from Portugal
nice!!! check my beats out on
people that hate on people who are trying to help motherfuckers for free are faggots
@LaMer0n ахаха))) я тож это заметил))) так непринуждённо трэчки пишет за ланчем:D
you are a real nigga .... Gangsterbloood is running into your body my friend... greets from Austria !
@MisterSuperDelicious He has krk rokit 5, but the old model. Are very good monitor speakers for studio use
work on your video quality cause the music is already perfect
this is like some wine gal type shit bro. Smooth like irie curry!
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