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Minecraft: Teleportation, Half Slab, and Testificate Changes (Snapshot 12w25)

by CaptainSparklez • 883,027 views

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So his love of half slabs begins
a weekly update you have to install yourself that may have bugs .. all these snapshots combine together for a manual update witch happens automaticlly
Sorry thelegitminecraftguy if u ask for stuff like that you need to get out more and plus i have an account so NO
Jeb stated on twitter that there would be no emerald tools.
not forever alone, forever SINGLE
It sounds like someone has been mixing up Vanilla with Tekkit.
umm u are close but not rlly i think there are like 6.8 billion people in the enitre world. 2 milion is 2000000 and 6.8 bilion is 68000000000000 i think :) but u where close
Ok I clicked on link, it loadedon downloads bar Idouble clicked the error sound came and nothing happened Some help please?
It to give him Cole he will spit out a arold
Like if you do MC LAN party at school :D:D
it would be cool if you could place redstone on a stair and the current would be diagonal
Captin Sparklez herobrine is in minecraft demo pc gamers and i own that game. what do i do?
Don't we all make mistakes in life? I agree in part, it is a fairly stupid comment, but is replying like that any better? Just be calm! :) - TheCleverClogs, Paladin of the TimsPuppetPals Platoon.
i know that but is there a way to get the next snapshot when it comes out
si how do I get the newest snapshot
Hello, can you make a video of 12w26a and 12w27a? p.s: subbed!
So LAN is a server for local WIFI instead of worldwide?
Thumbs up if you saw it say "CaptainSparklez' is not a valid number"
no there is definitely over 7 billion! china alone has about 2 billion people. so ur tryin to say that china has nearly half the worlds populous....I dont think so.
theres also like over 17 million in new york city
1 wood 64 emerald like and this will happen to you
wow you are right 7.025 billion by USCB estimates... thats mad how much it has increased since 2008 where my figure was from :O
please someone helpp the snapshot doesnt work on my minecraft
According to World Bank, there are 6,894,594,844 people on earth.
Yes, I am 95% sure you can. Lower slabs, not so much. Upper slabs will work just as if they were full blocks, including torches, redstone, minecarts, etc so it'd only make sense that beds work too :D
i can come to your house to demonstrate with mah computer. "I'm pervy and i know it''
In school we were taught 6.8 billion, but that textbook was a little old I suppose.
"They're" a conjunction of the words "They" and "Are." Other spellings, but used in different circumstances are "There," as in a place, or "Their" and in possession. Jackass.
Well, all these are estimated numbers because if you just think about India or Africa, because of the slums and the countryside, it's almost impossible to get an accurate result. So that number could be like +/- 200k According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of the World, projected to 07/11/12 at 06:40 UTC (EST+5) is 7,025,495,705 Fun fact: it's estimated that the number of people ever lived is about 110-100 billion
Did anyone notice the zombies head go white at 0:34
says the person who probably hopes that minecraft updates will go on forever
sarcasm and stupidity are two different things. stupid people are being stupid, smart people are being sarcasm. you belong to the second cathegory ;)
He didn't tell us anything about the emeralds
Do you have server if you have give him to me plz l want to play :P
for your singleplayer worlds im not sure but just copy paste them to your desktop and then if the update got rid of them you can just drag them back into the saves folder and i dont think that the ips change so just make a note of it
i think you need a mod to do that cuz u can in tekkit
actually China's population is 1.7 billion, so not that far off the 2 billion mark...
If you looked at Mojang's snapshots when they added emerald trading they wrote next to it "They are cheap bastards though" That explain your answer?
I thought we hit 7 billion last year. Didn't we?
There are no such things as Emerald Tools and you need 11 resources/ores to make a full tool set.
What buttons do u press to trade
It's called a pause effect. Learn what commas do.
Like if you too are forever alone
The Werid thing is I've started a LAN game a live in a city yet my friends who live in different areas still were able to join
ohh i'm sorry i read it as millions :) but we are at least 7 billions so it is more correkt to do 7-8 billions :)
How do I hav multiple snapshot files in my bin and have minecraft still work also how do I switch between them if anyone knows please tell me thanks in advance
всем привет из россии!
I thought that emeralds didnt come oout yet
WhiteoutSkateBoard's comment was meant to be sarcastic....
wow, just wow, you raged that much because someone was an idiot, and made a fool out of yourself.
if they made redstone wire placeable on the lower half slab, thatd make hiding it a lot easier
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