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Sandusky Serenaded by Inmates!

by SourceFed • 260,724 views

Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of 45 out of 48 charges against him, and upon entering jail for the first time, he was greeted with his fellow inmates singing, "Hey, teacher, leave those kids...

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: lolicons (which literally means pedosexual in Japanese, contrary to what most Americans think, who for some reason think it means “cartoon porn”) are looked at the same as homosexuals and any other form of minority sexuals, which is a bit more negatively than straight sexuals, but not too much more.
The second, and more simple argument is, what would definitely be “Child Porn” in many Western countries (unlike the gray area occupied by music videos like AKB48’s), such as videos of children 12 and under posing for the camera in their underwear, or sometimes naked, are sold in some of the largest electronic stores in Japan, such as Sofmap, and its famous “sixth floor”.
I think Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 should be played for every child molester's first day in prison
yes, its likely that thousands of people thought of that independently
Idd. Sandusky was simply the wrong kind of monster.
I attended where he tought ;_; well he didn't teach, he was a high school football coach, but you know what I mean
why'd you use the Division art work, not the Wall art work?
if he really did all those horrible things he deserved whats coming to him, but for some reason i have a strange feeling he's innocent
school just ended, watched sourcefed until midnight!
And a partridge in a pear tree
It's a fine line. I do not support the death penalty because I don't believe that we have the right to take that final judgement into our hands like that. You're right that prison is brutal most of the time. That is why I believe that prisons need to undergo some reform. Sandusky obviously isn't going to have it easy in prison, but at least there he won't be able to hurt any more innocent children.
as a Pink Floyd fan, I'm kind of offended that you showed a photo of the Division Bell instead of The Wall :P
yeah I hope that he gets killed in prison just like they did to dhamer
I think it's important people know how other people enabled Sandusky to commit these haneous acts by turning their heads.
personally i think "beating him" is a much more fighting punishment
I came here to watch the fucking footage of this alleged serenade but instead I get a pair of douchebags who talk bullshit and waste my fucking time. Losers.
Sandusky is going to get Sanduskyed
If you’re a Pedosexual, just move to Japan. Child Porn (the possession of) is 100% LEGAL in Japan (the only other country where it is 100% legal is russia). If you don’t believe me, because your mind has been told to think that anything related to Pedosexuality is always persecuted, then I invite you to look it up in a reliable source for yourself. Child Porn (the production of) can be argued as being DE FACTO legal too, and there are two primary arguments that can be used.
Sandusky isnt in prison for being a monster, he's in prison for being the wrong kind of monster. Police have ruined a million times more children's lives than Sandusky. At least Sandusky's victims can still live in the free world & try to forget about his abuse. Police's victims are either in prison or on the sex offender registry for having sex underage.
Don't ever call Sandusky Satan. I find it really offensive... to Satan
Hope he likes his salad, tossed.
Just to be clear: being "beaten up" in prison in not cool. being "beaten up" is always bad, even the person deserves to be "beaten up" several times a day for a long time.
The first is, in Japan there’s a big, profitable industry called the “Junior Idol” industry, where girls, usually ages 9-17, are both marketed towards the school girl and adult markets. These girls often participate in activities that, in many Western countries, would be considered “sexualizing”, and maybe even illegal.
That wouldn't make any difference. Do you really think legalizing cartoon child porn will satisfy a pedophile's appetite for children? Not bloody likely.
Valid point. Maybe this is why I don't rape boys, or do anything that can put me in prison. Prisons are already over-populated knowing that there are people willing to rape others in jail keep others out. Or wait; lemme defend people like Sandusky. Poor guy didn't mean to rape children.. Judgement was way to harsh. give him 1-2 months probation.
1-2 months of probation for 45 convictions of sexual abuse on children? There really is something seriously wrong with that. And "Poor guy didn't mean to rape chilren". Yes he did.
Sandusky is going to get it... in the butt.
Im glad its over. Tired of hearing about the fucker. He got what he deserved. I just hope they dont give him a small amount, like 20 years and then he gets out on "Good behavior" really code for "the prison is to crowded get the fuck out". This guy doesnt deserve to be out of prison ever again. Murder is one thing, but what he did was worse those poor kids probably wish they were dead, and they are ruined for life, and thats not right.
lets find a way to extend his life
why the frig sake do you both speak so fast
What's the difference between Jerry Sandusky and acne? Acne waits till your 12 before it comes all over your face.
part of his sentence should be...everyday he should get done to him the horrible things he did to those kids.
I completely agree with Elliot while yes I am glad that this monster Sandusky is finally in prison and will be repeatedly pounded for his crimes. I would much rather this whole situation just to have never happened.
But that's the thing. Killing him would be so easy. It would be painless for him. It's better if he suffers in jail. That's what he gets for psychologically destroying the lives of so many children.
Is it just me or does Joe look hairier in this video?
But even though beating up people hurts the person getting beaten up, it also allows the inmates beating up the person to enjoy themselves by committing the crime that put them in prison in the first place. So hopefully falls off his bunk on accident or something, instead of getting beaten up.
oh .... those prisoners and their sense of humor :)
You could have used the right goddamn cover for the Pink Floyd album...
Bro, that Sandusky thing is totally Mysterious Skin.
What is "not too long ago"? I've lived in the south my entire life. And not almost south like virginia or florida...but the deep south. And rape has pretty much always been a big deal. If you mean back in the 40s or 50s...okay it was like that everywhere. But for the past 30 years that I know of, rape has been illegal no matter what the races involved. Closed-minded people defaming the south without doing their homework annoy me.
First of all, I am actually more conservative than liberal. And how do you know if I would be against the death penalty if I lost someone to murder? Of course, I couldn't be certain, but I am pretty sure I would remain firm in my beliefs. And why does it even matter if I disagree with you anyway?
take his face off your front fucking video thing im serious hes disgusting and im sick of seeing it as I scroll through source fed ...cmon guys please! YUCK
Problem is, the prison system actually protects sick freaks like this. Although, where there's a will there's a way...Child molesters are the most Hated amongst the prison Population...
hopefully sandusky will drown in santorum
Wouldn't it be awesome if one of those private space stations put prisoners in space, we spend money on over crowding now, why not ship em out of the land, maybe under water :)
Watch this video with the Closed Captions ON for a really good lol :D
Looks like there are more people guilty. They are as guilty as the convicted pedophile. They need to spend time in the jailhouse shower, just to see what they had the power to stop. Scumbags every last one of them. They can board Penn State up for all I care.
It's sad that it took so long to put him in jail.
Yes. Yes it would be. But doesn't DESERVE what is humane.
What Sandusky did was horrible, especially since it affected so many innocent children. I am glad that the courts found him guilty and put him in jail, but I would never say I hope he dies. No matter how despicable someone is, it is always wrong to wish death on someone. We claim to be so civilized and advanced, yet turn around and say things like that.
he'll die in five years no need to give him life sentences
Poor guy :s have to sit in a cell for the rest of his life and miss the world go by.. it's punishment but seems sad :'(
Don't drop the soap you sick, sick, little fuck!
You sir are a wonderful human being. Nice gestures fuel my hope in humanity, especially after hearing this story. :)
I feel like i shouldn't have laughed at this, but seriously, too funny, just too funny.
everytime I hear: "while you're down there" ...... well, you know what I mean
I think people like this should be given the t-virus, turned into a zombie, then destroyed
Can't wait for him to get out in 442 year
How does spam make it into the top comment?
Sandusky has requested that he be placed amongst the regular population. Somehow I don't think he expects to get "beaten up".... LOL But I feel he deserves to be placed wherever he chooses... a few beatings may cause him to choose wherever the hell they had him before he requested general population! At least he deserves a trial run.... I'm so glad that he is off the streets, can hurt no more children, and the high profile will perhaps wake up others to the ways of the real world!
We throw people in jail for drug possession and we don't sentence this guy to death? I'm not sure our tax dollars are being used appropriately :(
Which is why it is so fitting for people who do horrible things like will make him suffer for years and years and will be like a prologue to the burning hell fire that awaits him in the afterlife....hopefully..
You wouldn't be against the death penalty if you lost someone to murder. I have heard of liberals going all Charles Bronson when they lose someone to violent crimes.
Unless he "catches PC", it most likely will be.
🍢⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅insert into Sandusky
I say it's time to bring back the death sentence.
I believe sandusky will be the one doing the raping unfortunately. He's already used to preying on the weak.
you guys should have said, "@ss r4p3d." Then voice over it with "beaten up." Also i don't care if they give him a shorter sentence hes going to die from getting "beaten up," or old age way before he would be released regardless. 400years, 30 years same thing he dies either way.
I take it by "beat up" they mean sandusky better not drop the soap?
@FinalEx3cution I hope you are "joking". There is no reason to kill your self. There will always be bad people in the world. You get to be one of the good ones
How do you mix up Division Bell with the Wall? Srsly Sourcefed.
and by "beat up" they mean "brutally ass-raped"...
Welp, if your serious DON'T DO IT. All people have human value and if you strive to be a good person you can live with the fact that you are a good human being and not part of the stupid evil bullcrap happening 24/7. Please respond cause if you seriously wanna kill yourself please talk to me. If not, Im sorry for being stupid.
I have idea, since you're all so busy imagining Sandusky getting raped. Why don't we make sure this doesn't happen in the future? Ask yourselves, what is being changed? I'd say our awareness, but it doesn't really bother us enough to do something about it. Human beings are sad like that.
"Beaten up". I immediately thought "get his pedophile ass killed", instead of "raped". Because thats what happens to sick fucks who mess around with kids. He probably wont even get tagged with a slash to the face to let people know who he is...whoever would get that close will just end him there.
Not too long ago, in the south, you could rape the shit out of niggers and not get in trouble for it.
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