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Ice Age 4 Trailer 3

by Fresh Movie Trailers • 5,816,272 views

Ice Age 4 Trailer 3. Second official trailer (considering the first amazing teaser as a trailer ) of the anticipated new adventures of everyone's favourite Ice Age animals ! Join us on Facebook !...

Okay. Now this is getting silly. Also, how come they NEVER seem to age? Shouldn't they be dead by now, like the series? Ice Age is like SCREW logic! I bet they are gonna keep on going until the modern day world. Yeah, the herd walking through New York city.
The fuck. Why did no one tell me about this? I've literally seen no trailers for this in Sweden. Man.
I need to see this movie...can't believe I'd forgotten about it for 2 years...
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Ohhh I get it... Holy 'crab'!
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I won`t mind if they make a 5th part :D Ice Age is the best!!!!!!!
i watched the movie in 3d it is epic. dam epic
Whaaatttt?? I can't belive to my eyes? really ??? You knew ? M O G you are a genious
Italy is known to have good voice actors, but that's just lame. Besides "Italian" is not an insult
I dont like the new youtube :( i liked most the old one
THIS WAS THE ADVERTISEMENT THAT WAS PART OF THE FUNNIEST DREAM EVER!!!!!!!!! Other ingredients: Stupid Purple Princess Pony, Mirror Mirror, Trash mountains, neon skeletons, and my bra. If you want to check it out, visit my channel ;)
YOU KNOW WHAT'S BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULSHIT? They changed the voice actor for Manny in Italy. Why? WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT!? I'm not watching this movie.
Not 2 millions years ago, but approximately 3,500 years ago with the flood, that every ancient civilization tells about around the globe.
in dont mean that freaky monkey
:D i never thought there would be a fourth one
"Come on ocean...this that the best you can do?"=)))
No He falls in love with her I know I have seen it! I luv the granny!
You mean remorseful assassin, you big ol' bleeding heart ya! You rock Denis Leary!
The ice age ended..... Probably no ice age 5 :/
1:59 this is what happens when you ask and 2:12 fail
note 2:00 and 2:07 they completely flip over and none look wet.
I didn't kill anything. I just pointed out your mistake.
me gousta la era de hielo 4 yo ya la vi y megusto mucho
oh my god i'm so exited for this i love ice age
I am about to upload this movie.(My web server is a little slow its gonna take a few days.)
Fire themed eh? Well, if this movie isn't the end of the franchise, why not end it with a giant flaming meteor shower? ICE AGE 5: ESCAPE FROM EXTINCTION
-__-) Perchè devono sempre trovare delle fidanzate ai personaggi ad ogni sequel? Sul serio, non ce n'è bisogno.
so your saying humans was around at the time of dinosaurs?
it's pretty sure that i have 10 times the brains of you, and don't make idiotic theories about beautiful child tales because of that. shut up and be thankful that you get quality entertainment for free.
Ice Age: Birth of the humans. Should be the next one!
Everyone STFU!! If you like the movie then cool, if you dnt, then GTFO!! worse ice age movies got over the years!!!...i mean in the 1st film it had few characters, realistic enough and stuff...but now i feel like it's a movie that's all about graphics and just another stupid unrealistic animated movie!!
This trailer is really great.
great idea that would bring back all the memories too bad peaches already grew up she could've met the baby from ice age 1
quote ' fucking mainstream, sheep, brainless, stupid people!!! ' Yes, you are one of them!!!!!
w w w. youtube. com/watch?v=mcN12DcsdFw
I honestly thought this'd be the weakest Ice Age movie, boy I was wrong! This movie and Dawn of the Dinosaurs are my favoriete Ice Age movies! I recently heard a 5th Ice Age movie MIGHT be possible, so if it's released someday, I'll have EXTREMELY low expectations! Use this tactic, it works! Expect the worst, and your mind will be blown! ;)
comparing with the last 3 parts, this movie lacked humour....
Puta puta puta... OOOOOOOHHHH :3
i think that this movie is not as good as the other ones, because they exaggerated a lot, with pirates (like pirates of the caribean), mermaids (like The Mermaids Singing from Val mcdermid), the Atlantis (the legendary island) and the whale (like Jonas and the Whale). Also, adding Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Keke Palmer is just to attract people
lol nah i got your point. i was stating my own. i would like to see some villains win for once but still. you dont have to insult those who enjoy these movies... thats what pissed me off. doesnt make people brainless or sheep or bastards... makes them people who have a liking to these movies. period. you can state your opinion without a bias comment.
"Holy craaaaab" ahahahahahaha
ice age 4?man i was studying so hard i missed so many stuff(sigh) :/
Never knew Drake, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez are a voice characters :P
come on ocean is that the best you can do? hahahahhaa
1:33 isnt right they were tied up seperatly
you do know that this movie is for kids and they don't really care or at least don't notice that there is always the same plot to the films. Also it's just for entertainment. nothing else really.
DIEGO-POO! I made you another coral necklace! Tee-hee...he keeps losin them :D
Diego is gonna bang that girl so hard
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