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UFO Hypotheses - Alex Collier Volume Three (02 of 12)

by ufohypotheses • 76,462 views

A new Alex Collier interview from April 9, 2009 Segment 2 of 12. Playlist info:

Go fishing you'll be okay.
@MerkaBot23 No shit Sherlock! And you someone who hasn't? LOL
These extraterrestrials don't fight with "guns" or "swords" they are so advanced they fight with the MIND. Psychic warfare. They are masters of deception.
cloud0123, you are 100% dead on CORRECT! And to bronxthuggin, the Matrix has you! You my friend are a sad lost individual that relies on your Extra-Terrestrially created superstitious belief system to spew forth your IGNORANCE and dogmatic biblical claims. Toxic beings like yourself need to be quarentined on your OWN inhabitable mass of land.
amazing amazing video, great to have you back Alex!!!!
the almighty doesnt punish especially in a world of freewill.. only we punish ourselves. almighty does not judge us, only ourselves.. who else would be worthy?
@ScrewedSongsStudio ....on the surface it is...but its still a tyrannical form of goverment..they all are. self government allows for well..u figure it out..its freedom if you really think about it.......... now think about what a world would be like without money...or a government..(your probably picturing mad max in your head) picture freedom without money or big country government and free energy.....what do you get then??
we have to take steps to our awakening we are so lost running around blind
i like his hair like that, its who alex is
The vatican has it.The british empire has it The queen has clearance.
Whilst i do respect your opinion Bladeofblackness Alex doesn't profit from sending out this information I've watched nearly all his videos and I've noticed the information stays the same he doesn't change it nor does he change his story of how he first came in contact with the ET's with each video it's always the same story the only thing that changes is the people that he's talking to in the videos cos they ask different questions and he goes more in depth about it
did he really talk to the so called adromidins??? or was he lieing .. . he should take a polygraph test would probably fail
@ScrewedSongsStudio according to who? those who want to rule in a socialist system? no current system on earth allows for real freedom and representation all systems we have experienced and lived in provide only the illusion of all your favorite "isms" and continue to manipulate us for their best interests...
Because the Bible is God's Letter to you. All the prophecies come to past. 2Peter1:21For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. I have heard what people like that have to say and is all lies did you know that they believe in a god but is female. did you know that they were going to show up and never did. did you know they major focus of teaching is that you don't need anyone but yourself. Look who you are trusting man
If you don't understand the message he is discussing, then it is YOU he is talking to :)
I don't care what this guy believes in.. his ideas on self fulfillment is extremely resonant and inspiring
This guy is very informative...he seems like he is burned out though?
Actually, it's not incorrect what he said: 9/11 happened in 2001, and look what happened. The Patriot Act basically destroyed the Constitution and we are living under what Naomi Wolf calls "Soft fascism". How is that "nutjob"? It is evident you have never read the National Security Act of 1947 either, because then you would know that the NSA/CIA is not obligated to follow any laws written before the formation of the Nat'l Sec. Act.
Mr Alex Collier has the full support of The Wormholes. Thank you ufohypotheses
those group of people or I mean assholes are the bankers
In fact, they are the Gods, but they're not all bad, some are good, but the ones that are we been cut off from a long time ago. They destroyed the ancient religions that were all based on meditation for a reason and the Gods of Old (our true creators) have been labeled Demons and "evil" to scare humanity away from the very ones that can teach us how to break free from this matrix and defend ourselves against these enemy aliens.
Thanks for wise thoughts,keep up the good work and spirit! Peace and unconditional love.
WEBBOT predicts dollars failure in november 2009
@Zayne05 im not christian i only reseach and tell the truth i dont think of my self as going to heaven i just tell the truth and what ive bein thought with these so called aliens.
@Coolieohappy I lost my love so its onley pain now.
Alex Collier has opened my eyes.
the bill 11110 is real look it up! Please lookup the bill JFK placed about money balanced by gold not federal reserve notes. That is one reason he was put to his end. If anyone here wants to know something please ask Has the federal reserve ever been audited? and why havent we or when will we? ask anyone or just research it
RIGHT ON ALEX ---I TOTALLY AGREE . THIS IS THE PLAYING FEILD IE. SECRET GOV. and NSA Program or off shoots. THIS HAS SIMPLY GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL AND SIMPLY NEEDS TO SURRENDER . WHY ,Because ,and i'll whisper this most sincerely, its natural for absolute power to become corrupt. Its also natural that someone at the top to rethink the plan ( b4 they wither away ) 1. Let the et tech and info surface . If so, then theres a chance for human evolution to continue.
christians think its prideful to believe that humans can become divine, as does a buddhist aspire to become a buddha, but jesus said himself, be ye percect as your heavenly father is perfect.he gave us this ideal to try to live up to but after all jesus gave to us christians cant give back and listen to the spiritual teachings he wanted us to work at for our benefit and that of the worlds
i liked him better when he was talking about aliens and not about poltics
people from usa need to do something about that black goverment behind all these crap
are you aware that you are god? not the total god but a piece of that energy. Good persons or bad persons are all god pieces lol, and the term good or bad is very relative to the situation all are connected. It is time to go beyond religions that do nothing but place powers outside of yourself.
and also Alex doesn't profit from the information cos it's available on the internet for free do you think he get's paid for doing these youtube videos with the amount of views his videos get's i don't think so
and also if you've done a lot of research about ufo's then you would've come across William coopers Lecture from 1989 about the secret government and the alien question dating back from when Roswell happened to the late 80's when he did that lecture and also Phil Schneider a geologist that worked with the military in designing underground bases (D.U.M.B.S) both of these sources confirm that bases were built underground some were built for our use while others were built for the aliens look it up
he is correct.socialism is NOT all about the people,btw.It is about control OF the people.
1. The Dawn of Einstein's Universe THE DARK AGES STILL REIGN over all humanity, and the depth and persistance of this domination are only now becoming clear. This Dark Ages prison has no steel bars, chains or locks. Insteads, it is locked by misorientation and built by misinformation...", pg 1,Cosmography
wonder about all the 12 parts,this part brilliant,thanks for sharing video. Peace and unconditional love.
It's not a lecture it's an interview. Negative comments won't get you anywhere. Just listen to the man. You may learn something is you open your mind and truly listen.
yah i know. no one is speaking about it only the odd person but none of them know any real information on it.
are you aware that you are being deceive... What did the serpent tell Adam and Eve that if they took from the fruit of good and evil they will become like god... do you know what happened after that? They were deceived why because satan always wanted to be god because he wanted all the glory for him he was too proud and went against GOD. You think satan cares for you he is simply using new ways to make people forget about god and worship themselves. Love GOD Follow Him and Serve Him He Loves You
alright folks! we all know that we're slaves of these "eagerness for power-junkies", these primitive groups want our race to stay on a level that they can slave us for earning money. we will probably not do a physical fight against to free us, but we can raise our frequency to create a big connected consciousness that they will loose control of us........... hope is our gas, love our weapon
We actually don't know most of those things. Universe age - based on redshift, redshift shown as invalid parameter for distance/velocity since the 60's Supernova & random allocation of matter - assumptions pure and simple Humanity's age - gets pushed further back with every discovery. 40000 is a common date to cite, 100000 or more is probable Evolution - serious doubts that it's a purely thermodynamic random bump and grind That said, young earth creationism is indeed ridiculous.
and thirdly i know about blossom goodchild's prediction about 10/14/08 she was supposedly in contact with representatives of the galactic federation of light Collier was asked about the Galactic federation during an interview with art bell on coast to coast and from what he's been told and what he's heard about them they're from Sirius B and shouldn't be trusted
hes not the only one...theres lots. and not all of em keep to themselves. some write books, ones u can even get from borders and that tie in with all the other different alien lore. they dont show themselves to the majority of us at once becuz they want us to choose to change for ourselves without their interference...otherwise we wouldnt grow
everyone's path is basically the same,... its to be a teacher or healer of some sort and to be of service to others.. there are many variations of these purposes.
and they decide where to drop the swine flu
Jesus talked to his disciples they were Blessed with the Holy Spirit of God. Are you searching for the true GOD? there are many false gods don't be deceived don't make a god of your own either because that is idolatry. Remember You Will Love God with All Your Heart over all Things and you will not Have other gods. If you want to know God PRAY to Your Heavenly Father in Jesus Name Matthew6:6-15. He will reveal himself to you Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and The Life he is God with us Amen
never mind if his name is alex or ralph. what he says about free energy, shadow government is absolute my opinion. good guy !
@Zayne05 I completely agree, it's just so hard sometimes :(
lond you are very abusive for someone who believes that religion is real, seems very likely though that the whole concept of religion was thought up to give us something to fight about, look at it this way, all religions have a similar belief with very slight differences in rules, yet all we fight over is the name of god, its ludicrous, i think there is a god but we have been blinded into giving it all these different names which causes the conflict
Collier goes in depth about the UFOs and the secret space program in his previous interviews with Rick Keefe. Watch these videos on ufohypotheses Youtube channel: UFO Hypotheses: Alex Collier Volume One UFO Hypotheses: Alex Collier Volume Two
As someone with ET ties myself. Having seen them, and been messed with them (the zeta-dracos) and also having been undergoing the gradual process of ascension- I can with honesty say he is right on most of what he says. Stop reading your bibles, open your minds, go beyond the mainstream, find yourself...It's all inside of you. You never really had to learn so much as remember..You just forgot :) Take care..wake up.
i like his thaughts tho i believe we should all get together and fix this planet dismantle the governments of this planet and take action for ourselfves again
LOL, crying out loud are you paying attention to actually what is being said? " may god have mercy on your ****** up soul" (???) What kind of comment is that?
"it's not that anyone actually needs salvation." and then he says : "... and i can't tell people what their path is, i'm still working on my path." Deny salvation wholeheartedly because his church doesn't make him feel good, but admit he's still trying to figure out his spiritual path. This guy's a victim of his own Catch 22.
look man dont tell me all of that.. i was Christian and a very devoted one at that... im not denying that there is GOD... im just saying... if u looked at my channel then you would realize that im not an atheist... but im not christian, or agnostic, im a spiritualist...and the base for that is love, peace, respect, and unity, and also open mindedness... being aware of your actions and other people's actions.. my life is great...,i enjoy seeing people happy... thats what being a spiritualist is
first of all according to what Collier said the moon was going to leave our solar system IF the ET's didn't comply with leaving our solar system by August 2003, secondly in his first interview which was with Rick o'keefe (1994) he states that we need to get our act together/ learn to live together in peace and harmony before june/august 2001 that's not very far from 9/11
Come on man!! you belong to the dark times of the inquisition. Alex Collier has been telling the truth for decades, so is David Icke, another brave soul. People like them are waking up sheep like you !!!
i know collier is debunked everywhere,but a lot of what he says is echoed by others - secret government etc...and he confirms the TR3B Astra black triangle spacecraft,which is ancient now,and is still mind-blowing,responsible for the belgian ufo wave TWENTY YEARS AGO-think how much further on weve come since then!! that was nuclear powered too
so in other words jarcar101 you just rejected his information without an ounce of research by doing so you're not making a statement about Collier you're making a statement about yourself
@wkc21 YES AND WAY DONT THEY HELP Are there no good aliens ? Kil AL WATCHERS. PIRIOD.
@macschomo hey, you say the man in this video is CRAZY, prove it. you stand there and yell bullshit, ok prove it. and i don't want to hear your OPINION.
lol, my friends tell me at work that all they do is play poker and be in facebook... there is "NO WORK", seriously... sometimes a costumer may come in and they have to do some minor business but other than that it's facebook and twitter all day... and in the logistic business, what do they do?... NOTHING! they move packages that are planned to be moved in 8 hours, the job could be done in 2 hours... after that they just make up these assigments that could be done by monkeys...
@seko24041973 Very poetic. I can tell this was a passionate response.
@Zayne05 i like how you've tried to debate everyone's point of view lol
you're entitled to your own opinion jarcar101 my question to you is this have you done any research about what he's been saying? or are you just rejecting it cos it goes against what you believe in? Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance
Listen to the Word of God men will confuse you deceive you and mislead you. Did you know that in the Bible it talks about ufo's fallen angels evil spirits occultism black magic white magic. Read Isaiah40:22 talks about the earth's shape long ago. Trust in God ask him from the Heart humble yourself if you want to know the truth and if you are tired of being deceived by men ask God to show you the Truth. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father but through him Amen
Thai military couped their government in 2006, could very well be that our military couped the our government by killing JFK.
and finally I'm not here to prove/disprove the existence of god everyone's entitled to their own beliefs
is there an image on his forehead ? or r my eyes playing tricks on me?
unconditional love... his hair looks great. Im glad that he said that, who are we? i advice anybody who wants to know this, listen to this man and read Zecharia Sitchin books. Once again I need to talk too alex.
Thanks man! we are living a spiritual revolution and we are part of it. Good time to be alive as David Icke says. Infinite love is the only truth, Religion is shit. We are all the same consciousness. Peace to you my friend!
I like what your saying my friend, what if the people who run this land are closer blood lines to the 1st generation offspring of reptilian and Man
That's right - we are all connected and our lifeline to ourselves and others is through our common spirituality. 100Th Monkey Syndrome? Try 1,000,000 Simians Syndrome !
@macschomo yea alot of the information can seem like that to closed minds....... the problem starts there.... how can earth as a whole gain strength thru love instead of violence when the people are saying oh thats crazy???.... i hope the best for ur breed......meaning people that think like truth is ''bullshit''...
much respect to Alex and Rick for this !
@tetra19 I agree! However. Arent you doing the same thing in a different way when you criticize those who havent the will to change? Look within <3
This is the same NWO garbage that every other nutjob regurgitates over and over and over. This guy said back in 95' that we had until 2001 to make changes 'or else'. We're still here... Next he'll say something stupid about 2012 and Xenu.
No one is forgetting about god we are simply coming to a better understanding of what god is.if you want to stay in the paridim of religion i suggest you do some research on its history and stop blindly following its teachings. do you know anything of jesus teachings he said what he did you could also do no what does that tell you?
@Zayne05 sounds like u bein watch that NWO funded mason crap called zeitgeist which lies like hell about religons and makes stuff up that stupid people dont look at also u have to remember the birth of christ was talked about in the old testament before many pagan gods like mithra its was a way for fake gods to pretend to be christ the catholic chruch hijacked jesus teachs they are the whore of babylon talked about in the bible they summon demons ghost and aliens are both demons!
@macschomo why are his answers crazy? he is speaking the truth and nothing else.
@BurnAwayLies Those men you listed are simply employees. The last 2 aren't even THAT high up in the company. Sounds to me like yet another way to make the Jews a scapegoat. Something an anti-Semite would do...
@Flerg3 9-5? lol i've done worse more like 6-7
This is a good point, however youtube is just a medium for information, it can never allude to the quality of it. I like to take in this information with an open mind, and not necessarily 'believe' what I hear, but simply take it as a possibility. And maybe you have only seen Alex on youtube, but he has written books, and given a multitude of talks over his lifetime. Can you blame him for trying to keep under the radar?
@Flerg3 Your the man buddy! I love how your comment got 57 ups. I bet a few of us that upped it, if not many of us make decent if not good money, know I DO. Yet we all know nothing can resolve the void thats within us, we need each other. Its time for a true paradigm shift.
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