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This is why people in the US are reluctant to help strangers, because that person could be carrying a gun or other weapon.
+GrahamLinux A 9 year old article??!!
+T38 Talon Probably much worse by now, things rarely get better.
Why do black people like to talk so loud on their phones in public? Attention maybe?
Black people talk loud on the phone, because the people they're talking to are a long way from them. Soon we'll all be yelling at the phone. Right now it's ok to talk loud to blind people, deaf people, mutes, cops and retards.
+mike Walker hey frank i think your master put a monkey brain in your phat head, and soon people will talk loud to you,if they re not now.
The girl on the phone had a hell of a butt.
Ok, I re-watched it just to checkout her butt. How can you even see her butt properly!
you niggers need to get your act together already.
Pretty bubbles everywhere
The guy should get 'good citizen award' ;)
Dont like the loud conversations people have on a PUBLIC bus? Buy earplugs. There is a reason we have them. $2 earplugs(or make your own) and bam, problem solved. Now you got a good 20+ years to think about your stupidity. Way to go.
+lobiondo32 I'd be pissed off if this wasnt so cute. Look at you trying so hard. Its absolutely precious. ^.^
This is what I would like to do to anyone who shouts while travelling on public transport.
That girl doesnt realize how close she came to death she was so busy trying to be "right" black females hate being wrong that much? stfu before you die bitch!
The amazing thing about this is that white media and the white world doesn't give a fuck about neither black woman on the bus. Black gun violence is the norm in black society but they don't go out of their way to report it. Most gun violence is only reportable when it involves white life or others. Black life in the world is not as important. FUCK THE MEDIA AND FUCK THE POLICE!
Honestly some people are just rude when on their phone in public. Loud chit chattey box. The whole world dont need to know your entire business.
Gun lady is lucky she didn't get herself shot. I wonder how she acted when the cops showed up. She obviously acted smart that time and did what they told her, because she survived.
They should run the video on a constant loop on the bus as a warning to other rude idiots. I've seen bus drivers pull the bus over and tell people to use headsets or get off of the bus! Perhaps if more drivers did so, it would be a nicer trip for all.
run when bitches fightn
Only humans are allowed to carry guns.
She uses a gun to show she's more powerful and has authority over the other lol yet nobody really reacted to give a shit cause everyone knew she was bluffing.
She look at the black girl out of orange is the new black
The cops are going way too far $50,000 bond jeez.
Stupid cunt should've atleast got pistol whipped !!
I'm glad to see that man diffuse the situation between these two irrational women. 
+smokey bear fear and common sense are two different things. You have a gun in your face you don't star posturing like "do it, do it if u ain;'t pussy" FUCK THAT you dare a fool to take ur life? what kind of point are u making? heads old dog backs out and tuff guy bears wins, tails old dog thinks "Fucking it" squeezes the trigger and the bullet passes through ur chest but ur cool, because u have a big chance of survival due to being BAD ARSE to start with. Listen fool - Put the gun down and then go and see whose pussy you or the old bitch but, while that old cunt is waving a gun around we allr know that YOU more than any one else on that bus ain't saying or doing shit.  Bullshit talking youtube ninja faggot
+sugarsaint why the angry abuse can't you have a civil  conversation? it's no wonder your girlfriend cheated on you!!!   
That woman pulled a gun out on the woman for talking on her cellphone???O.o That old whore needs emotional help.
Anyway,it happened in a country where cowboys originated. 
+That guy Yup! Gun country it is. A country where the people are so easy on the guns.  And you can call me ignorant or anything else you feel like.
+sundar mann People are actually really hard on guns depending on where you live in the U.S.It's a rarity to see guns in the northeast but it's so common in the south.
i used to be one of those people that hated people that didnt want guns allowed. but now everyone is carrying them, it isnt that hard to get one.
I'm not getting between a fight if there's a gun involved. Sorry.
Man that's the Old lady off of Orange is the new Black! LMAO!
so thats how she ended up in jail lmao
normal black women bahahahahahaha not
Some Black women are so defiant and mean. when the woman pointed the gun at her she still was arguing with the woman! why didn't she say oh! please don't shoot me I begging you! I promise I will shut the hell up and not talk no more in you presence!.
Why do a faggot always play the race card
You dont know how many times I wanted to pull out a gun on a black bitch on her phone.
Crazy ass lady take that shit outside
Brandishing a Firearm is ILLEGAL
She pulled a gun because the other woman said "I want to AXE you..... a question", The woman that pulled the gun was just acting in self defence.
Public bus in a poor neighborhood ewwwww. That's about as safe as the Middle East is right now.
Why women should not own guns
 Good job by that man. Blessed are the peace-keepers.
We need more men like that.
Did anyone caught what she said at 0:11
Clearly racism, the one black lady wants to be white and hates black people
For Christi sake what's up with black people
Throw at old jealous bitch in da slammer undaneath da jail for atleast ten years
Meh just two self entitled twats butting heads.
It's comments like the ones I am reading here, that makes the entire world know how ignorant and pitiful Americans are. The world would be a much better place if you all just shut the f### up and disappear. No need for terrorist, eventually Americans will just kill themselves off.
Somebody should have wacked her in the head.
Good evening Monica. Aye, good one David.
i can only imagine how that conversation went. the girl was probably loud and cursing. she shouldn't be doing that on the bus anyway unless it's empty. 
Yeah but lots of ppl don't care
@Liberated1  Your odds are better in the Middle East.
Niggers will be Niggers
Some people have a death wish.
Stopped watching as soon as I found out this clip was from the news.
you are right doyle frankenstein. lead the way
staged event in efforts for more gun control. there's alot of them popping up.
jmssmth0581 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Woman pulls pistol on loud mouthed girl:
lol just another day in "upper dirty" .
why'd it had to be my neighborhood though!? Can't argue, UD is ghetto
That's not good and again in the US, I don't know what they learn in their live when they became an American? 
Am I the only one that thinks the male news presenter looks like a video game?
Finally someone stands up to help, and I applaud him. Good job.
That could have gone bad. Very irresponsible to be carrying around a loaded gun
why does the media keep using children? You hear it all the time in a war, or in something like this. Everybody should know what a gun is. And when you have a weapon loaded  at you, there isn't much you can do, regardless if you're a man, woman, or child. smh.
No doubt that Bingham is a hero.  Kudos to him!
Oh you Americans...
I kid, there's much worse people out there than this. Sad a fact as that may be...
Nobody hates niggers more than other niggers.
what a surprise, the loud annoying person was a black woman. the scum of the earth
LOL you are pathetic!
Yes like your parents.
I used to drived city buses I couldn't stand when peope would talk loud on the bus I would pull over and wait for hem to finish talking
She should've shot her phone to death.
this why guns should not be available to anyone
I don't see why anyone would want gun control.
Did anyone caught what she said at 0:11
The 22 yo has a nice booty!
She may seem harmless but careful who you mess with, atleast be mindful of others around.
..shit talkers, the both of them...
Niggers are loud in public. They really are like fucking kids. No lie. Not all but way more than any other race. Not sure if it's some culture thing or what.
niggers and black people are two different things. 
+steve brule because blacks can't afford good lawyers. 
She should have got off the phone.  I love me some bigfoot!
That was no n*gg^h, that was a true Black Man. I salute you whoever you are...but you must have been out of your mind! imho! :-]  lol!
Now this is what were supose to see from black people
+Maya Wilson It is what everyone expects form JIgabos   
Black people do not have anything to prove to anyone.
Mr Bingham you were the voice of reason amidst all that chaos & you most probably saved lives . My hat is off to your bravery sir , you are defiantly a hero  !
I hate loud phone conversations I would have disconnected her phone conversation or throw the phone out of the window
Good thing republicans are right about everything.   We need more guns in this country.   Every crack head, redneck and PTSD soldier should be given multiple guns by the government.   NRA and republicans are sooo right about everything.
Wow, the most convincing sarcasm I've heard all day!
A hero? ohh, common ...
Yes. The lady had a gun. She could have shot him.
Considering the way that she was swinging that loaded gun around she would have eventually hurt someone had he not stepped in and stopped it.  He took a chance of being shot himself just for getting up. I would consider someone taking a chance like that to be a hero.
Hey America, your colored folk are out of control.
time to wake up i think U.S.A
It's funny because bingham (i dont know how to say it) is on his phone
classical fight between hoodrats 
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