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The Dark Knight Rises (2012) POP-UP TRAILER #2 - HD Christopher Nolan Movie

by Pop Up Trailers • 172,496 views

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) POP-UP TRAILER #2 - HD Christopher Nolan Movie Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its...

crap !!! this doesn´t reach even the heels of the previous movie, I hope they rethink the filma
@iconicbrand5 ...if Robin was to be introduced it would be Dick Grayson not Jason Todd so contrary to your wishes it cant work out that way...
theres lots of scenes in here that seem like inception and you barely see any of batman in this trailer its mostly bruce
why would he want no robin?......and who would agree!?!? :(
@warszawianka It's Deh-shay dehshay Basara Basara! Have you been living under a rock? Hans Zimmer released the chant along with the lyrics like 2 months ago!
@PleazeBeCool It sounds like "This is Gotham! Gotham!" to me...but who knows
Fuck that CG of the football field exploding, so fake looking
Christian Bale didn't want Robin in the series because He didn't get casted at Robin in Batman: Forever, I can't exactly remeber.. But I think thats why...
@xPSYKOxLIBBYx 1. Who the hell is Alex? 2. I don't care you had a bad week. 3.calm the hell down.
@blade83336 It's also the conclusion to the Chris Nolan Batman movie series, so, I Doubt Robin's gonna be it it, but good ideas, and I think Robin should get his own one-shot movie, and at the end, You hear a voice and see a flowing cape saying "You need training, I can give you that training. Only, if you only fight along me in my war on crime" Than it goes to credits with the Batman Begins theme playing in the back round. :P
@dude2000ify thank you i couldnt remember his name.
@StocktonBomb Actually it was 400 pounds of muscle
@mysterybat35 its like batman hired wrong guy for the wrong job in designing his vehicles XD
@MuthafukaG I think it's Joseph Gordon Levitt playing John Blake.
I'm trying to force my brain to believe that Anne is sexy but the two thoughts aren't merging.. She is "beautiful" of course -- no question about that but she doesn't have a sex appeal at all. She would have been more of a Barbara Gordon character or something.. she's just so innocent-ish to me.. she's more like a classy JCPenney's catalog model than a seductive cat
is that thing at 1:56s supposed to be the bat wing? weird!!! kinda fail!
@StocktonBomb Bale thinned out to a tiny 130 for the Machinist.. for Batman he swelled to 230 but was told he looked too big so he lost weight back down to 190 for the film...
@emanvz "When Gotham is ashes...You have my permission to die."
@mysterybat35 still VERY excited about this movie though..can't wait.. any Batman at this point is better than no Batman
@tg72211 I have never seen the machinist but after looking it up he was extremely thin. I may be wrong. He definitely put on a lot of weight but I'm not sure it was 100 lbs of muscle.
I think it sounds like "This is Sparta! Sparta!"...
what did bane say? something about gotham turning to ash, then wishing to die?
I saw a definite nod to Batman Beyond there...
@mysterybat35 i dont mind the diff ok with the modern look and no batmobile. its just lil things like the ones i listed drive me insane. its 2011 i believe he could have done way better. and im not digging the batman voiceas well and he is so confused like an 18yr school girl. :D im deff not feeling the trailer but im gonna have to see the movie before i bitch more :)
glad there is no robin.. then there would have been a waste of movie time explaining a character that we can all do without
@THE1PAINOF1THE1GAME I doubt very much if the Avengers will fail.
@KillinDaWelfareMCs yeah I hate how all of Batman's rides look like transformers.. but you see you've got realism on one hand aka Nolan and unrealism aka Burton.. (all of Batman's rides have Bat traits).. I prefer fiction rather than realism in my movies but I am still VERY VERY excited to see this new film.
Its funny that Hines Ward is getting cut and he will still playwith Big Ben
Christian Bale is a dick If this had robin that would be the icing on the cake
I'm pretty sure that Chris Nolan didn't film the Occupy movement because he didn't want to "trivialize" the protest
that 100 pounds of muscle made me laugh my ass off,something weird about that football player with the name ward, in a different trailer there was a batwing n 2batmobiles.we can guess batman was in the batwin n assume catwoman was in 1 of the batmobiles so who is in the other??..robin maybe?...also like they said bale said he wouldnt sign on if they introduced robin in the batman films.i see bane almost kills batman since hes sayin when gotham is..ashes u have my permission to die.
@warszawianka It's "Deh-shay Bah-sarah" meaning "He rises" in Moroccan.
Who is that Guy at 1:48? whyt does he look so familiar?
I believe the prisoners are chanting "This is Halloween This is Halloween!"
I really hope that woman is Ivy lol.
@popuptrailer You know, that makes me think that Miss Kitty's genuinley out to harm Brucie. Somehow or another, she feels fucked over by him, and she's gonna try to rip him off big time and/or make his life a living hell.
anne hathaway is an occupy supporter? More of a reason to dislike her now
Shut up. You know damn right that BOTH of these films looks Great! Avengers is a thrill ride move, not an art house, award winning film. And batman is totally different! it's dark, less action, more plot type movie, but that doesn't mean Avengers = Transformers because it has explosions ! You can barley even compare the two, except for the fact that they're both superheros. Overall, Stop trying to compare the two, and you might findout you'll like them both!(:
Yep this show is going to blow …let’s see going to try to justify my actions on being batman and extremely wealthy (check) …bad guys crawl out the wood work because they have a problem with society and it’s rules (check) and last but not least didn’t take enough time to consider the real batman fans out there to create a great yet accurate depiction of all that is Batman .oh yeah ...(check)
Bane looks not convincing and since when Bane this smart? he is one man army and he dont need plans and hunchman....
@Pembleton68 o i no but they said "muscle" n thats imposible, they shoulda said gained 100pounds, cause its imposible to gain "muscle" that fast
You might have also mentioned that the football player at 1:14 has a jersey that says RAVENSTAHL, which is the last name of Pittsburgh's mayor. It probably IS the mayor in the film. :)
Time for the Justice League movie!!!
hooooooly has hit the fan so hard it broke it.
0:52 I'm Pretty sure the third highest grossing film is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2
avengers fanboy should stay away from batman vids
Some people don't understand Bane? English is not even my first leguage and I understand the f*cker
The music right at the end of the clip @ 2:00 What track from the soundtrack (or score) is it?
POP UP @ 0:38 is such a lie! not possible, we see him too.
Catwoman in Batgirl suit, fuck
@themahermax Naw I know Heath Ledger.. What other movies this guy played in? or was this is his first batman series?
@odalV I partially agree.. Although there are disappointing elements to the new Nolan film it will still be epic simply for the fact that he's going at it with a different approach. Keaton will always be Batman in my eyes too but I'm still VERY VERY excited to see this. Contradictory? No.. Unbiased opinion.. Yes
Hopefully this is not going to be one big political peace crap because that's what it sounds like it's going to be.
ocupy wallstreet she was there so im not seeing this movie now
@StocktonBomb He has just filmed The Machinist. So, he was really thin at that time.
Hmm. I was expecting better. Is anyone else ready for this franchise to be rebooted? I wouldn't mind seeing Zack Snyder take'n a crack at it.
the avengers looks good now, that they have a new trailer.
@mbccq "“There is a storm coming Mr. Wayne… You and your friends better batten down the hatches. Cause when it hits, you’re all going to wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us…” :)
why did he insist there be no robin?What the fuck?tons of more people would of came watched it.
@Republicraticparty Shut the fuck up man. Fuck politics. The occupy crew are doing a good thing.
One thing that's funny, It says Christian Bale had to gain 100 pounds of muscle for Batman Begins, and he's really skinny in this!xD
totally forgot JGL is in this film.
trailer looks bad.. bane is smaller than batman.. i would love to see KANE from wwe play bane but NOOOOOOOOO lets get 5foot tam hardy.. catwoman suit looks like it was bought from the dollar store. at least we have the michael keaton movies!! old but gold
@MuthafukaG Joseph Gordon Levvitt
i didn't hear what anne hathaway said
Bane is obviously movie's tough guy. I have wondered what means that screaming "ISH ISH URAH URAH!!" (How ever it spells). Well, now I know.
@zombieboy1121 gay means happy so ur rite! congrats!
It would take away everything that Nolan's Batmans are right now, and send them in a different direction.
Some of these pop-ups are factually inaccurate. Chris Nolan never tried to shoot at Occupy Wall Street. And Christian Bale never insisted there be no Robin; Chris Nolan was the one that said there will be no Robin.
@peteagassi Right? Who doesn't keep up with Hans Zimmer's newest releases anyway? Nutters, that's who.
@ShogunXtream /watch?v=YXV_WuvkKjk < here's the prologue of the dark knight :D ur welcome I love Batsy XD so I'm spreading it around! spread it so everybody can see!!
@Boyle360 Well I once know a guy who was 10.5 feet tall and had 400 pounds of muscle
@DrEdRichtofen115 haha robin is gana b in this film watch,its not just coinsidence that the football player didnt bale said this will b the last film for him hintin robin will b in it, n in a different trailer there was a batwing n 2 batmobiles,batman was probably usin the batwing n we can assume catwoman was usin a batmobile so robin was probably in the other
@Bikerdude1234321 Whoever needs to add something to his last comment.
One of the pop-ups made no sense. 100 lbs of muscle in 6 months? Bale is not that big. He has always had a thinner, cut build. Even in batman begins when this video says he put on 100 lbs of muscle. If anyone put on a lot of weight it was Hardy who looks a lot bigger than he did in Inception
a heath ledger look alike at 1:48.
@bririshan yes its Joseph Gordon Levvitt. Inception as well.
Movie looks good so far, it would have been cool if Azriel and Deathstroke were involved in this movie. Oh well :/
Bane isnt suspose to be dum like they made him in batman and robin, hes an assassin ususally
@xPSYKOxLIBBYx What are you talking about the last film had zero political crap in it at all it was about Batman trying to finish off the last of the gang members in the city and the gang members hired the Joker who terrorized the city and turned on the gang leaders I guess there was an anarchist mentality in it but that was just some crazy joker belief.
The guy looks like( cant think of his name) the kid from thrid rock from the sun---who also played cobra commander in the GIJOE flick. I may be wrong but sure looks like it.
i dont understand bane.. what does he say?
Spoiler alert: Alfred is Bane.
@cameron73488 The Tumbler from the previous films was destroyed in The Dark Knight. The camo version seen in this trailer is Bane's (his own replica).
Guys , anybody see justin bieber in this, I thought there was rumor about him in this movie ! :|
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