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'Woohoo' Christina Aguilera choreography by Jaz Meakin (Mega Jam)

by Mega Jam • 517,147 views

LOVE this track.... there will be many many more xtina tracks choreographed of this new album.... sooo good. She's back!!!!

One word awesome. The choreography is amazing, and so are the dancers. Great job, and keep it up.
@JohnBendo1 is jaz the girl on the left in the m middle-ish?
this choreography was better than all the other ones i watched for this song.
i think is the best choreography of wohoo on youtube right now !!! =D
This is the best choreography ive seen on you tube for this song. Hella dope!
@CalebTiatia you look up choreography to look at a blond chick. desperaperate
Can you PLEASE make a tutorial for this A.S.A.P
Trop bien cette dance aussi !
They shouldve danced to nickis part
Thumbs up for the girl on the right !!
maybe u didnt notice but that girl with the baggypants was also really good!! great job guys
damn! these girls can reali dance!!! neat choreography. well done! love the last part!!! =)
come to Costa Rica !!! Central America
OHHHH my good i love all your Choreographies iam your number one fan
@bellaswan9355 at my classes in Brisbane, Australia x
Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!! Was freaking Awesome!!!! love it! Wanna dance as well as you do girls! x3 ♥
Woohoo! i love this song! Licky licky yum yum what great choreography!!
she's good , she knows that she's good , i know that she's good and every one knows that !!
@sierralsierralee0 how's it desperate by saying she's hot? i actually love watching different choreography from different dance groups? whether the front girl is hot or not. mkay so dont go making assumptions that im desperate.
some of the choreography to this song that i've seen are uh... but i guess you guys did good. in certain parts.
@jfootballfreak06 You're so fucking retarded. Grow up.
very very nice... if Ms. Xtina would actually do a damn video for this song, this choreography would be worthy enough for it... kudos Jaz!
i find it interesting that a guy is doing this dance to a song that says kiss on my woohoo! but i love the dance! <3
pleeaaaaasee make a turtorial to this dance im completely obssesed D:
come to Orlando! I would love to take a class from you!!!!!
can you please make a tutorial?! im like obsessed with this dance haha
the best of all that i have seem
Jaz rocks all the dances! she is amazing! even when I try and not look at her, she catches my I! amazing dance and amazing dancer :)Xx
can u please come to NY lol U are just insane. I love watching u dance!!!!
where do teach these coreographys
Yes ma am I loved much to choreograph an entire piece or a verse and a chorus?
u hav no idea.hw amazing u are.......
Oh lord! most of teh time this youtube choregraphies suck! but yours managed to sell the sass of the song.
tutorial pleeeeeeeeease. I need it!
Your amazing at dancing!:)) Where abouts is your studio? X
not only amazing choreo, but also perfectly insynch with eachother !
@starrysongs it takes around 2 hours to choroegraph most of the class routines you see on our channel :)
I love this. High 5 dude seriously!
I love looking at the people dancing at the back!
woow this chorea is awesome. can you make dance for whole song? please i wanna learn
You should see all your choreography are amazing! you Check her other channel @JasmineMeakin
thanks for blowing up that christina aguilera! she's proved her longevity as an artist and has nothing more to prove! Loove song to dance to! nice moves!
Love U! I love her new album. You should do ''I hate Boys'' next. It's perfect. Look forward to it! ;D
These 20 dislikes are HATERS. The 10 dislikes are haters of megajamluisnjaz and the other 10 are from lady gaga fans
AWESOME! i love it, good job! :D
damnit! i with i could dance with you guys :) great work!!
Damn, this is hot! I would really love to be in your class, but I live in the UK :,(
ur dances are like....erm whats the word...AMAZING! i luv dancing too and uve literally inspired me! i would love to join ur dance classes but im too yung and cnt exactly fly all the way from UK to australia. :P i just luv ur videos!
Wow this is really awesome the best dance to this song. So love it
@megajamluisnjaz I wanna go to Australia!!!! Omg, i love your choreo's! What about taking a trip to the Netherlands? ^_^ Wow, keep it up!
i love when someone laugh at them, and at this same time he says " i want dance like her". This people at the back i hope they got comment's like your's in the ass. STOP JUDGE. Every dancer had problems at start, even Jasmine. I am proud of this people at back, becouse they dont care that they are not best at start, but they are trying and fight for dreams. ! PS> Sorry for bad english.... PS.2 PEOPLE AT BACK - YOU RULE
I love this! The girl in the leopard pants actually caught me eye in this one. Wish i could dance with you. So far away! Haha.
:O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O loved itttttttttt!!!
Lovee it! <33 i find it funny that theres a man in class though! (left side in the back).
awesome dancing and gorgeous! After watching a few of these, i've realized its high time i joined a class like this :) look at all the chicks :P phaha
they were too close together...and they looked like monkeys. I was bored!
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