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The Hunger Games Unabridged

by CollegeHumor • 1,682,143 views

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CollegeHumor Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The Hunger Games Unabridged  The adventures of Katniss Everdeen like you’ve never seen them before: gross. The $161.1 million “Catching Fire” made this weekend is the biggest opening ever for a movie not available in 3D! Now you can watch the unabridged version we made. \
Oh yeah, the tyranny, genocide and torture is ok .But taking a dump - that's gross!
Graphie novel! EWWWWWWWWWWWW
isnt hunger games told in first person? why are they reading the book like its in third person .___.
Do you mean to tell me you never think when you have a shit nor do you ever remember having a shit?
Damn shooting him while he's craping, that is low
insert quote from video, get likes
Can you imagine what it would be like if there were random mentions of how many dumps she'd taken right in the middle of a dramatic scene?
yea i think that's part of war if you walk upon someone shitting you must wait until they are done shitting before you kill them...Gentlemen Rules
Hard to believe the actress who plays Katniss in these now does voice acting for Pokemon. She plays Shauna in the newest season. You know, the loli girl who you share an awkward moment with on the balcony in X and Y?
"aaahh come on stop its not fair" had me rolling
I always think about that what if people in war have a stomach ache
I always wondered...
I never really thought about that. What happens during the Hunger Games when the tributes needed to take a shit. Would everybody be able to see them shitting or would the not be able to see them. And what about when they need to bathe or do anything else thats private. 
You really think they'd care about seeing someone take a shit? They're watching children get brutally slaughtered...that's far worse than watching someone drop a load.
+BadNumb3rs4815162342 You have to remember that, in the citadel, this is like a huge soap opera. It's an emotional TV show to them, and its ratings matter very much to the guys up top. I don't know about you, and maybe some people are into it, but I don't like watching people take a shit on my TV screen.  Therefor, they probably don't show that.
What's the music in the background, please tell 💩
0:46 "Spades for digging 8 to 10 inch holes in the woods....for shitting in...."   The way she said it and the look on the child's face is hilarious!
LOL "Hey! No Fair!"
Catch a man when he(or is pants) is always works
Lame. Not even funny. The only people liking this vid are middle schoolers.
+Scootaboom Studios Let me guess, you are home-schooled as well.
+pilotgeek13 Nope. I go to Craven College in Skipton. Besides, I didn't find it that funny. It was just somewhat amusing.
Every kids dream to watch katniss and all of them shit there selfs lol
Oh god....graphic novel....I shit my pants laughing!! (now I have angry hoards after me for that terrible joke)
50 shades of blood
You do not shoot a man while he's shitting, that is just not right.
+Matthew Power He didn't shoot himself... Tyrion shot Tywin, and telling a dwarf that will get you nowhere 
Not gonna lie but they bring up a good point not once did they talk about the need of going to the the bathroom
You forgot the part about drinking their own piss.
And catch The Hunger Games Unabridged a Graphic novel Girls: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
+BroadEditz At least you remembered the apostrophe in "I'll."
yea this was stupid...really? a bunch of shitting
Bear Grillz likes this video!
I don't get people that like to read in groups -- it's just weird. Then you have to listen to their boring and annoying opinions on what they thought about the chapter. 
This. ^^^^ I hate reading in groups. I can read faster on my own anyway.
but what about tampons? I'm sure some of the girl tributes would need that
This is brilliant and so vindicating-- I kept wondering if I was the only person who noticed all through the books the absence of any references like this. I understand why it was written that way, but there were so many times where you just had to wonder-- how would they have….  E.g. when Peta had been in that little cave for days, etc. Thank you CollegeHumor!
those books doesnt even exist, luckily
Is this some kind of sick joke?
+Arhum McShaheen That's my favorite type of humor, but so hard find any comedians who specialize in it.
I love that they put 'Safe And Sound' in the background of the 'deleted scenes'!
Omg. It was funny at the end but is this just mostly people popping in the Hunger Games? Seriously?
If this is the worst they can come up with, it has to be a good movie ;)
Why does everybody hate this its amazing 
The graphic novel!!! LOL Loved the kids' reactions.
I don't understand the joke they're trying to tell. Where's the satire?
10/10 would read again
+Bethany Jackson oh so watching a child get his guts spilled out by another child, then being left to bleed out everywhere is bearable to watch, but someone taking a shit is just wayy too much to handle. They wouldn't care, the amount of gore is so incredibly high that they probably wouldn't even be phased by it.
Sounds like total shit
The books are in 1st person narration...
The books were in 1st person POV and little kids should not be reading or watching the Hunger Games.
Ha ha ha ah the graphic novel
...and it's rewritten in past tense and third person too..
is this making fun of how the hunger games is all about killing people, but katniss really doesnt do anything until the very end?
You need to scratch the word "humor" from your name.
Uh guys.... The books are in first person. -_-
What's really great about this is that my sister actually complained that the book didn't go into detail about the whole bathroom situation.
This video is shitty.
Hungers Games is in 1st person. Lol, this is funny though.
Fuck the hunger games
Lauralee Hickok from The Onion at 1:30!
Lol no fair katniss is cheating!!!
Just shat myself like 20 times. :3
In the games cameras were everywhere so when some had to go would everyone see
even this parody sucks goat balls.
How graphic could it be? 💩💩💩
They need to make a video about how you can retire solely from plagiarizing Battle Royale...
The books read in 1st person...
Whats up with all the shitting?
On the real... Katniss shitting is hot.
Yeah Hunger Games is shit compared to Battle Royale.
😂😂 if this was the actual movie o would probably laugh more then cry because of all the 💩💩💩💩 "Smiling piles of poop."
even though its college humor im still pretty unimpressed that they resorted to using poop jokes
She got the squirts. lol
I do have to ask how you got Suzanne Collins to do this. I can't help but be impressed when I see some of the names you get working on these videos and it's always in the back of my mind to ask how you went about getting them on board.
"The Hunger Games Unabridged Novel" Kids: IM SO INTO THIS!! Kids at the end of the book: EWWWWW!!! lol
What is up with Katniss's bowels?
Fake! Hunger Games is first-person, present-tense!
I may be reading into this too much, but The Hunger Games was written in first person.
Oh the graphite novel. That would be funny if this were real
if its hunger games it should be about them eating
The little girl's name is Rue. Why does NO ONE remember?! I am sick of people calling her the little black girl!
I've always wondered where book characters shit... well, now I know. :P
You cannot do this joke without it being in present tense or first person. Lost potential! "She grabs leaves and thinks" 
For people who are supposed to be having trouble eating, they sure do a lot of shitting.
maybe cato will slip in it and die 
yeah like "OVER 9000!" words wasn't enough.
I skipped to a random part. all i heard was "There was light, so you could see everything while you were shitting"
*what the shit was that
sarah jerome Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
what the heck!!!!!!!!!
They are not the same books but are 'Unabridged'. The joke being that the author omitted the parts of the story that involve defecating, but now they are included in this version. THEREFORE, the books would be written in the same style and from the same point-of-view as the original novels. SHUTUPSHUTUPSTUPID
for a second i thought katniss actually did do that in the book but then it became obvious also these jokes in the comment section are great
You guys only make jokes about 9/11, thats just plain wrong
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