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I would actually argue that pretty much all of the new fighters from Deception should have made the list.
motoro sucks with four legs
In my opinion, the worst kharacters are: cyber subzero, Bo rai cho, Darrious, Kobra, Dairou, Hotaru, Hsu Hao, Tanya, Kai and Nitara
if midway was running off off ideas have aa orange ninja and pink female ninja who are bro and sis
Don't talk shit about motro rain liu kang
Bo rai cho is awsome you fag bag
In one of those MK games that was like an adventure game or something (the one with Shujinko maybe?) I remember playing as Ermac. And I remember it being awesome. Don't remember anything about Rain or his abilities, but Ermac was pretty sweet
no i mean boracho is drunk in spanish. but bo-rai-cho is apperently a homounym
this list is ugh okay but i strongly disagree with most of it
You admit Rain's combat (most important in a fighting game) is cool but his aesthetic ruins him. Ok...Meat is gross and bare skin is painful? This is Mortal Kombat, IT'S ABOUT PAIN. And it doesn't matter how cool and badass Stryker is NOW, the past defiles him forever! No water under the bridge/let bygones be bygones here! Street Fighter I sucked, so who cares if the rest are awesome, it used to suck so defiled foreveeeeeer! Mokap WAS AN EASTER EGG, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously!
I hate Rain because it was just a stupid joke after the song "Purple Rain"
i happen to like Rain, and Shujinko :c
Though I agree with some of these characters, the rest is just obvious trolling. XD
zombie lui kang was badass. it was a mistake to kill him of so they brought him back as a badass zombie how much more awesome can it get.
Why wasnt Cage on this list lol Johnny Cage worst Mortal Kombat character EVER
Rain is the shit yall trippin
hey thank you for this comment! Great minds think alike! I HATE the argument that many people say: "Stryker is dumb because he has guns, and all he does is spam guns and grenades." 1.if you took those away he'd just be a normal guy. 2.ALL MK characters have a spam attack. 3.Stryker is NOT all about spaming. ya sure the gun is useful, but a good player can easily evade the gunfire.It's so easy to see that Stryker is actually the most underpowered character in the game, and yet he still kicks ass!
That's no reason to call Rain a shitty kharacter -_-
Come on! Liu Kang death in DA is one of the best twists ever an made him better from generic monk whose only characteristic is winning the tournament to "the fallen hero, only person who won the tournament 4 times" Meat & Mokap r joke chars, notin to complain. The other ones, they're as unoriginal as the average character in fighting games. Xcept BoRaiCho who's great! And Motaro was a nice compromise. They couldn't make him centaur, but we wanted him anyway, so is better than nothin
Hey Boa Rai Cho is great...they just need to ditch the whole drunken farting master gimmick he reformed in Kung Laos ending and hell the stakes were so high in Deception you would think he would leave most of the habit behind. But we all really know why he remained the same only with a lower polly count than in Deadly Alliance. Thank you Midway for bum rushing the team to get Deception out the door.
Stryker was nice, Motaro didn't look THAT bad in MK Armageddon, Rain is awesome (and if the reason you ''hate'' him is because his clothes are purple, you should also hate Scorpion, because fire is not yellow, or hate Ermac, because he fires green projectiles, not red ones, and so on...). Btw Mortal Kombat has an enormous list of bad characters for you to make a list containing only 10.
lets see how fucking cheap he would be in 3d with 4 legs with the fighters always facing each other and no was to hit him from behind because he is to fucking long and with all his moves from mk3 umk3 and mkt
No! Not Stryker! Stryker was my go-to guy! (Although I always felt a little cheap juggling people with flashbangs and gun attacks, and was called out quite a bit for it).
MK3 Stryker looks just like an overweight version of that guy from "Angels in the Outfield" LOL. He has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious fighting game characters ever conceived!
For the record, Prince is the shit.
Kintaro was cursed, I think by the elder gods, to lose his legs. Finishing the MK armageddon would say he got them back, you didnt,but thats why. ^-^
Bo rai cho sounds like "borracho" (Drunk in spanish)
4:41 Balls... Yeah, you know what I'm talking about...
Sad part is I actually played Bo Rai Cho and Mokap the best in that game... LOL!
Ohh c'mon, who don't like rain?? Rain is awesome, and meat... is meat =/, how abour ashra and kai?? They are surely worse
Wait wait wait... Was he not just complaining about srykers backwards hat and then later in the bit wore his hat backwards.... And even in other videos also?
I know what happened to motaro. yah see he finally got to lvl26 and evolved. yep they should have pressed B!
The decision to kill Liu kang and turn him into a zombie-the most stupid midway decision ever! You cannot kill Mortal Kombat champion!Its like Castlevania without Belmont family! Its so fucking stupid!(sorry for my english, im from Russia)
The sad part is Rain is actually a prince. play deadly alliance
If Motaro had four legs again his model wouldn't be compatible with most other characters fatality moves and wasn't that Craig guy wearing a backwards cap Man what an idiot
"Who in this day andage wears a backwards hat?" *Shows up wearing a backwards cap by the next character*
i love stryker why because he is the only on to use only human weaponery and not magic plus he is seriously different from that 'cod version of am'
I love half of these characters... Meat is hilarious, Bo Rai Cho is amazing BECAUSE he uses a stick (I'm sorry, but if I see someone stab a guy, not impressed. See a guy club a knife wielding manic to death with a stick, I'm impressed), Purple Rain... okay, the name is silly. Did I mention he can explode people's heads? Yeah, cause that's kinda awesome. Striker... okay, whatever. Mokap... is actually a tribute to a member of staff who died during production I think. So... yeeeah... niiice going
Meat's story: He was an unfinished clone-whatever you wanna call it, from Shang Tsungs flesh pits. (Like mileena in the mk9 story) He then escaped and well... You know the rest.
Wait Craig you wear a backwards cap
well with shujinko he had never been in a official mortal kombat torniment while with motaro they said either motaro with 2 legs or no motaro at all
Stryker is freakin bad ass i'll tell u who i've always hated:- Sonya Blade (worthless character)
Thank God, Striker was reworked in MK9. It's enough to make me forget the mess he was in the previous games. He actually looks like a COP now.
Motaro was cursed by the..... Goro species
"A fucking guy wit balls all over his body" lmao
I loved Konquest mode in Deception
1:35 that is what Gandalf should have done to the balrog.
STRIKER? I used him all the time in MK 3. Dude was a bad ass.
"No one wants to play as some guy with balls on his body!" Truer words have never been said.
These people...if you read Motaro´s FREAKIN BACKSTORY you´d know he was ORIGINALY from a minotaur race who was cursed by i belive Shao Kan and turned into centaurs
I think Boraicho and Meat were cool kharacters the rest yeah im agree Did you noticed that the "Next Gen Liu Kang" never apeared ever again? ya maybe hes dead already
And how is mokap not number one?!?!?! He was an epic fail!
i wasnt to fond of reptlie after they took his ninja suit away, kabal sucked too
Rain is not a ninja, he is a prince
Well of course it's going to be biased. I mean, it is called "Screwattack's" Top 10
"What moron in this day wear a backwards cap?!" ...YOU.
Motaro should never EVER be a minotaur!
...How to make a top ten when you only have about 4 good choices
Wait doesn't Craig were a backwards cap
I'm pretty sure Darrius is more a knock off of Morpheus from the matrix.
Strtyker is nice.. so shut up nerds..
ya im going to have to disagree with most of this
I remember seeing on a doc or something that the programmers for Motaro in Armageddon said it would take as long as the rst of the game to program a 4-legged Motaro. Now Im sure it woulda taken a little extra to make him w/ 4 legs but it couldnt be that hard.
I agree with you. Judging a character because of his name is plain-out biased!
the time that the made the game. it was cool to wear your hat backwards. i thought he knew that but i guess not.
"Who in this day and age wears a backwards hat?" FRED DURST of LIMP BIZKIT!
You missed the part where they said they didn't like Rain because of how he was named after a Prince song.
he look more like a generic cop i prefer the previous one because he was really different and finally he was a little fat to show than even you have fat you can still kick ass
Although I do like most of the characters on this list; Stryker, Shujinko, Rain (My favorite MK character), Meat, and Mokap. I do, however, whole-heartedly agree with 2-Legged Motaro being the worst fighter in the MK series. I mean, come on Midway, 2 fucking legs? His centarism is what made him cool.
Don't talk shit about motro rain liu kang
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