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Minecraft: SkyBlock 2.0 w/ Mark and Nick Ep. 2 - The Cobblestone Podcast

by CaptainSparklez • 1,536,103 views

Mark - Nick - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ●...

Like if ur watching this in 2015!!!!!111
When Jordan thinks the growing of the tree with bonemeal is mandatory, when he could have planted it and had one by the time they DID get bone meal. Like if you came from the animation.
u can stop ice from forming by putting a torch next to it
have you got fuckin downsyndrome or something cunt
+Jake Hagenaars and the problem, you know what, never fucking mind. 
This is why I love Skyblock: no matter what it will lead to the best conversations XD
Memories brought me back here
I think it's funny that Nfen's name is nick and marks skin is coach from Left4Dead2 and those are 2 things from left4dead2 the name nick and coach skin
Hint:  One lava, 4 water = 4 cobblestone gens (one on each side) assuming you start with 2 water :) Being 3 players 3x cobblestones at at time.
The thing is, this video is a couple years old and they only have 1 water source from the ice block.
Hint: Extremely old vid, he doesn't do it anymore.
CaptainSparklez is the Jigsaw killer for endermen
I can watch UR old series forever :) you've been amazing!
Mark's laugh cures cancer
PSN... For sex offenders. Just kidding I love PS!
12:35 oh that's a big one that's what she said
You said 'Boom' and Mark and Nick started sayin' it funny...
1:46 I would actually listen to this podcast
i just got minecraft like a week ago and this is the first thing i did
Un sub i was your 500 sub not anymore
First of all, why? And second, this is a two-year-old video. Why the fuck are you saying that on this?
GigaMusic .in - Millions of Music Tracks for Free
3:07 i love nfen's laugh its hilarious ITS CONTAGIOUS lol
It will be a endermaid
use cobble stone half slabs
Mark is sooooooo funny
what server has this type of skyblock
It's a private server
I KNOW i am a late but montycraft has good skyblock but its like op but not that op
I think their all equally uninteresting. LOOOOL
They count as mc basket ball players
wtf nick u get off your lazy ass
tf2 demoman gotta boooooom
Nick: WE LOST SOME EXPERIENCE NOO! Mark: Jump and get them Nick, we need those experience balls. Me: LOL
well i have one right now, thing is, you diddn't pre-order it :)
actually they do have a back story. they try to go back to the end and bring things back to life. ps: the ender dragon destroyed earth and all the humans except u
lol I replayed like 30 times the part were Jordan is saying oh God, oh God, look on the bridge, look on the bridge and NFEN shouting. so hilarious
Do you have minecraft on Xbox 360 it's really fun
Wow nick was less of an ass back then
No, just no, I used to want it but did you ever see what it is really about.
Back when Mark was actually happy about things... xD
I speak this language here, i will speak to him, helo, plese hav beter gramar (thats his language, i know it)
CaptainSparklez make a survival multiplayer
I've watched this series like 100 times
0:05 Zelda: Wind Waker. That french guy who had the most annoying minigame in the world all for a stupid heart piecd.
Ps4 will be better even Sony said it
hmmm le me see i speak kelton hoglundian it means "try making a sword with iron at the top and 1 diamond in the middle
@Hillary Trujillo You do not get seeds from trees, only by hoeing grass blocks or breaking grass
Sparklez enderman can take 1-4 blasts before deing
Boom, boom ahahahaha BOOOOM hahahahaha...KAABOOOOOOOOM!!
mark says that would be good if want to kill fu sometin
I'm watching because I haven't seem this before ._.
obviously ps3 will win vs. xbox! because ps3 is a little bit better than the xbox. but, XBOX360 beat the crap out of the ps3 piece of shit
translated: try making a sword with iron at the top and diamond in the middle
Just watched xbox one launch advertisement and its fcking epic!! Go xbox one!!
I wonder if marks on amazon again
I'm not really server advertising, I'm just giving some advise. CaptainSparklez (Jordan), try to put a hopper under the cobblestone-generating block. Even though the block seems to be destroyed by the lava, the block will be save since hoppers get any dropped item from the block above them. I did this on a server that's cracked,
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