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Sexual Song Titles

by pyrobooby • 520,636 views

Short, EVERYDAY Mini-Vlogs: Use the #ReplaceSongTitlesWithChao on Twitter! Let's have some fun. Tweet this video! Facebook this video!...

Coz of this video now everytime I hear the chorus........."I WANT TO YOU GIVE YOU ORGASSSM!!!" lol!!! 
LOLZ Now whenever I hear those songs I laugh way to much
This guy has so much sweg. And i dont even say that word like ever.
like if your watching this in 2014
How did I stumble upon this
like if you are watching this in 2013
Yo I like him his funny
If You Seek Chao- Brittney Spears
the first one is actually talking about umpiring
Wake Chao up when September Ends ;D
Can't Chao Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
I'm sexy and i'm chao. there's one
Bohemiam Rahpsody Bohemiam Chao
nobody does it like chao- Shawn Desman
Hear Me Now -Hollywood Undead your version I am Chao.
I love your videos Peter chao!!
Lol you should do I like it by Enrique xD
new music title im gana Chao all day
thrift shop -macklemore chao shop
Who knew singing is so fucking easy
hahaha i might buy a shirt or a free one
3:34 your good at that aren't you Peter I'll give you 2 eggrolls for 4mins ;3
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowhistleh shah whitewash shays ha muda butch chick hit zilch show whelp chock phnom bench hack muda
the only asian with a large dick
Gong in for the Chao - La Roux xxx
I think the song is about Kissing ...?
2:32 R2-D2 Ftw :D oh and Peter Chao for the win too. XD
laughed so hard i banged my head on my wall T-T
@ 1:20 I though I was the only one to notice.... U made my night LMFAO xDDDD
Fantastic Chao (Bigbang Fantastic Baby)
he is the son of Ang Lee and is in the Hangover 3.... So now you know..
I think you should make a complete video on Whistle it's so awesome
You don't know chao's beautiful... Lol
i cant stop laughing at him when hes singing
How Do I Catch Chao? -Tech n9ne
Who gives a shit? He's funnier than you'll ever be :)
can you blow my wistleooo babee!!
I like your versions of the songs more.
R2D2 looks like he wants some Chao D
Been following you for years, and recommend your videos to everyone! You just get funnier and funnier! <3 Thanks for the laughs
chao is like a cute azn guy in world .. chaoo swagg
Your versions of those songs are better lol
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