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Minecraft Dad - [The Lost Episode]

by paulsoaresjr • 188,048 views

Follow my family on wild adventures, grand tours, and chaotic battles on our Minecraft multiplayer survival server. Think "Swiss Family Robinson" in Minecraft! This is actually an old recording...

May I have the world on Xbox 360 because I seen that my world creation is the same as yours so can you show me like where is caves and stuff like that gold diamomd if you don't mind
This is a three year old recording of Beta Minecraft on PC
remmi sounds so cute the perfect man has the perfect family
Paul do you believe in Herobrine
@noahb26 i got 1 real day, no idea about mc days, 14 lapis, 86 iron, 21 diamond, 0 obsidian, 34 redstone, 6 gold, and two full 64 stacks of coal.
I found a bigger cave,It stretched under water for about 1000 blocks per district,theres 3,one is completely occupied by us,one we are just started and one is crawling with monsters,it is enormous! Even twice as big as 404!
I love how he said he won't give out his ip address but yet people still ask him
Paul why did you make your name remmi before giving it to your daughter?
Nobody will ever top the cave I found. 2 real days. 20 minecraft days to find my way out .162 iron 15 diamond 30 lapis lazuli 120. Redstone. 200+ coal and a lot of cobblestone and about 30 gold and 3 obsidian
@kjk04440 LOL Remmi is a GIRL!! do you have some kind of gender-awareness impediment?
whats your skin i like it :D :D :D :D :D :D : D
@chickencowproject I couldn't even see the arrows, or Remmi going to pick them up, so she either missed, and that she hit, or the skelly dropped arrows after she hit it 4 times.
@noahb26 If you were in a cave you wouldnt know how many Minecraft days were passing.
I just watch 20 then this is this 21?
@noahb26 I can as well. 3 real days, 38 minecraft days to find my way out, 572 iron, 95 diamond, 45 lapis, 500+ redstone, 1000+ coal, and so much cobblestone that I had to throw it all into a literal lava fall, like it looked just like a real life water fall would but with minecraft lava, 75 gold and 67 obsidian that I got from the Lava fall. BITCH!
he actually put his name on it on a sign
I am stuck in a cave for over 5 real months. I don't give a crap about what I found. BUT I WANNA F*CKING GET OUT!!!!!!
thumbs up if u saw a skeleton when paul was talking about the caves hes finding
@noahb26 Ive had the same experience except I found a bit more diamond and I threw away the ones that were not as essential, like redstone lapis stacks of cobblestone and such
hi pj can I plz have the ip I am 9 years old now and I wanted multiplayer sins I was 7 years old. il give help with your iron shop and il be plzed if you let me in.
every time paul says lost i here it lolst
I love how she keeps calling them "treasure" chests, is super cute!!
@TimesScorpion7 pff i gat in 10 mincraft days i found 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of evrithing sorry for bad englisch
@noahb26 thats not possible the cave is a lie! or that the cake... hmmmm
i wish ma dad wudl get us minecraft and we cudl play together like u! :) but he says hes not into games and hes not getting me a game that costs £14.00. :(
join my minecraft server for free no hamachi no lag just message me for ip
i think mcm (minecraftmom) has really nice skin
hold the <- button till you get to 0:00 and press the down arrow and you play snake
Like this if you want me to let you on my server
I thought the title was "The Last Episode" D:
What I said sucks? Actually yeah it does. I didn't realize at the time that was a really unnecessary to say.
@noahb26 i had a epic cave took like 2 weeks to explore and i didnt even explore it all dunno how much crap i got i just gave up on the world cuz i hated the cave lol
You are the greatest dad ever. Why can't you be my dad?
Can you do a video of this now finished
@noahb26 Ok, it took me 1 real day and about 12 minecraft days to find my way out, but I went through 2 diamond picks, and found a mess of cobble (I threw some in lava) found 49 diamonds, 53 lapis, 3 stacks of redstone, no coal(I didnt need it), 61 gold, 30 obsidian, and 30 iron blocks. Yea, that many resources, Oh! and, i was down there so long, I made a base down there and made a farm. (Yea, I bring emergency farming stuff when I go spelunking)
Seriously stop fighting over who's cave is bigger it's stupid!!
@paulsoaresjr hey i was wondering, this isnt a a reply but a ??- what do you us to talk on screen, and another ?? is do you know or to anybody that sees this comment, want to play a server with a economy based with like what you have but more strict on paying for items and not getting them w/o being the vendor for it, and w/o mods! or cheating or stealing please
thank you for your tips on minecraft :)
@moon200070 i will if you want give you the ip of my server so that you can join
thumbs up if you think pauls should make a lets play for the full version of minecraft....some stuff is outdated (dont get me wrong pauls vid are epic)
I wish I could mine with my brother like that on our server we want to invite trustworthy people do if you want to come on our awesome server just ask my brother is at summer camp for a week so is my dad.
my parents would never play with me but who says id want them too :P
No Afece but this vid is kind of boring
thumbs up if you believe in Herobrine
I watch Mincraft Dad more than TV
@clamchowder138 if you haven't seen my replies by now, i now know she's a girl. Why make such a fuss?
@MrJoeandnick i was on a multiplayer server and i had 5 stacks of diamond then the admin changed the save and i strangled him
Cool cave I like the crazy water systems
ur kids are little punchwoods,
@Agt004 Hehe, I do that often, because you usually find more'n enough coal early on. Or you can make Charcoal in heaps and heaps. Once I've filled 2 Double-chests with coal/charcoal, I am more or less satisfied already :p
wut servers do u have that u will give us the ip address to
Was Remi wearing a cape? How do you get one of those?
while im here i just went back into my cave and in 13 real days. 218 minecraft days to find my way out. 541 iron 279 diamond 493 lazuil 684 redstone. 1000+ coal 6 full chests of cobblestone and about 173 gold and 189 obsidian
If you find lava you may find diamond near it
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