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Rag on a Stick

by Guy Incognito • 3,462,534 views

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I wash myself with a Bart on a bed.
Why do Fat Bart and Fat Lisa (from "Lisa the Simpson") both have Southern accents?
Because when you turn into a shitty person, many symptoms arise
I think the applause from the press is what makes it so hysterical.
+Adam S in extreme losers defense at least their trying to help people get healthy
Here comes Honey Boo Boo in a nutshell.
This video is better than Avatar 
For those who are wondering, the Morse Code in the description says: WHYAREYOUTRANSLATINGTHIS?
living the american dream...
Meanwhile, at Valve headquarters. 
Except instead of a rag the stick would be covered with money.
I remember quoting this out loud and my mum was like "Who's that supposed to be? Johnny Cash?" Lol
After so many damn years, this still makes me laugh my ass off xD
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I posted this on Facebook and I noticed the Morse code underneath it, so I translated it. Apparently it says "WHYDIDYOUTRANSLATETHIS?" I gotta admit, it made me laugh, and so did the video, so that's a two-fer.
Lost footage of me after winter break
This is everyone after Christmas
i take selfies with a camera on a stick
+natdude It's called a monopod if you're actually a photographer shooting scenes.  If you're pointing it back at yourself and it's going on Instagram it's a selfie stick.
that looks so wrong and im a southerner
Meghan Trainor's new music video.
The code in the description reveals secrets you are not ready for!
and they CLAP all the American Culture in 7 sec. Good job the simpsons good job.
the scary party this came out years before it was becoming mainstream
I'm surprised that this still gets +1s
puts bomber helmet on I wash woman with the end of my stick. bombing mission complete
So I guess this is what that honey boo boo show is about.
This is so fucking prophetic of modern American culture.
Why are they applauding?  Seriously LMAO
Cause it's Bart's fantasy after Homer becomes fat and gets to work at home from it. So Bart thinks Homer's cool for doing that, hence the applause.
They called it, modern day feminists telling women its ok and good to be obese. 
washing yourself with a rag on a stick? that's a paddlin washing your paddle with a rag on a stick? oh you better believe that's a paddlin
The mum from Honey Boo Boo does this already.
Interesting history tidbit: The ancient Romans used to wipe their arses with a sponge on a stick.
Cian Shortt Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
It is now time to start recovering from Christmas dinner.
ah walsh mly selfwit Ah wag ona stik
Clive Palmer anyone?
See, now they'd just give him his own Reality Show, "Here Comes Rag-Stick Guy"
And this aired many years before Manuel Uribe, AKA the world's fattest Mexican, was brought to our attention!
best. youtube. video. the claps, just......LOL
Jesus christ, get off the internet, idiot.
So obesity sometimes causes a southern accent. The more you know
Gabe Newell in a shellnut
+EpicPudding Episode 3? Half Life 3 Confirmed!
This is how a liberal lives.
LOL yeah bro liberals are definitely known to be morbidly obese white people with southern accents. Oh wait, [img every-election-since-1968.jpg]
Tumblr in a nutshell.
Bart gets fat.   Instant southern accent. 
+Archmarine10 I have never been to America and from this little argument I think if I do go there, I'll keep away from the South
fat acceptance movement in a nutshell
How I feel post-Christmas
how to fix your leg in dayz
This will be me if I don't get out and exercise soon. Maybe I'll get a new rag next Christmas, lol.
The perfect representation of modern America.
What is this episode name ?
after 1000 butterfingers
Why ar they yelow ar they making funny of asian people becuase that would be fun
Who's gonna believe you, Bart? After all, I'm the minister's daughter- and you're just yellow trash.."
I'm offensive and I find this American
thath was an ordinairy american with nonamericans interviewing him ✈️👳🏢🏢🌚🌚🌚
The applause is where I die.
the way he says it is what makes it so funny. RRRRGGGGHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAGGGGGG.
Isabella Garay Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
everybody get nekked, c'mon don't be stuck up, it's goingtobegrrrreat
Peter Nixon Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
So Burger King has opened up next door to work ...
hello!! have a nice d ay?
Amercia is the only place you can get obese and be applauded for it. 
I do the same in the front yard
Best video on YouTube if you ask me. 
I wish it had the next part where Bart teases Lisa with a pantomime stick. :)
What happened? I'm not even 30, and I remember a time when ridiculously fat people weren't something you saw every day.
television history.
Honey boo boos mom! 
Anguy- "Half the country's starving and look at this one." Thoros of Myr- "Maybe he's the reason half the country's starving."
There is so much win in that one sentence.
I laugh so hard everytime they cut away from him about to start.
I usually wash my d*ck with a rag on a stick!
Reality T.V. in 8 Seconds. 
Tumblr right there 
wow, he actually washes himself, thats impressive. Most people that fat would be like 'eh, fuck it."
+Kolby Villanueva you have been watching to much south park
I Wash myself with a rag on a stick
The good side of america is to make overweight people in the rest of the world appear totally normal. 
Sory my english no well
Nogla brought me here!!
Why is this recommended to me!?
Maybe you have hygiene issues.
You'll have hygiene issues when I'm done with ya, if you know what I mean.
I paddle this kid with a paddle on a stick.
If this happened today Bart would get his own reality show on TLC!
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