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[Funny] First Attempt at FACADE - GIMME A KISS AND SOME WINE WOMAN - Part 1

by PewDiePie • 4,214,888 views

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Like if your watching in 2015
Now hate on me all you want, but look at Felix's older videos and his newer videos. They're different. Now don't get me wrong, I love Felix, but his newer videos just aren't as funny as they used to be. It just feels like he's trying too hard to be funny. Some of the new stuff is funny, but most of it comes out as annoying. I feel it's this way because he a so many subscribers and he's trying to keep up, plus he's making usually 2+ videos a day. Now I've been a bro since 2011, so don't get me wrong here and say, "don't watch the videos then!" I will continue to watch his videos and support him. Brofist
I know right? i feel the same way, but i think its just a phase :) 
Who else is watching this in 2014 - 2015?
+SniPeR tHieF yo lying man its written 2 days ago
+Jaysankar Menon I'm not lying I swear it's true!
Back when PewDiePie was decent...
It's always disappointing to see fangirls and boys, who keep saying "He is still the same!" No he isn't, he was more shy and cute back then, now he is one of the "oh my gerd illumanti, weed, suck my ass!,.." and he doesn't play normal games with a storyline, only one long episode and the next part in a few months.
This is rly awkward with no sound.... (im at a funeral and I dont have earphones)
are you guys still fighting over this....? that was like a year ago...
+Eoin Gough well your wrong about church being a.quiet place, because my church has parties. really awseome jesus parties.
Like if you are watching in 1780
I looked in lo discriptoin an the brofist uppercuted me 
Reply Brofist if you like young pewds. Reply Brofisted for present pewds
I'm undicided, so brohug
Discribe a hockey stick in 2 words...
oh my, we used to play this game on the boarding house computers.:D it was fun, indeed. :D
Now i want to go to boarding houses
brb  pewdiepie i have to do chores
loads Pewdiepie video no facecam FREAK OUT
pewdepie wen trip wonts  you to look at the pichr go with grac on the cawch sumthnig  youll like will hapin     façade the game
despite how old this is and ho many times i've watched this series...i still watch it 
is that Lisa Presley voice at 2:50 ??
Wow, re-watching this a few years later and the audio quality has DEFINITELY improved from his older videos
2015, still one of my favourite series from Pewds :`)
like if your waching in 20016
like if you're watching in 2069... hehehe... 69
Are you humans the ones who is commenting???
Trip should stop being so short-tempered.
lol I'm still watching it 
I miss this poods I like him a lot more than the new poods
I remember when Pewdiepie was good... those were the days.
Hey pewds, your English actually sounds good for once.
You made me lough so much at some parts😋
Im watching this in 2015
I miss the old pewdiepie now he's no good.
omg pewds you should play this again I love this game
Ahh the good times when pewds didn't care about the babies wining about him be disrespectful and in appropriate... GROW UP PEOPLE
The game is supoost to be wherer you get their problems out one thing Trip divorces her And if you run through the glass you can run away and type ca ca on you you can splatter crap on them Watching in 2014
Make grace comit suicide by saying crappy things to her
this game is the best try moving when he pushing you out thats what she said anywhere it worked for me you can try again he will forget he is pushing you funny right you fan friend Amber Bremberg
you used to sound so calm
like if u watching in 2618
+xxx_dogeful1337_xxx [FAZE] that's really rude, I cried because it was that funny. why are you so mean to a person you don't know? Any way I hope you have a good life and uhm, bye! :)
Pute your butt on them and say caca on you and you poo on them
hey pewdiepie u are super funny one day i want to be like u and i made my own video call roblox talk dirty to me pease out and say jabba hi for me
his voice is deeper lol i dont get it, he dont even sound the same
where can i download a working copy of this game.
Ahh the days without face cam c: Just as funny, IF NOT FUNNIER, than they are now. Love ya, Pewds. <3
where to download that bitchy game!? :D
PEWWWWWWWWDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS PLEAsE READ IT IS ABOUT THIS MAKE YOU NAME MELON AND WATCH WHAt trip does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This video was made in October 2011, retard
Omg Felix your accent was so much thicker here awww 😁❤
+Lauren Read No problem, I honestly would've ignored it but the dude called you ugly for no reason, so...yep.
+Rebecca Pearson jump off a bridge you failed abortion
"DON'T CARE!!" very funny Pewds thanks a lot * BROFIST *
The years are still going
I have played this game its really wierd
LOL awesome I got the game today
It's funny how Sam is my name and pewdiepie characters is named Sam!
This is as classic as i can get with pewds
everybody try watching with subs funny
Omg this was uploaded on my birthday!!
Ah the good old days.
Please stop yelling when they're talking and typing stuff, you're killing the dialogue, that's why they don't even finish their sentences:/
This was made over 3 years ago....
+Blue Viper that kid is too blind to see it.
i miss this pewds....
Pewdiepie you know you were a girl right?
Where is ur fucking camera?
Watch this on 2014
yo cookie chrome802 2014 is so old
I laughed so hard I cried this is soo funny
Who misses the song in the end cuz I do so much
how to play this game
I'm dating a Asian man. :|
Like If You're Watching In 2014!
This picture says... Penis ? Nailed it.
how many fingers has trip got at the end
Lol this is so funny Pewds xD you almost killed meh YOUR THE BEST
ur voice is so diff then now
you should tipe i have to pee in an episode
This was made 3 years ago
pewdiepie you are not actuly play this game because its can brake youre memory its real but stay making fideos its awsome BROFIST to pewdiepie
Can you give me the link of facade game in the browser?
Im watching this in 2016, does that count?
learn to spell dumbass.
Is it safe to download?
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