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Doctor Whooves has a Message

by spiritpup • 1,846,390 views

Edit 3/20/12: FFFFF whhhhyyyy does this have so many views. I feel kinda bad because I didn't even animate it, I just colored it. Please please PLEASE go check out the original here:...

Okay i need to go rewatch that episode omfg I think that was my favorite episode.... i forgot omfg
Doctor Whooves hates 1. Yogurt 2. Apples 3. bacon 4. Bread and butter 5. Beans Doctor Whooves likes 1. Fish fingers and custard
What! He hates bread and butter?!? And Apples too?!? Aw.... ;-;
How could you hate Pez, Doctor??
Ahh too bad the original animator didn't bother with the Bingle-bongle-dingle-dangle malarkey
its funny when doctor who has to talk about stuff so they can speed it up for the episode and they actually release the raw footage
This video was made when Dr.who turned into a pony. What I think he did is send the message to Martha and he hid the TARDUS somewhere in ponyvill. I hope in the show "My little pony" season 5 the main charecters find the TARDUS and help Dr.whooves (Dr.who) go home.
I hate pears Alternatives: I hate PEZ I hate pehs... I hate pess
I hate how the MLP fandom had crossed into the Doctor Who fandom.
Brace yourselves. 100th episode of MLP is coming.
I HATE PEARS derpy hears "wut doctor?" "Dr whooves" "uhhh nothing derpy"
I don't wanna wake up in 3 weeks as a human with the taste of pears on my teeth 😂
Only when he pass out give him a pear
NO NOT THE PEARS!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOoOoOooOoOooOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Five! !Very Important! Five! Don't let me eat pears! I HATE Pears! --- I Laugh so hard --- ^-^
Dr. Whooves "I hate pears!!!" Me "*Dying of laughter*"
Ok l will give you pears to eat!
UndeadVox Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
i remember that episode
What does he mean before I change and when im human does he mean stop being a timelord or I dont know
Check out the "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood" episodes.
No..  Its in a Watch like a Necklace watch and if he open`s it all of it comes out on him.
me: doctor, why do you hate pears so much? doctor: pulls out a pear, takes a bite and throws it far away me: that doesn't answer my questio- hears explosion far away doctor: time lords turn pears into grenades by biting them me: that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever  doctor: I'm an immortal shape shifting humanoid alien with a blue box that can you anywhere in time and space, i'm not too concerned with what makes sense and what dosn't
Don't let me eat pairs. Wow that is funny :-)
Pairs of what? Pairs of socks, pairs of pears, pairs of humans...
who's Martha?? hmm... weird.. the Doctor just left.... WAIT A MINUTE!! runs out of the TARDIS
god please stop with all the mlp suff just stop
I remember seeing this way before I got involved in Doctor Who. I'll have to be honest, this fandom got me interested enough in Doctor Who that when my dad said I'd like it, I watched a few episodes. And man, I was hooked fast. So thanks for that, guys!
Doctor Whooves is best pony /)
this is really good animation
I don't know why, but I love when he taps on the screen.
+Paws The Dingbat "Don't let me eat dicks" wat.
NEVER!! let him eat pears
"I hate pez..." well if you say so puts pez away
hahahahaha Me:: i'm sorry i couldn't resist subscribing Darlek Master ! I think i also Converted // DarlekMaster:: Its ok but wtf was that last part u said 0_0 // Me:: I said i converted........ to time lord // DarlekMaster:: Noooooooo     /// Yes -_- i wrote this cause i have nothing to do right now.......
"John smith is a character I made up, but I wont know that. I'll think I am him and I might do something stupid like eat a pear. In three months, I don't want to wake up, me human and taste that."
and most importantly 5: DONT LET ME EAT PEARS, I HATE PEARS
You and me both dr.whooves I HATE PEARS
OK this is my new favorite thing on youtube now
I love his face when he say " 5"
Eren Jeager Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
I'm not a brony
+Eren Jaeger wowee look at all them titties
+nightwind529 admin: titties? XD Eren: turns titan ROOOAAARRRR
I'm not joking when I say that I started watching doctor who after seeing this😆
You didn't finish it,there was also:I don't want future me doing anything stupid like eating pears.
LOL XD AND 5, DONT let meh eat peers, I HATE PEARS XD
I never whacht doctore who before!
Brony Guy Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Why +doctor whooves  don't like pears?!
Who ever the 565 people who disliked this video, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM TO MAKE THEM NOT LIKE THIS VIDEO I MEAN COME ON!!!!!!!!
throws pear at dr EAT IT! CMON! EAT IT!
Derpy heres a list of instructions for when I'm Pony One don't let me hurt anypony we cant have any of that but you know what Ponys are like.
OK  sorry but I hate mlp but making mlp Dr who just makes mlp suck even worse
doctor whooves said "Peas" and not pears 
YES!! I hate pears too :D /)
I'm just waiting for a family feud episode, the apple family versus, i dunno the Pearsons? 
i hate poohhh i hate POOOHHHH I HATE POOP
Dose he hate pares cuz he was a pony and became a vegetarian for so long that he's sick of eating pears
Doctor Whooves can go fuck himself
FancyThePShyco Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
this would mess up any doctor who fan i love it
+Chell Johnson oh come on, dr whooves is awesome
heres a list of instructions for when i regenrate
Doctor Whooves is a stupid little baby
i think he's saying pearz
This is amazing! Brony for life
+zombieslayer226 I don't deny your statement, zombieslayer226.
I hate pears too Doctor Whooves.
Lol Dr: 5, dont make me eat pears! I hate pears!
yup that's pretty much how it went
throws pear at the doctor hehe... :3
Lol he Hates pears like me :3
last time i checked, this has nothing to do with sexual orientations(yay! another anime fan! do you like hetalia? :3)
gay means happy :) (no i havnt watched that one yet i just started loving a month ago
I hate pears!!! I laughed so hard I fell out of my computer chair!
THATS what i call laughing histarically. Me? I conceal myself more AND I DON'T WANT TO! :,(
lol I love how he makes a seemingly romantic statement then says "Very important! 5: Don't let me eat pears!!!"
Why do you hate pares
Letting you eat lots of pears
eat pears your fat pony
if u watch a wedding in canterlot part 2 when the changling queen is sinigng how the day is perfect and shes dreamed about it since she was small it shows the changlings going around and than u can see doctor whooves in an alley hiding with a Philly and a mare with orange hair. he has the hourglass and everything. Pls tell me im not the only one who noticed? its actually him lol.
Hes going crazy he can't become a human they don't exist there an old pony tail
most whoviens a how about you just.....fuck off.
and 5 dont let me eat pears i hate pears!
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