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SourceFed Discovers Meaning of Life!

by SourceFed • 218,060 views

A comprehensive study has revealed that crime is lower in countries where a belief in hell is more prevalent than a belief in Heaven. It's now only logical for Sourcefed to uncover the meaning of...

Yeah but if you treat other people how u want to be treated and they turn out to be complete asses then they should be treated like assholes
The meaning of life is to live :)
This is one of your best videos ever!!!!!!!!!!
Atoms that have bonded together to create awareness
One word, progress. More specifically, one's own perception of progress, ie. happiness, job stability/advancement, procreation, understanding...
The two question authorities. All the wisdom in the world is contain in those two magic thingies.
Happiness, or the pursue of it. Whether happiness is, to a sad kid, sitting alone writing poetry to feel he has meaning, or to a young girl, running through a flowery meadow singing the Sound of Music, without a care. Everything we do is ultimately for our own happiness, wherever that may be derived from.
i think the problem with your statement is you dont define what religion is liegaly evilution is consiterd a religen. also the idea of going to hell creating a fear of braking the law makes sence the problem is wheather the law and what is right are the same thing. and there is nothing illogical about religen
trying to find some kind of label such as "the meaning of life" seems silly to me. i really doubt we ever developed with some kind of alternative motive other then just living and reproducting. i think its just that some people cant see such a beautiful and complicated thing such as life exist without having a overall purpose. as if they cant imagine living without one. honestly in my opinion, the only logical question i think anyone should be asking is "what meaning can i find for my life?".
haha Christianity was invented by the original disciples bro... in Israel
I doubt there is a God or Heaven and Hell, what keeps me from committing crime is that I don't want to be diddled in my bung hole. Or having penises in my face. Or being someone's bitch. Basically I don't want to go to jail or prison. Not a fun time, so I've heard.
42. The biggest failure of this report is that it says nothing for when both the myths of heaven and hell are both promoted equally, as you know, as illogical as religions are, you still can't have one without the other. Either way, inculcating a belief of hell into an impressionable young children's mind is an incredibly hateful thing to do. Many people grapple with this notion for many years (if not their entire life.) before finally breaking free from this form of thought crime.
According to the 2nd law and the definition of entropy, as well as every scientific experiment that has ever been done, it applies to EVERYTHING. It does not have regard for whether a system is isolated, except in the fact that the system will reach equilibrium at some point. Since we still show decay at every single level, our system is clearly NOT in equilibrium.
There isn't a meaning to life, we're just animals whose only instinctive goal is to carry on the species for as long as we can.
it's not the individual videos that are 20 minutes or less but all 5 stories each day have to be under 20 minutes cumulatively.
I think the meaning of life is to be happy and help others be happy :)
42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, not the meaning of life. You're lucky I didn't dislike the video.
I couldn't pay attention after I saw Elliott's cowlick. o_O
The meaning of life is to live your life for others don't be selfish be selfless make the meaning of life making life meaningful for others
You can't just believe in god through hearing the words in church or even going to church. You have to really be touched by god; reach out to him and he'll reach back, maybe not in the way you would think, but it will happen if you really do want his help. The difference between believers and non believers is that believers took a chance while the skeptics were too stuck up to really care
I'm an Atheist. I've never done drugs, I don't smoke, I've never consumed more than 6 ounces of alcohol within a few hours, I have no criminal record, I've always had A's/B's and still get them in college, I've never cheated on my lover, it's rare when I lie, I keep myself and my surroundings clean, I don't get involved in drama unless it was thrown onto me and I'm pushing it off, and I treat people with neutral kindness until they give me a reason not to. I'm sure I'm not the only one, too.
god kills people/ lets people get killed. yeah hes super nice i mean what would have happened if I don't good ole' Columbus died of cholera before news of the findings could spread. Then America would not have happened, because the pilgrims would not have had a place to go. So whether you believe in god or not, personally i choose not to, you still can't deny (well logically) that god kills people.
Must reread The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe...42... its the answer... but what's the question?
The meaning of life? ....BURGERBURGER
Golden rule: It's okay in a threeway?
The meaning of life could be to keep life itself alive, theoretically saying that life is noly here to be kept going.
So, because you don't believe a story that you heard that predates the earth as we know it today and the condition of man as we know it today, you are going to discount hard evidence that science has proven that can be seen right before your eyes??? THAT make logical sense. Listen to what you're saying.
it's basically reciprocal altruism... is it.
I believe that we live to explore. The world the spirit, the emotions the reactions, the choices the understanding. The want to explore is an ever fulfilling goal. We are always expiring, our meaning of life is always being completed and never completable... :)
getting paid and getting laid
fun idea with the speed talking, great job doing it. but this is 20 MINUTES OR LESS... i want 19 minute videos
the meaning of life?......DEEEEZ NUUUUTS
The meaning of life is happiness, duh. If you get happiness from discovering the origin of the universe, then go for it. If you enjoy watching Youtube videos all day, then go for it. I tend to discount serial killers in this theory because I'm not sure if they can even achieve happiness, or if killing people makes them happy. So, yeah, be happy.
The meaning of life can be found in a dictionary. The purpose of life is to perpetuate itself. The reason it has such a purpose is because those that didn't quickly get wiped out. Such is the simplistic beauty of our present situation.
no shit? as if this even needed to be confirmed.
I admire you'r guys's brilliance
can't wait for the bloopers on this one! I have a feeling there'll be a plenty :P
There is no meaning. And if we're inherently selfish, treating others the way you'd want to be treated doesn't make much sense. Even though it is the best way to make very good friends. Yay.
'Meaning' of anything is derived... from... In other words, the individual creates meaning to justify goals or continuity. Meaning, or thought, doesn't exist without the thinker.
Also, my religion makes it obligatory for me to follow the law of the land. I live in a democratic country which has clearly drawn the line between Church and state. In that case, not only does it become illegal but also sinful for me to try to infringe on the rights of other minorities in the country as a democracy gives a voice and rights to everyone.
Nvm now I know what 42 is n the question I now know has to do with wy or bd but I think it's wy
(continued)...all around you. Take your pick. Literally ANYTHING you choose points to the existence of God, or if you don't want to call Him that, an outside force that put us and everything else here. Look at ANY experiment, even of non human things...even of non living things. It all is a slave to entropy and it all is in a state of decay. Even when we act on things with a force of our own, it only slows that entropy because without that continued force it will return to it's decay...
The meaning of life is........8=======D Happy Guy with long runny nose
The meaning of life?.................42
Life is a Function, not a State. Something or someone (if sentient) either fulfills this function, or they don't in which case they are either Lifeless or Dead (in the case where they had previously fulfilled this function at some point in time) Bottom-line is, Life has no meaning. Life CREATES meaning. Just wanted to share that with the world.
I wouldnt say that, Only because there are SOME that have believed in God but lost faith (in believing in Him, not, BELIEF in him) due to a certain situation or loss. but at the same time, you could they still believe but just dont care for Him or have faith in Him. Just saying
According to Cleverbot, the answer is Me, and the number 42 because and I quote: "Because it is the answer to life, the universe and everything" I think the Meaning of Life is to give Life Meaning, like how others have said.
so the meaning of life is candy.
What if there is no set meaning of life. I believe the meaning of life is different for each person because each person has a different life.
the point to that comment was, I don't live a life of fear. I live in a life of yearning for comfort. it's comfortable to not rely on drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol; it's comfortable to not have a criminal record looming over your attempt at earning money; it's comfortable to not stress over the fact that you're failing; it's comfortable to love the person you love and not lie to them/hide something constantly; it's comfortable to tell the truth, to be clean, drama-free, and kind.
Elliott wrote that script didn't he? It was too intellectual for Joe. Sorry Joe.
The meaning of life is to reproduce. To make sure our species doesn't die out.
42 is the answer to the ultimate question not necessarily the meaning of life.
WOW! I'll need to rewatch this after having sniffed a line of cocaine...
i love the fact the 42 that was liked also has exactly 42 likes xD
whatever you need it to be I suppose
The meaning of life, do not be alone often, treat others like you want to be treated, live in the moment
I'm 87.663% sure that this is the best video on YouTube.
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