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Sand dunes - Silver Lake, MemorialWeekend 2011!

by NEXT HERO • 1,184,624 views

A video from Memorial weekend @ Silver Lake, MI (Including the Chevrolet jump and crash) Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen ( with! Music by, sight unseen - underneath the...

1:50 YAH LETS JUMP WITHOUT A SPOTER that's a good idea
 a disgraceful way to tear up a natural landscape.  immature people if there ever was one.
oh get the fuck outta here with your tree huggin no good for nothin ass!
It's SAND you twat! If you go there 4 hours after some decent wind you won't be able to tell anyone was there. Enjoy your life in that plastic bubble that your mommy built for you.
hit the mute button youl thank me.
Lol @ what u call "ford power"
You should've picked a shittier song. I'm sure there's gotta be at least one worse song in existence.
yeah, it´s like a 70´s bad tv program
Nice shot of my sand rail coming out of my trailer shes putting out 850H.P.
how to break your back! :D nice sport :D
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Glad to see someone actually using a Raptor for what it was designed to do.
@richsmartbrain9999 We will produce our own fuels such as alcohol and bio-diesel. Many of us like myself already produce our own alcohol for high performance but it can be used in any gas motor. I converted my stock 93 ford ranger 4.0 over years ago and all I had to do was replace the factory injectors. I say we don't need your damn oil but it's easer for the time being to use it. Signed, One God Lovin' Gun Totin' Raciest RedNeck
i cant wait to get my dirt bike up there this summer. i go to silver lake for my birth day almost every year. its a blast to sit around a camp fire then go up to the dunes the next day.
Sand dunes look like so much freakin fun
love your vids keep em coming and LOOOOVE THE RAPTOR FORD POWER WOOOOOOTTTTT
directly between muskegon and ludington Michigan. West side of the state.
dam all the white boys have all the fun i wish i was rich or had some white boy friends tht did kool stuff they say the most fun things in life r free but some time idk
fuck all of you confederate bitches burn in hell
awesome vid. where is this place
sweet! ya i just ride the dunes at coos bay OR and i wish there was this many sick sandrails and 4 wheelers there. Theres mostly just quads i ride a banshee the dunes is my happy place!
the guy drivin the raptor can drive!!!
@burnzejuden666 Dude its just sand get off your high horse and have some fun go wild and be free and quit hugging trees bro
its a requirement to have one in the dunes for safety reasons...if your climbing a hill and someones on top they can see your before you come over the top
I saw the one that says "look out" this weekend
حتى تطعيسكم يجيب العافيه
There is a lot of diesels running propane and chipped up ECU's, Believe it or not there are some diesel trucks out there in the dunes that run in the 11 second bracket in the quarter mile.
This would be better without the music lame.
2:25 that is what rangers are for!
Wish i had the money and the guts for something as awesome as this! :D
Nice editing. What program ?
That is a Tatum Long Travel Sand Car, and they ain't cheap! lol
That has a Fortin transmission, it's a transaxle set up.
At the Mike Higgins who is crazy
Underneath the Moon by my band SIGHT UNSEEN. sightunseen-net
It's open every year, you never know what's going to happen. In this case, people were pretty inspired this weekend.
whoever dislikes this obviously doesnt know how to have fun
That Raptor looks kick ass! I really want one now:(
Just came back from Silver Lake. It was amazing!
Give him a ride in my Jeep. He's a guy and he would be in the biggest and most beautiful playground in the world. He would probably dig it.
hot video, BUT wtf! why its so fucking much of black SMOKE!
whoever disliked the video, im sure they dont know what a good time at the dunes are about
A lot of fun and well deserved I'm sure, as hard work usually comes before.
Excellent video. Makes me want to go there and destroy my truck haha
Is it just me or does it look like the frame is bent on the raptor? It looks like the bed is breaking down
the only way someone would dislike this video is if they were trying to click the like button so fast that they acidently hit dislike
i love the way Americans are so just American hahaha love it
That new silverado was a rental. Hahaha gotta love Michigan!
dude. u made a sick video. great job bro. thumbs up for you
Now this happens when you have too much money and loth of spare time :) maaan id love to try it :)
you guys should try out glamis sand dunes in southern california its the sand toy capitol of the world
so you are justin bieber!!! your music is shit!! ahahahah ;)
sorry friend did not know was barely one thousand pardons
what brand and kind of sandrail was that that was doing the wheelies
i love this video whats the song name
Silver lake... Where suspensions come to die! =)
in my country we go down hills in shopping trollies
nice to see some using a raptor how it should be and not a asfalt queen
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