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50 Cent (Before I Self Destruct) Movie

by SalazarsBoxing • 10,214,825 views

50 Cent Movie i had in my library,from the LP Before I Self Destruct.

Trifling Bitches! but in reality it would take more than 2 bullets in the shoulder and leg to kill 50. he's like 300 pounds of muscle.  
It took 9 Bullets to end pacs life
He's 183 pounds he's pretty small for his age. I'm 13 and weigh 81 kilograms which is about 179 pounds and no i'm not obese.
lloyd banks as a teacher..:D
10:56 Damn Shocka must be hella lucky to get Lloyd Banks as a teacher lmao
Omg that girl is a horrible actress but she's beautiful
So did he die at the end.....I didn't like the end that hoe should have
Yo Bitch ass Hotshotkenny, I wasn't talkin bout 50 cent, I was talkin bout his GF in the movie she da hoe, get it right
Yeah Nan Mar, he died.  One bullet struck an artery in the thigh and Shaka had told him he couldn't "do this forever".  Then his hoe GF was back at his place taking his things when Shaka asked her "what did you do to my brother?".  He definitely died.
There should be a sequel when his brother grows up and finds the girls man who killed his brother
Most of these comments are from stupid ass ppl! White ppl kill white ppl (Italian mafia), brown ppl kill brown ppl (Mexican cartels). So black ppl killing black ppl is suppose to be some outrageous shit? Y'all need to get a life or eat a bullet!
This was a good movie I hope he makes a part 2 with Shocka avenging Clarance
+MC Xenon I think a much better movie is: to have Shaka struggle to put himself through college even with scholarships by showing a kid from the hood experiencing culture shock at the university, but realizing that many of the alums have the same mentality he saw in the streets. Shaka builds a successful Wall Street investment firm and battles the status quo competition from the good ole boy network that underestimates him. Shaka's memories from turf wars help him succeed b/c his mind is his weapon. Now that he is successful, people in the hood accuse him of forgetting where he came from b/c he won't give them a free ride. Then have his brother's murderer try extortion by threatening to expose a secret Clarence took to his grave. How does Shaka eliminate this threat to his successful business and reputation? There can even be the discovery of one of his competitors has record profits b/c of money laundering drug money by hiding it in investments. Of course, add his choice between a gold digger and a driven, ambitious schoolmate.
A movie about black folks murdering each other. Shocking! Instead of killing each other we could be help and profiting from each other. See the link below.
+MumaGuru 78 Understood. Best of luck at whatever endeavors you choose.
Remember this movie 50 need to come out with another one and bring his games back out
the ending was funny as hell! he got shot in the leg and blood was everywhere me and my homie where laughing there asses off, shit IF ANY LIGHTSKIN ASS NIGGA come run up on meh i'mma kill em and crucifix him
J.S.P cant knock you out?... Along with other "light skinned people". FYI il educate you a bit lol strength is not determined by skin color.
Excuse the high school drop out, if anything black niggers have weaker bones since they take too much time to absorb vitamin D from the sun which is essential for strong stiff bones and teeth
wtf this shit went over my head this been out since 11
LOL Llyod Banks as the teacher was the icing on the cake in this movie.
loyd banks as a teacher looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
what is the name of this movie? and 50 cent is same with rapper 50 cent?
Every time I watch this movie I get mad that bitch a snake how she blew they cash trying to be fly linked up with 50 den made it seem like she gave it to him.. Then robbed his ass after killing him all because he got in her shit for dressing up an honor roll student as a thug Smdh
Titties on Youtube! Awesome! LMFAO....I just came here to see if they actually showed it.
Song name for taxi cab 50 cent cold blooded
this some real shit right here man.. emotional.. one of 50s best works without a doubt WEST SIDE REPRESENT
terrible acting loool but i enjoyed this shit
whats the name of the song when to two chicks are kissing at 1:04:14 ?
This guy's a gangster? His real name's Clarence!
Tiffany Cowan Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
50 Cent (Before I Self Destruct) Movie:
Clarence should have killed that fuckin nigga at the end
This is a good ass movie idk y u guys are hating about this movie u guys are fuckin spoiled and this was about him living the ghetto and its hard to live in the ghetto because im living in the ghetto so I would know how it feels
+Jose Gonzalez It's good, but we don't need to hear both your life stories
This is the 50 I miss the 50 nowdays is a fucking swagbitch
terrible acting loool but i enjoyed this shit
+Hussein Ahmed what 50 is a good actor check out his other movies
Pretty boring movie to be honest ! And that part where she getting her ride on in the car and says "two minutes! two minutes!, thats all I can say", when really it was less than 25 seconds ?!! LMFAO !
Whats the name of the Song at 4:13? 50 Cent sits in a Taxi or something like that. Its a nice Song but I dont know the name -.-
I really hate that bitch.
@41:50 out of every fucking wall, you choose that one? Lmao
Lmao I thought Rafael at the end was played by J Cole
This is what happens when everyone are allowed to own guns in 'Murica.
You think these gangstas get their guns legally?
"When everyone are allowed to own guns" Learn how to put a sentence together before you talk shit. 
I expected better from 50 Cent. This movie was slow, long and boring as hell. The script was bad, narration was bad and the acting was worse.  I like 50 Cent but this was an extremely disappointing movie.  Total thumbs down.
In the movie it makes you look realy stupid , i would never do a movie like that cuz i have my respect, my reasons, my honor, and NO ONE WILL MAKE A FOOL OUT OF ME, especially on tv. Peace fity , if you want you can come to BROOKLYN WITH 100 BLOODS with GUNS and 100 CRIPS/GUNS Like the game said, Still waiting PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT : idk if you even heard that song, Arn't you a WANGSTA?!!??!!?     Just saying shit(Rappin')? Go to a fuckin' CANDY SHOP BITCH MEET A SLUT, THINK WITH YOUR DICK, BUY CANDY FOR YOU AND HER AND GET LOCKED UP.THINK BEFORE YOU ACT cOME BACK TO BRKL IM SURE YOU REMEMBER HAHAHAHA
is 50 cents now dead for ever ???????????
I really hope you are playing around.
To all the people complaining about the 'black stereotypes' etc... This was a FEATURE FILM made to the fit the concept of the 'Before I Self Destruct' Album... Just like how the 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'' movie was with that Album...
@Jadan Randolph Get rich or Die tryin' was real. This is fiction.
and once again the moral of an 50 cent production is not to trust a bitch !
no the moral is : Bros before hoes. None of his homies backstabed him.
I LIKE THIS MOVIE but not princess the  gold-digger
Anyone kno the song that starts at 4:00 ?
NOOOOOOO! Ughhhh. I would spoil the movie, but I don't want someone scrolling through the comments and see it. But WHYYYYYYYY??? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
What's that song when he was in the cab ?
Stupid ideology! Specially if black people believe this crap. 50 cents is not more than a entertainer he is not living this movie but he has money and he is making it because he is working hard and legal for the people.
Fuck Ypu Bitch Its Just A Movie
You bitches don't know shit. This used to be 50's life fuck up bitches
If i would of survived i would of killed that bitch . Thats why you cant trust nobody
Just because a girl looks hot, it doesn't mean shes loyal.
I can't he died bruh, cmon. He got 9 bullets on his face but he doesn't take only 2 shot?????? SMH
why have  you removed the shared possibility please? I think, it's better to remove the hole videos from the platform! Then you could enjoy for yourself alone at home! I hope, that you'll build your OWN Platform!
my favorite scene was 41:11 ....yeah baby.... 1:08:47 
Dayym my niqqa best fucking movie ever!!!!!!!!!! It's fucking 4:25 right now at night and I love this movie
This was so f---king gay. Harsh B movie.. I know this was supposed to be set in the hood and shit but didnt think the movie itself was going to be hood. I was expecting something like 8-mile but even white boy marshal mathers out did 50.. Thanks 'Curtis Jackson,' I needed a good laugh.....
+chloe boros Then you would be a fool because for small budget independent films 50 cent is turning a good profit. You can your own research on the numbers but with an attitude like that you will obviously never have millions.
Lol what do you expect from small budget film? I actually thought it was a great idea to shoot movie for an album because it's something we don't see that often. Plus, do you know how much money was put into 8 miles? The purpose of this movie was to include it in his Before I Self Destruct album for fans, not to premier it on theater or film festivals.
4:00 What is name this song ?
What de fuck i like fifty cent
whats the name of the song in the taxi
it says this lola monroe whore is 5ft 5, such a fail ahaha, shes barely 5ft hahaha. lol seriously
Sooo sad at end but it was the best movie ever loved it 😢😄😜
I love this movie. needs a part two!!!
She Finns get this dick
50 has to make a sequel!!
I hate that girl In it
the end is not nice
Ray Marcano Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
hassan Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
some classic movie (;
How is called the song that begins at 1:04:11?
Please the what is the song at 40:10
Money Jordan Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
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What does 50 cent say after she said why dont u have a girlfriend ? 51:37
Hypnotizing bitches from across the room! Nigga you aint got shit! 
Google told me em was in this shit too, wtf man
HE was supposed to be in it but something happen i can't recall what happen  so he couldn't fished his part.
Is this movie the true life story of 50 cent. Or is some things made up?
get rich or die tryin is the real story when he got 9 shots
50 cent; what a stupid knee-gurr.
never trust a bitch... 
kaos773 Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
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