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FAB Design McLaren SLR Roadster Starts & Rev!

by NM2255 Car HD Videos • 73,660 views

I have filmed the #13 of 15 FAB Design Roadster Desire, an ultra rare supercar based on the Mercedes McLaren SLR and finished in a beautiful matte grey paintjob. Its 5.4 liter V8 compressor engine...

Sounds like a truck.  Should be called when Ginos ruin anything they touch.  Money does not guarantee good taste...
"Money does not guarantee good taste" - did you mean other people money and YOUR taste? phh
So I'm the only person who was impressed?? damn,..
Perfect example of stupidity. Take a perfectly good car, add a ridiculous bumper so you can never go over a speed bump or park in an underground parking lot.
what a f.. shitt! a perfect example how "tuners" :) can transform nice a stylish car into ugly monster like this shitt...
FAB = Ferociously Atrocious to Behold
Ugly rims :s Plus they spelled "Design" wrong lol
I see misaligned body panels, come on fab design! Nice exhaust work
Tamarra, quindi bellissima! haha :D
That front bumper is the worst part!
Can someone please tell me why this was not the bat-mobile?
FAB design specialises in ruining beautiful car designs. Making them look like vacuum cleaners with led lights taken from a christmas tree. Childish Hot Wheels-look like for arab clients.
so monsters actually live under hoods, and not under my bed
Your either gonna love this or hate what they've done to an already great car.I like both
This is ugly. The original is better itself
If it was not for you I believe I would not be so involved in cars or Lamborghini.
i was really hoping it would be redline reving. not just that :/ still, great car tho
amazing car.... but i cant see the merc logo gone !! i have the same issue with brabus beasts..
yea the lip and the bumper dont know handle a garage queen
That car is soooooooo awesome! You are the best car spotter on Youtube by far. ;)
It should say Design but I'm guessing the N fell off!
Love the sound, hate the looks... The standard SLR is to me one of the best looking cars !
this car must be in next batman like a batmobile
so sad....they hit the bumper front....
Wow, so rare! I would rather just have a 722S myself. Very nice find!
Fuck my eyes are bleeding....WHY people like to ruin perfect designed cars and turn em into a car that would only buy a dickkless idiot who need a "more power" to prove him selve. Stock SLR is the most sexiest car ever built but this is just a piece of shit.FAG Design..
And the sound........ahhhh its like 40y old diesel tractor...
Is that a scratch on the front bumper?
FAB is swedish I think. Probably Design in swedish...
Some body may have asked this before but how do you see these types of car or you liked signed up there to make vids about it please answer my Question Thanks!
I see this car in Meilen (Zürich, Switzerland)!!!!
no, at 1:12 it says design again in the doors...must be a costly mistake :P
probably because its running something close to a straight pipe and it has 5.4 L supercharged V8. The engine size is about the same as most trucks...
overstyled. overdone. overcooked. but to each his own.
Soooo much better looking than the SLS
Sweet mother of german cars
another ruined exotic car.... but not bad as Mansory at least.
2:45 That hurts. That car should named "CHUCK NORRIS", but, "there can be only one"!!!
Oh my god, most epic car of the day :O Awesome detail shots, Nick - lovely sound, FAVE. BTW : Why does is just say DESIG on the outside ?
What an amazing car, love the details!
all SRL have paddle shifter :(
the front sign looks like clown nose
how you show you are unbelievable rich? You demonstrate, that you can afford to completely ruin nice design of your exotic by FAB.
1/2 million $, Dirt in the door jam. 1:03
amazing. what a sound. what happened to it at 4:14? big scratches.
If Batman calls a taxi, it has to be this one.
brilliant capture NM! LOVE the sound!
sorry but Fab Design makes cars just looking kind of vulgar...
This is just disgusting ._. At least it sounds nice.
Need for speed FAB design much. Blergh i don't like it FAB ruins awesome looking cars.
Pure stealthiness, very cool car. I like the carbon wheels, and the cute girl standing in the background! ;) - DT
i love big BODY fab cars sexy lol
The owner of that beast is one lucky bastard
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