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Happy Wheels - I KILLED MY SON!! - Part 7

by TobyGames • 2,818,179 views

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Like if watching in 2015
Ah the golden days of toby back when he had that spark of fun and freedom
Lolz Toby. I love your videos of you playing games. Got anymore mine craft???
this is extremely funny lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
The fact I like his videos more than pewdiepie
The post it cards of  DOOM
How'd you know my name was Jakob?!?!?!?!?!
Toby: mourns for his dear son Pewdie: "I DONT CARE YOU LITTLE SH*T." GOtta love both of them ^-^
When you launch out of the first cannon you press the down arrow so you make a ball
Haha he said nick cannon
Toby, you cant rate if your not logged in, but, in advance if you were logged in the sorry for thisd comment
You want to play xbox my gtag is HatchedBread302
I just saw a guy doing drugs on omegle
3:03 is some deep stuff dude!
My name is basket. :D
Dose anybody notice that Toby is wearing the same same shirt as the dad hey just saying it's the same color
3:03 is some deep stuff dude
thank you for that speech :,)
Anyways this made me laugh keep up da good work Toby your going places
I just watched the episodes of the walking dead!
you aren't supposed to move!!!!!!  LOL
irresbonsible dad looks kinda like toby
Toby:mice NEVER succed. Me:Well jerry from tom&jerry
You failed us all Nicolas
Canon City is a dont move
Lol my name is Nicolas
I thought his name Wuxi Segway Steven
It is so adorable, Turner family, like Timmy Turner; and Dingleberry cord like the enemy for Timmy's dad in Fairly Odd Parents!!! XD
Does he know that the son can beat the level
FLASHBACK: toby sounds like a dude in south park...
u dont need ur head
Aww I wanted a daughter anyway! ROFL! :)
wierd voice but funny
this guy cracks me up!
Roxie Rain Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
LOL  Best Game Played By  Different People LOL See if you can win the game with out dieing  
WARNING im new to this channel......was toby in south park?
Not that I know of... He's in Annoying Orange though. lol
awwww...made me tear up when he was talking about him and his sons love...he'll be a good dad!
Until he runs over his son and keeps
I'm boooooooooooooooooooooooooord
Omfg,U R Soooo Funny!!! Btw,This Is A Good Series.
tobuscus if you lose your head you can keep going your heart is all you need to keep going
My name is unlucky... shniffles
I've been on the doc metro
you are mean my name is Nicholas and you kinda just offended me
my name is Nicolas, and i approve of this meskage-age
it riped my body in half  r.i.p     blha blha blha talk talk talk  like it!
I just love Tobuscus RULESSSSSSSSS
Best Brit accent done by Americain
not because I'm English
why does he take it so serious?
You fucking suck dick
did he make a monty python refrance when he said its only a flesh wound?
this guy is the guy from cn wright
He is SO much nicer than Pewdz! :) (though both are equally funny)
i played this game it is AWESOME
clollollollollolllolllollollollollolololololololololololollolollollollollollollollololl coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooioooiiollllllll
The walking sdead except he can't walk haha lol
wow no dont do it you killed your son
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