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Wrecknology - Olivia Munn and iHome iW1 Speaker Review

by Machinima • 49,609 views

Click here for the destruction! Wrecknology - Olivia Munn and iHome iW1 Speaker Review In this week's Wrecknology, we're reviewing the iHome iW1 iPhone Speaker/Dock....

going to write the same thing!
he stills wears that shirt
After they leave machinima they should start doing this again
holly shit look at bruce
Tiny asian girl and a jackhammer -..-
how do they get all of this money to buy stuff then just demolish it. you waste so much money on stuff that most people cant afford
that wheel if fricking fixed it starts a few off from where it lands everytime
they should have put her on the satisfaction music video XD lol
We heard her saying promote my Twitter account
A needy family needs food and water, not iHome
What the hell would a needy family have to play through it...?
what was the chill music in the background at the start of the video around 1 minute
alsoo... wasn't she on attack of the show a while back?
Olivia, you're not cute when you continually drop the F bomb.
Now that I think about it, where did they even get the jackhammer O.o
Anyone know the song thats starts at 4:20?
why dont you guys ever break a ps3 :'(
so many prob don't even know what Olivia Munn origanaly was on
The whole point of having a hot chick using a jackhammer is to see her boobies bounce. Didn't see that here!!
you can rent them from construction rental companies. Not too hard really. but expensive
Luigi is better you are kidding right
Youre gonna give a speaker like that to a needy family? Thats nice but do you really think they have an iphone?
4:37 That's what she said :3
She went straight for mario's dick xD
5:46 Toner dust - don't breathe this. No, really - it's cancerous!
I know an Asian named Olivia too!!!
i think they left because their contract expired, they are on a 5-10 year contract. They can continue to work at g4 but they must stay at g4 for another 5 years or so. It would makes sense b/c Olivia stared on AOTS back in 2005.
Mario is having the time of his life i bet.. lol
i was specting to see the i home get destroyed while he plays music
Sessler? Yes. Olivia? No. Bring back Sara Lane and Kevin.
why do they never destroy a ps3?
Olivia Munn has leaked nudes, google image her, you're welcome! :)
Lol i bet she wishes she didnt leave AOTS
Going for the mullet are you bruce
i felt like a shit when she breoke the xbox
the real question is where did they get a hundar 3:02?
what's the nationality of that girl??
me mutha fucka!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll make sweet lovins to her. make her feel good
who the hell gave a woman a tool ????
oh shit!!!!! marioooo , no!!!!!!!!!
a needy family lol why the fuck would a needy family need an ihome a needy family probably doesn't all have iphones lol wtf
I only came here to see olivia munn who else
munn is looking good! now we know how to get a lot of video views......invite hot asian chicks!
The jack hammer is weak. VERY VERY weak
I don't think she was using it properly... Or I just overestimated the power of a jackhammer.
pulling her shirt down at the end was completely uncalled for
Mario got hammered right in the dick
It's gunna give us all boner If she does not wear clothes And use a jackhammer
You STOLE A PRINTER? I agree with fireburrtio24
I only watched this because it said Olivia munn
he never said it was a country he was asking what nationality is such as japanese or Chinese and its continent not content
Love the Legendary shirt, Bruce ;)
handheld jackhammer is better
She rikey the anal with Captain Kirk.
Oh god, they got Mario in the crotch...
Munn isn't looking so hot now.
the girl who sucked people off to get into a movie...
Remember when her iphone got hacked and all these dirty photos and messages she sent got released in which she was saying things like how she likes to get ass fucked? That was awesome.
cant follow on twitter. she banned me. i only say i would wreck her like a 50 car pile up. is that bannable? come on son!!!!
So that's what happened to my printer..............Now I finally know who stole it.... lol :-)
I feel the same her and kevin were the best two host on AOTS
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