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by jacksfilms • 880,925 views

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He should be calling this series You're Grammar Sucks just to piss people off.
+The Marionette No he doesnt... He is using the correct version of your. Think of it this way is it "You are grammar sucks" or Your grammar sucks". Get it now?
+DukkyPlayz You did not get what i meant, i was talking about +Aera X comment, not the title.
Well guess what? sobs In a few weeks, maybe days, is Your Grammar Sucks #100 sobs again a-and y-ou s-said tha-at you w-were fin-nishing th-the series a-at #100! I AM NOT FUCKING OKAYYYYYYYYYYY (I promisse) [ayeeeee mcr reference]
These rappers sure have raped a lot of people, haven't they?
the funny thing about the angry spanish time is that metallica doesn't even play back in black XD
0:28 isn't exactly wrong. It's short for legend. People say it all the time in Britain.
These sound like cute cat memes.
you so a me do that wel socks
I met Liz once... Bad things ensued.
Watching jacksfilms to get mind off of the fact my head is itching like crazy. It's helping a little.
1:21 posted 1 second ago, hum...
dehr is 3:20 no in video is that why?
I know someone's probably already said this, but ledge is an English term meaning legend
Oh my gosh, it's Cyr!
I don't know why, but the "Something wonderful is about to happy" always gets me and cracks me up! XD
Laughs in a historic, British manner.
0:43 Not sure if Jamaican, or Scottish...
I can't stand bad grammar that's why I think these videos are hilarious.
Anyone else watching this in 2015?
STOPP HATTING ON BAD GARMMAR! IT'S NOT THERE FAULT TAHT THEY HAVE NOT LEARNT GOD GRAMMAR! STOP HATTING! No but seriously though. Its hilarious. Please don't stop. You're great!
if he had 30 million subs like pewds he would have a bigger impact on the world
Cyr sounds like a Scottish Jamaican in that scene.
I love it when he does the spanish breakdown hahahahaha
who fucks is bruno mars? LOL
*You're Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂
The "J" in Spanish sounds a little stronger than the 'h' in English. Jajaja is pronounced hahaha, not yayaya.
OMG!! nice Jamaican woman impression!! right on point!  :D LMAO!  0:43
How convenient I click on theis video and I get a grammar ad
Si usted puede leer esto que usted es un genio #google translate :P
technically "jajaja" is not bad grammar. in mexico, they read "jajaja" the same way we read "hahaha".
Who was the guest in the video
Don't become a beach like his axe XD that is so fucking funny!
Did you cameo in a Star Wars Brock's Dub? I swear you sometimes to sound like the 'packet of pills' guy.
Did you cameo in a Star Wars Brock's Dub? I swear you sometimes to sound like the 'packet of pills' guy.
is it too late to comment?
untalented rapers... lol
My laughs are historic lol they are as aged as an antique wine and i as vibrant as a dog in heat mahahmmmmyessmmm
this is freakin funny as hell
Was that supposed to be Nilesy?
Back in Black is an AC/DC song. Not a Metallica song
0:57 omg it's like Cyriously Cyr! :D Cyr and Jackfilms in one video. yay!
Ledge is just slang, it means legend :)
oh wiet de fukh (take a screen capture, please.)
You know even if someone does, Jack probably won't put it in because you're literally asking for it. Good job my friend.
what i do think is that someone should make a meme of jack saying oh what a fucke?! and send me the link please!
Love your videos, it's funny how u created this thing called your grandma sucks!! It so funny.... Maybe
OMG who was that dude with the fantastic brogue? NICE!.. That I wouldn't have seen it read like that good job jack
Is sharing this entire playlist, on Facebook, possible?
Why is Cyr here?! MindBlown
Have you heard of Glove and Boots? They are a two puppets doing a blog. You might like them!
U fuze be face crammps
i love how people are still posting that they want a sketch/ rap / musical when this was posted in 2011. There are 70 videos out. I'm pretty damn sure he already made part 20. 
Omfg!!!!!!! It's cyr!!! I love cyr.
Where the brackets has the guy at 0:43 gone off to? I haven't seen him in your vids for aaaaaaages! 
who was that hilarious Irish speaking dude? I love him!
I thought that was Jack impersonating Nilesy, another you tuber
Everyone in Ireland is forced to learn Irish though. I can honestly say, I can only say one or two things properly...
my favorite part is when he does tha "pretentious 17th century dandy" bit mwahahah.....yes,quite...mmm 
"i split up the beloved girl" me: 0_0".... XD what?
Was that an Irish accent mixed with a Jamaican accent when his roommate appeared?
0:35 is freaking hilarious XD
The second Spanish break he said "how bad you did the video. My dog liked the metallic."
Do a sketch for the next one :D i look forward to it
Press 2, it flashes a nude pic
ok wasn't expecting cyr to be in the video
damn XD even in spanish comments, now that's good
IRyny Pistol Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
I forgot why I stopped watching these
BTW, "ledge" is a colloquialism in parts of Ireland, meaning "legend".
"Who fucks is Bruno Mars" the guy who wrote this, imma kill him
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