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Two After Noon

by Wong Fu Productions • 1,006,530 views

How would you spend an unexpected pocket of time with a stranger? Two After Noon revolves around the idea that two people can be thrown together, be attracted to one another, and connect on a...

Yay 1 million!! Thanks everyone for watching!
+Wesley Chan goob job! I don't know if you can write romance story... as long as I know... Philip is the one.
Aw! I really wanted to see him change his mind and decide to stick with Erin in the end! :( Oh well. Still a great story :)
interesting.. what a fun turn of events, but I can't imagine something excusable delaying someone for so long without contact.. he is a very nice guy. For a second there I thought she might actually murder him XD
one of the most realistic endings i've ever witnessed
HOW DID I KNOW WES WROTE THIS. Again, beautiful and just simply amazing. Great job.
He has a very distinct style :) I can easily tell if he’s the one who wrote it or not. 
somehow really cute and a realistic ending. Don't get why this video got so less clicks compared to the others.
because no matter how many people say they don't like the "cliche" stuff, they like it, deep down inside.
The open ending...I loved it, it was slightly bitter-sweet, maybe even hopeful and realistic. But at the same time I really wanted to see more ;_; Ah well... Some encounters in life are fleeting. They come and go every day... Even if there is a connection, some people aren’t meant to be together forever. That’s how life works. People meet, greet, part ways in a continuous cycle. And as life moves on, so do they. It’s a slightly bittersweet truth and I think this short beautifully expresses that. Holy shit another connection I found between Wes’s and Makoto Shinkai’s works :’) 
Is there gonna be a video where a guy trades a winning lottery ticket for a bottle of beer?
its not the usual cliche stuff. I like it! 
Ugh that guy knew she was interested and thought she was cool yet still left without even getting her number. What the hell.
It's over before I know it.. one word: wow.. :)
omgggggg... you can't end it like this XD
without reading the director's note, i thought... the two were actually each other's blind dates but they were too coward to admit it because as they explained what could have happened to their blind dates (what really happened to arthur and erin) - the guy was already late after losing his car while the girl was nervous by the goofy expression of the guy. notice that arthur didn't have a car while arthur's blind date couldn't be contacted and erin's phone is dead. as they pretended, they realized it worked but then the guy was too guilty so he again pretended that his date texted. the girl who showed up might just happened to be there when they arrived; about the ending, ugh, i guess arthur went after erin and told her the truth; she slapped it to him that's why there were no more flowers left, just leaves. LOL! have a sequel of this story pls? can't get over that ending!!!
I totally understand what the feeling is. I could totally relate. And the music is just INSANEly aWESome!
This is a deep video!!! I love it I love it!!! The level of uncertainties are always revolving around us.
Beautifully written, it leaves so many mixed emotions in a perfect blend. I love the idea behind the short.
My favorite one yet because I can totally relate :) I can now perceive my connection with him as one that was beautiful, sure it ended but it happened and I'm hopeful that one day we may meet again
girl like this and blind date? ppl has more chance to strike mega million than to meet a girl like this on a blind date!
Happy Endings? No, we don't need them. Do I want to find out why their dates didn't show up? Nah. Would I have liked to see them together? Well YES! 
I love Wesley's style of writing because it's realistic! Happy endings don't happen often in life. His style of writing is more realistic than Phils which is something that I really like.
I like this short film. Kind of reminds me of "Lost in Translation" with Billy Murray and Scarlett Johansson. Director Sofia Coopla portrayed a similar way how two strangers form a kind of companionship and love. If you liked this short film, you'll enjoy "Lost in Translation" :)!!
what a terrible ending  really thought he was going to stay with her
wtf ending was that
the ending sucked pretty hard
Well, if you say that is the ending. If you check the description at the top, it says that there is no ending, everything is continuous. They could meet up again, but it never shows in the video.
Omg she sounds like shailene woodley
I didnt like this one...
I think that this is my favorite Wong Fu short. It's light, optimistic, spontaneous, slightly sad, but perfect in combination. It's everything I look for in a perfect day, or the perfect girl, In addition, I really liked the blend of dim colors of navy blue/black and yellow-orange and the dark tint. The colors are just so easy for the eyes. Thank you Wong Fu, for such a simple, bitter-sweet, yet perfect short.
anddddd I cried.K.thanks
I enjoyed this so much because of the REALISTIC ENDING. Sometimes we meet amazing people for short periods of time, connect with them, and never see them again. Not every exceptional person we meet are meant to become girlfriends/boyfriends.
i don't really get the ending tho... 
+littlebirdwalking Two people that are completely strangers and each has their own afternoon plan but the plan didn't go well and they decided to go together that afternoon. But in the end the two afternoons have to end and each go their own separate ways. 
kind of realistic in a way too! It wasn't that perfect ending where the two fall in love in the end. 
u wot m8? i mean wtf just happened on ending? that was pretty clear he should have just end up with very blind date. 
Sad ending😥😪😓
Wong should be on TV
I actually liked the ending even though I didn't quite get it, makes you wonder.
All you that didn't like the ending, read the description !
I was hoping that he was going to surprise her at the train station.
The whole thing is great except the ending...I dun really like the ending....I thought it should be they getting together! They seem really enjoy the day tho.
Would've loved to see them get together and I was going to comment 'WHAT IF SHE WAS THE ONE UGH' but realistically, how often do we think that deeply about attraction, especially with strangers? This short shows just how fleeting encounters can be and the bittersweet ending was rather comforting. Bravo, Wes!
i can be petter if u want :}
I just got the title. Omg. Genius.
The music is on par
both of them are each other's imaginary scenarios i just realized after watching this like the 5th time
Explain that one to me Josh, I'd like to hear it...
+Vannak Sao Damn I just noticed it too after Reading +Josh Guai 's comment. I watched this video so many times since its been out, I cant believe I never caught it!  Basically, when Erin tells the story about Arthur's date getting "cold feet", that's what Erin did. And the thing Arthur says about the train station, that's what happened in Arthur's own date. Since he's stranded, that's why it takes his blind date a while to make her way out there. And since Erin just got cold feet and never met her date, he never contacted her "phone is dead." I think I've been a Vanessa D'onofrio fan since this video lol.
Well that's fate and life... ! If its meant to be "as planned", the world will always be a peaceful and better place.... 
omg i thought their the two people tgth on the blind date
I like the story. But that's not the end, right? 0.0
keep it going....episode 2
he is from VGHS :)
Guys, if you could use close caption in your videos, they would be an excellent way to practice English by foreigners, because instead of been academic English this is more sort of real-life English, really interesting indeed, thanks.
This short film was fantastically well done. The performances don't seem so forced, and neither does the story. It feels organic and lifelike, and plausible despite the almost surreal notion of the interaction itself. The ending is also fantastic, a bittersweet resolution to the time spent between them.  
I thought it would end in a murder because... you know... the music somehow reminds me of... that... you know... ._. 
wow u continue impressing me! Good job Wes!
strangers talking so candidly on first meet
I love these vid colours...warm and nice.
this damn near broke my heart
I hope my blind date could be like this
Song - TheNightShift - A Quiet Hello (Two After Noon) 3:45
I love these vid colours...warm and nice.
I love the music! where can i find it????
I would have picked a different song leading into the start of their adventure. The track suits a scene where a man is driving home, over the bridge, sun almost setting 20 earlier than @ 4:03, with his head in hand, in his work clothes (but its after work), and he's got some kind of hard decision to make. *@ 5:04 she acts too sad that his blind date has surprisingly txt'd him back. She can still show her bit of disappointment, but she shouldn't be THAT emotionally attached to him already. *Also, in a script where, half the time, two people are entertaining ideas of why they were stood up- WF could have had Arthur tell Erin why his date was late if they wanted a bit more realism and continuity to this dreamingly plausible story. (I would have tried to fck Erin in her car)
i wish i could randomly meet someone this way...
Omg. I swear. Wes comes up with the cutest story lines everrrrr <3
so sad :'( why would you leave her??
This is one of my most favorite shorts. It's so  deep and meaningful in a cute way that just makes me really think about Wes's message. :) I love everything about this video. <3
If it was me, I would of text that bitch saying "sorry, with someone better"!!
Having non-silent scenes of them connecting would've been nice. Snippets here and there. But overall, a pretty little flick, not as strong as a lot of other ones Wong Fu has done.
i feel like this was amazingly thought out. this has to be one of my favorites
The only way to see less strangers is to make more friends. Great short story Wong Fu!
Wes your shorts are srsly THE BEST. So...different :) loving all of them!
first heard the music and thought of cod black ops zombies haha
Wow, Aaron got a blind date at the end. But look at Aruther. He got Two After Noon. Get it?!?! lol
Why would a girl that CUTE need to be set up on a blind date? So CUTE!!!
The only thing i dont like about ur skits is that u leave is hanging on the story!like what s gonna happen in the end?lol
I thought they would end up together
Absolutely beautiful video. Painfully relatable, and yet at the same time beautifully relatable. Life doesn't always have a fairytale ending, but we can always take the good from our past and wish the best to those who brought it to us, even if we will no longer be a part of it. In pain, knowledge. 
Its a BLIND DATE!! He knows as much about his blind date (that he never met) as that girl he spend the afternoon with. Actually, he knows the girl better now, and they connected and were attracted to each other. So why did he choose his blind date?
Oh my god. I thought she had purposely parked on the tracks.
Good lord I have such a crush on Vanessa!!...haha...
I think I figured it out. Los Angeles State Historic Park. Hope that's the right one. :)
AARRGG this video is freaking awesome! the feeling you get at the end... I'm about to scream. LOVE IT.
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