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Favorite Drugstore Skincare Products

by MakeupByTiffanyD • 384,678 views

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Why would they get rid of that moisturizer? :( I've been looking for a moisturizer with spf for oily skin. Do you have any other suggestions? 
I also have been trying to get off of my proactiv in order for slightly cheaper products and feel like the benzyl peroxide works best for my skin. I know you said that clean and clear cleanser is hard to find anywhere but at walmart but I found the neutrogena clear pores cleanser/mask and it has like 3% benzyl peroxide I believe and it works great too! just a heads up next time you can't find your clean and clear
I got the blue one for sensitive skin and I love it!
@MadMadamJess whatever you wanna call it , um, she's a lovely lady with useful tips but um, that really gets on my nerves. um!
I went & got the St. Ives green tea scrub the other day, seems to be working so far! Thanks (:
I rly wanna get the loreal 360 clean cleanser. I have noticed that my nutrogena is drying me out. Hopefully this will help!
You haven't used the proactiv toner? Is that better for your skin?
@selenagomez1966 ok, cool... Thanks for telling mee! :)
@batmannrobiin its weird that clean & clear would irritate your skin cause it is allergy tested , and its probably the last thing i would think that would irratate your skin lol , i would side more with biore, neutrogena is not that amazing some of there products are usually not oil free, which is gonna cause you to break out.
Whoa. Your 26?? i thought you were like 20 or 18??!!?!?!?
i just use the Loreal Go 360 Clean Cream Cleanser so far i like it.....
Is there any product that help hide KS lesions? They really turn my client off.
i love the clean and clear mousitureizer lol
Hi Tiffany! I looooooove your videos because I'm 14 and I love makeup! And all of your tutorials and reviews save my life. I went out and bought the loreal stuff and the clean and clear wash stuff and the moistureizer. I LOVE the cleanser and the moistureizer.. But I had the worst time in my life with the loreal stuff. I tryed it once at night, then went to bed (I have combination skin) and woke up with red dry paches. It took a week and a half of intence moistureizeing to get back to normal.
I luv the 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser by clean and clear!! I also love the st Ives apricot scrub!! I use the fresh skin one though!
Does anyone know which Loreal 360 cleanser is the gel one? Thanks :)
Hi Tiffany, I always love your videos and I just wish you could add the names of the products you mentioned in your info box so it would be easier for us to know the exact name of the products. We don't live in the USA and sometimes it's really hard to get the exact name . thank you
Thanks for this video, it helped alot ;D
please do a reveiw on almay correctiong conceler (: thanks, im 11 & i just got it, i want to be just like you! i just made a channel but have been watching your videos for awhile now! haha, well it seems nice, blends very well, not exactly sure of how great the coverage is but i really would love your help!
@vegaandrea2sexii wow, that's a mouth full! lol, but thank you soooo much! :D i'll try it. Is this a cleanser or a spot treatment?
The clean and clear advantage line helped clear my bad acne I still use it today its wonderful even for sensitive skin :)
do you rotate with different cleansers?
@jakevanfan hahaha !! omgg I thought I was the only one lol :))
i just thought it was funny how she said she preffered benzoyle paroxide to the salicilic acid when there isnt a differenc!
love this vid.... i do have combination skin... and now especially my forehead so many pimples and pimple marks and dark spots... i hate it! my face is so sensitive especially when i am trying a new makeup after using that it would break out grrr!
@0MissElizabeth0 thats not true.. sometimes shes says 'UH' haha ;)
Thanks for all the recommendations, I will def give LOREAL product a try. I am picky with face products too because I have such sensitive skin. I love love AVEENO products! And they seem to work very well for my oily/sensitive skin. Thanks and love all your videos
@MsAarynZhou Try covergirl clean foundation for dry skin.
@jakevanfan i do too....hahahaha my mom hates when i go to the store with her. lol
@0MissElizabeth0 doesn't bother me nit picking, that really gets on my nerves..but to each their own.. :) xoxoxo - Jess
Miss Celion Dione plzzzzz sing a lulaby for me.....or sing immortality for me. "Immortality there is a vision of eternity".
@0MissElizabeth0 well, that's nit picking, isn't it...
@chuu00 it's not "hm" it's "um". She begins with "uh" @ 0:56 and then at 0:58 is the first "um" it just goes on and on from there. And anyways it was just an observation I made, 5 MONTHS AGO, I can't help it if people clicked Thumbs Up so now it's stuck at the top. She is a good makeup artist and all, it's not like I hate her or anything. gosh!
I like your makeup in this video! could you do a tutorial on it.your really pretty. It makes your eyes really pop!
@FattieMcJewess thats really mean i think tiffany is grogeous! she is sooo sweet and helpful! if u dont like her...dont watch her. but dont leave hate comments
can you do a video of your daily skin regimen?
@0MissElizabeth0 LOL! If you met me, you'd realise i say 'like' and 'and uhm' and 'and' alot.. No need to complain about her cause i know how hard it is to attempt to stop
So you should not use the proactiv toner?
@baybeengong i haven't been to any drugstore in a while now. lol, school starts in another like 3 weeks, so my mom and i r focusing on what stores to go for back to school shopping and i still got stuff going on at home i need to take care of, so yeah. But when i go to a place like Wal-Mart or CVS next time, i'll check these out(: (: thanks so so sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!
Uhggg i dont like how u say acne! Thanks though'
I hav the clean and clear pore moisturizer and it lasted me, to this day, for about 5 months. That little bottle is awesome because you really don't need a lot. It works well. I can't leave the house without putting it on.
I just use water on my face. Keeps my face acne-free and moisturized. Oh, and it's free :D
@0MissElizabeth0 do you happen to say "like" every 5 seconds? :P haha
can you do an updated drugstore skincare favorites video pleaseee?
@MisterAmelia again, I will say " it was just an observation I made, 6 MONTHS AGO, I can't help it if people clicked Thumbs Up so now it's stuck at the top. She is a good makeup artist and all, it's not like I hate her or anything. gosh!"
What are the names of the two last products? Thank you for all of your tips Tiffany :)
Thank you so much! I'm gonna go out and buy some products. :)
the neutrogena oil free moisturizer is rly good too
Hiya :) I think I am going to try the clean and clear pore finisher moisturizer! Just also wondering if there is any other ones you love that you recommend and looks great under foundation (meaning it doesn't make your foundation all cakey!) Thanks for your help!
I agree. I mean, that's what the FAST FORWARD cursor is for.
@byulbada96 try a target they usually carry these items frequently
@0MissElizabeth0 :) ok, sorry didnt mean to be short lol, just sounded a little judgmental, thats all
hi sweet love hugssssssssssss and kissssssssssssss
She spent a lot more time on the intro than the actual video :D
@Lovelysoulmee22 i have very sensitive skin. what products have you tried?
omg i love the loreal cleaner too!! Your so pretty Tiffaney and I love your videos!
I Have The Loreal Go 360 Clean. After you use it, it makes your face feel SOOO good.
can i use the clean&clear one and the st. ives one at the same time like one after another or one in the morning and one and night?
@anna63rubio make up forever hd primer, just the original one, my skin is bad for breakouts and thats the best ive found...
actually if a rinse off skin care product has salacilic acid in it it won't make any difference as to one that doesn't because it isnt in contact with the skin long enough to make a difference
I want your hair cut its so pretty! please do a tutorial on how you do your hair ! :)
I love love love the neutragina long lasting shine control cleanser and mask! I do not have oily skin, but I find that it really cleans deap down to remove everything and does not leave your skin tight and lacking moisture :)
try the biore pore unclogging scrub. its amazing for all skin :)
you have like flawless skin. its incredible. i dont think thats makeup? do you have naturally flawless skin? what products do you use on a normal everyday basis.
@0MissElizabeth0 I'm @ the 1 min mark and I still haven't heard a "hm".
@OMissElizabethO BooHoo Deal with it
You haven't used the proactiv toner? Is that better for your skin?
What do exfoliators do someone please tell me! :)
the clean and clear moisturizer with the spf15 feels so heavy on my skin!! and it actually irritates it too =/ I prefer my Clinique dramatically different moisturizer, but I wouldnt mind finding a cheaper alternative =)
@FattieMcJewess Maybe she was afraid of catching hepatitis from something that icky poor people might have touched.
@baybeengong so yeah.....what's my skin type??? Combination or oily? And thanx for this solution, but i've nvr seen this 7 day thing anywhere or heard of it, so where is it? I'll give it a try(:
I LOVE the ST. Ives CREAM cleanser to remove makeup AND clean my skin. It has been the ONLY drusgtore cleanser Ive bought that doesnt dry my skin out or cause pimples AND removes makeup. Been using it for years. Lubriderm fragrance free body lotion is good at removing makeup prior to cleansing the face too, but its a little more drying than the ST.ives, nothing crazy, just makes you feel clean.
360 degrees mean that you go around and end where you started. for that reason i havent bought that cleanser. i know its dumb but whenever i see it i just get mad. lol.
older here, still dont have the money to spend alot of money on product. can you do a video for the older woman 30's and 40's please.
@NayelleyReyes hi..i also noticed something different about her on her latest videos lately. Maybe she has some sort or personal problems ..I am not sure.But she doesn't smile a lot and seemed tired. I dont know.. I also noticed something different lately.Maybe there's nothing, but just an observation.Hope you are okay Tiffany.
@TheBSMF yes, and her wedding bands. Tiffany is married
I tag You to do the > Tag: 5 Top Favorite Body Lotions Or Body Oils.
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