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Graphic Design Career Tips : How Much Money Do Graphic Designers Make?

by eHow • 111,387 views

Graphic designers make different amounts of money depending on what company they work for, how successful they are and who their clients are. Calculate a graphic designer's salary, which can range...

Great career tips - Great presentation from somebody with experience and it is interesting to hear their prospective and opinion.
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@DeoxysDNA Why so? Tom Cruise makes over $100,000,000 for screaming in front of a camera every other day.
@shechshire yes they pay a great deal more than the rinky dink place on the street corner of a small town. But they also will rarely hire recent graduates. They would much rather hire someone with a *professional* body of work in their portfolio and not student work. everyone who is working at their degree thinks they are going to walk outside and be asked to work for some huge company. Thats whats not true. You still need to work to get the great job. Not get the job so you can work.
This video added no value to my concept of graphic design.
If your a student DO NOT Listen to this person, they are a show boat with NO idea!
Shit I went to school for graphic design and still make 300 a week wtf I rather do porno and make that much a day
when i grow up i want to be a graphic designer :D
lol, the Windows Cloud ads was better than this video I want the ad back !
I "love" those $50 logo designers who call themselves "professional" makes me laugh and I laugh at those companies that buy from them and display that crap on their signs/stationary. I never deal with a company that has an ugly logo and an ugly website
@BugsB33zy there are many different kinds of fields within the graphic design industry. Lots of companies have an in-house designer(s), the tv/media industry employs plenty of designers. A lot of design jobs are concentrated within large cities. A top notch art college degree is definitely a good thing, especially considering some schools have industry leaders as professors, somewhere in the middle is fine. Check out the school, talk to the profs and their industry experience/teaching methods
So basically the video has nothing to do with how much graphic designers make...
@TokyoZeplin Im nasty doing work. I love it. where you work at? I got a+ for everything and my artwork is strong.
How are people saying that graphic designing is dead? I think it threw the roof. I mean come on the ones that say that never made it very far. And I agree with you it does take dedication.
@Earthvibration360 while it wasn't a best choice to have that on the screen - we're not always masters of our message - sometimes *cries* you have to do... *sobs* what the client wants... FML. Or sometimes you're actually good and don't have to as much :P :D
@albertobebes You may be "nasty doing work", but you just said you havent worked for 6 months though.
This is all you need to know it all depends on what you are free lancing. If you are free lancing animation, video games, novels or comics than you gonna get paid good. But it all comes down to how good your ability is if your extreamly good at art you can expect to make a good living and get called back for more work.
@MoThEr04LiFe Your course should teach u a bit about business?? If you're working in a company u dnt need to know much about business. If you're a freelancer, you DEFINITELY do
@kmarois how so? Bigger firms with high end clients usually pay more than small firms that just make business cards for little local companies that don't pay as much. How is that not true? Its common sense. I mean I'm pretty sure the firm that created the logo for eHOW didn't pay some little rinky dink firm in the middle of no-were vill.
The minimum I'd work for is $100,000 a year.
What kind of monitor is that in the back
i cnt wait start my career i am in schooi rite now being graphic design i love art
@ThingsStraightenOut but honestly you can also work at a grocerystore only for the money. Things including art, you have to love or else your art won't be good? :) just my opinion, no offenses meant.
hey thanks soo much i now think that graphic design is not for me
What exactly is graphic design? what do graphic designers do? Reply in plain english pls lol
i feel bad for everyone here who is saying graphic design is dead. I dare you to say that to Stefan Sagmeister, or Massimo Vignelli. If you can't find a job you're doing something wrong. You need to be great in all aspects. Being a graphic designer requires talent, its not just a course you can take in school and expect to come out amazing. Some schools just teach people tutorials...but maybe some people just dont have it. It takes dedication to study it and make design the air you breathe.
I would like to start A career in graphic design. I live in Canada and I was told that I wont be able to get enough work to make a living without leaving the country; is this true?
How much money do you earn per week?
@308beatZ Creating logos, posters, stationery, websites... designing any graphics, really.
I was a contractor Technical Illustrator at G.M and made $23.07 an hour and thats about max in that field, oh for 21 years also, started at $7.50 an hour in 1986..
I gave up freelance graphic design a long time ago...I got tired of competing with Indochinese firms that come in at bids below the rock bottom limit a potential client posts, and swipe the projects away...I do strictly fantasy art now, utilizing my graphics skills and older artistic talents together on the computer...
Because Sagmeister gets interviewed all the time. It would be a good idea to have different people with different opinions. So people like us can form our own conclusions. =)
Well yeah, i decided to "minor" in this, so im going to major in Engineering. Work and have fun doing something else along with it.
Exactly. Who you are and what you do is what makes a the difference. If you cannot find a solution then this is not your field.
@karutodeyara Well, it's all about classification of stuff. For graphic designers, it would be: Design -> Visual Communication -> Graphic Design -> Specialty (Web/Poster/Motion/etc). Interestingly enough, each of the classifications is also a possibility to specialize in. For instance, even though Visual Communication is a frame to cover later design areas, it is also a field that you could specialize in without actually going into any of the later specifics.
OKAy who gets paid more, Graphic design or wed Design
@DesignKiller76 Your stuff isn't that great either, not much creative work, full of itsy technical outdated stuff
@alvarez4500 Yup i started graphic design here on youtube about 14 months ago on different channels and here i am now :) i fell in love with it and its my passion i believe i have talent <3..
This is what most clients are willing to pay for, however...That, or the attitude is, "I'll get my neighbor's kid to do!"
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So How Mutch Money Do Graphic Designers Make? i didn't got my answer
Great advice and tremendous insight.
@albertobebes Hey man,I got the same problem here too.I've been jobless since 2007 and was graduated back in 2006,when you involved in this creative industry such as graphic design or whatever,it's really tough and hard to find job.This field is not dead but in the middle of extinction (4-5 years from now) ...even you got a great professional good-looking portfolio,but it's doesn't help you if you don't have any experience.Sometimes I feel regret and give up but life must go on :(
Just remember, if this was 2-3-4 years agom then things have changed
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@albertobebes You know if you legally own the copyright to that design piece you can go after them, right?... Anyways, graphic design will never be dead. You can buy scalpels at Wal-Mart, does that mean doctors are dead? No. Designing is the ability to form a concept, not a piece of work. Every medium to large company knows this. Develop a strong portfolio and apply at a large firm (one that does RFPs hopefully) and you will do fine. It was never about the tools.
there's an over saturation of HORRIBLE design.
@MoThEr04LiFe Your counselor is absolutely right. I've been designing over 16 years and it's my knowledge of marketing that has brought me success.
@albertobebes you can't be very good at your job then... I've already done a lot of work for different companies, and I'm not even finished with my bachelors yet.
"Good clients make great designers." Amen.
MrMegabored "i charged $50 for a logo, which was a remake.." Exactly, thru the internet, if you quote to high a price, they just disappear and you don't get any work
never try to go for graphic design. their is no job out there. trust me. almost 6 year with no job.
the graphic design behind you worries me though... when was this video taken?
Wow, this video was taken in avi. format and he didnt even deinterlace it.. Fail. Actually, everything in this video is a fail, this is a question that could have taken less then 30 seconds to answer, and could have had a better background, sorry but this isnt professional.
eHow fails on having this guy here calling himself a designer...
and the screen behind him is displaying his best graphic design work? huahuahuahuahu. The only think i agree is the fact that a concept is important. The rest is a senseless speech.
@DesignKiller76 He keeps repeating that´s the best possible solution XD! biggest load o crap i heard in years!
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Is that a good amout of money... for instance how nice of a house would you be able to buy and cars etc... also do you work at home or in an office for graphic design?
This can be a tough question to answer because so much is dependent on so many variables. Bottom line is that you can potentially make good money.
@MrGraffitiproduction The layout on your channel is subparly atrocious, you shouldn't be talking ;)
So this guy makes microsoft office templates?
i watched this video because im a sophomore in high school who wants to go into graphic design (with a focus on advertising) hoping i would learn the smallest bit of info about a designers life....but i fell asleep...
the a load of crap... graphics design is a boomin' business.... open your eyes
@AndyHarglesis He's a celebrity. But making less than $100,000 a year isn't bad. Even $70,000 ab year is very well to do.
@alvarez4500 Vignelli is an antiquated old fart who refuses to breathe new life into his work. His designs are repetitive and boring and he refuses to learn or accept any thing that isn't sticking to his precious swiss formula. He is the antithesis of everything design is.
@willszz Graphic Design isn't art. Art is objective - Graphic Design is subjective...
@alvarez4500 That is so true. This field requires real talent and dedication. :)
@gsh73la that has nothing to do with this video though. And you certainly shouldn't be talking about how channels are designed, you haven't even done anything at all to yours.
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@shechshire what you are saying sounds like every single pre-bachelor I have ever heard. What you are saying is very simply not true.
so just because a community college teaches the degree how do you as a graphic designer purify or make your designs stand out?
com' on it's a difference if u get to create a corporate design for a company or if u layout a flyer for the high-school-party
Many people overlook information graphics, its a growing niche and has a relevancy that is quite satisfying.
should i take it in highschool and stick to it for a while? not as a major though. seems fun/cool)
@ThingsStraightenOut Actually, you are gaining more than in Canada!! :D
Hi everyone! I'm a college student who has been very interested in Graphic Design. Do any of you think that with an AAS in Graphic Design will help me land a job somewhere? I've been paying for my education and it has been tough, but would like to know for the fact that my college offers this degree.
as long as you dedicate yourself to being the best at what you do, you'll be successful. it's with anything you do...but especially as an artist.
@DeoxysDNA No excuse. Why do celebrities in his field get paid more than 10,000 times the average person does? I mean I understand entertainment, but video games and graphics designers work for ENTERAINMENT purposes as well. And making less than $100,000 a year isn't that good. $70,000 a year will have you bankrupt like most and collection agencies up your anus.
@bboysloth I am assuming a monitor that rotates 90 degrees.
@kmarois yea I know that's how it is. i just said that they payless for a reason, but yea I knew that.
What you have taught me is that It isn't so much the work provided. It is the confidence portrayed in ones voice. Your bloodline has the voice, you have the words... Your speech sells itself. Not everybody has that nor, can they aquire it.
the real designers do it for the art, not for the money
Hmmm I seriously doubt that works as well as you teach? My partner has had a go at this over the last month and earnt nothing, Online Gold Dynamo generates me $3,000 a month. Google it.
really? that's ironic because my cousin get' payed well over a thousand or so a week and so we'll I once a get my degree. that is, unless you work for some rinky dink mom n pop firm that only has red neck clients.
Well, at least design your channel, so you look creative
The truth is there is a shortage of high-caliber designers who deserve larger sums of money, and an over-saturation of mediocre and sub-par designers who use ms word, paintshop, etc... but it isn't even the software you use... Good design starts on paper.
Hello Friend i want the grafic work i need your help please give me the guide line thank you
@ThingsStraightenOut Oh ok, i didn't knew that, sorry for that!! :/
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