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by BIGBANG • 56,744,246 views

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Why are there so many comments talking about whether or not this is "influenced by Black culture"? Who dafuq cares? It's good music with a good video, and literally EVERY ARTIST is influenced by either someone else or something else, so who cares?
Literally yes!! I totally agree! Music influences music, style influences style. 😍
T.O.P and his raspy voice is like OMG. And then his walk on top of that, I just can't. He's too perfect, I can't even come up with words to describe him.
+Oompa Loompa Right! But one thing I have noticed is that Kpop boy band fans might be a little...worse than western boy band fans, which I thought was impossible. Even 2PM, which is more like a man band now, lol.
that dougie is on POINT THOUGH!!!!! (3:25-3:50) the guy with the sunglasses in the middle was the main one killin' it!!! he was the most "turnt" in the entire video to me!!!
that is Taeyang very good in dancing
My first BIGBANG mv XD so many feels from this, I never thought this would lead me to be so obsessed with a group,or kpop , I miss them so murchh T^T they will be back soon....anyway Goodnight guys ^^
(technically long time no chat XD) yh man, how you doing? everything good? still an exo-l??
+Saif Khan  ahah true XD i'm doing fine working alot lately >.< yes everythings good what about you? and um if their real song title is actually call me daddy then im not sure lol
BigBang come back TnT
I can't take G-dragon seriously with that coat. Everybody else is fine but him? He looks like a freaking turtle.
Omg I didn't even notice till you told me xD
they could have at-least found a shorter girl for taeyang lol
Little guys r the best.
Still jammin' to this in 2015 ♥
It's one of my favourite Big bang songs :D
Well honestly, black music videos are not anything like that. Especially their fashion. Do black r&b and hip hop mv's wear clothes like that? Do they? And how is this copying American music? I think you're more mad at the fact that no one in America actually makes good music anymore. At least Korean music still has deeper meaning to the lyrics unlike hiphop and r&b. Since when did black people or I should say R&B and HipHop rappers and singers start dressing like that? Give me a good damn example and I will say I'm sorry. You're a freaking noob because Seoul is actually one of the top fashion industry and their fashion is a lot better than HipHop and R&B fashion. If you want to talk about copying clothes and music, show me some proof and then you can say that Koreans are copying "American" music and fashion style. Half of the freakin' fashion comes from the other side of the country anyway. Black people didn't start wearing skinny jeans and nice leather jackets until just three damn years ago. 
+ZelAA Inspir.  all you have to do is read or watch interviews and they admit which is why I don't get why k pop fangirls don't admit it. Bigbang admits it pretty much all of them praise "black music".
Woah girl I read everything until I hit more lines
At some point in March last year, I watched this video. Before this I had seen some songs like Fantastic Baby, and Gangnam Style, and I Got A Boy. I was interested, but I was in denial about it, and I wasn't sure about getting into Kpop entirely. But when I watched this video, I realised there was no point in denying it any longer. This video marks the turning point in my life where I decided to give in to Kpop. And I have never looked back. It's because of these kings of Kpop that I was introduced to the queens, 2NE1. I experienced my first debut with WINNER. My first survival with iKon. I discovered the healing and calming music of AKMU without which my stressful times would be so much more so. I discovered SMTM and K-hiphop. I felt at home and a part of the YG Family. I discovered the funny and chilled-out sides of idol's personalities which are so different from their charismatic stage personas. I found out how hard it is to pick a bias and so decided to obsess over all members of all groups the same amount :D I have a whole new vocabulary of terms like stage, comeback, visual, vocal, maknae, mathyung, unnie and oppa... Countless words which mean something more to us. I've started learning Korean, watched a KDrama. My iPod has just as much music in Korean as English. I've discovered the culture of a whole new country which I want to imbibe. And it's all because that day last March I clicked on this video. BigBang, Gamsahmnida. Thank you for giving this world to me. And always, saranghaeyo <3 I can't wait to experience my first BigBang comeback with you all this year. Hwaiting! :)
the construction workers expressions while they passed by were the best. haha
inoerite? xD or the guy at 0:17 xD
+marmargotjams oh my god I didn't even see him xD ohmy godd this mv kills me xD
as i said in another video,the rap sounds much better,when the korean bands sings it.
+Danish Grey You mad or nawh? 😁😁😁😄😄
+Kris Blue no,she had an opinion(sarcasm;-) :-) )
Did I just hear 1 of the dudes say "Nigga" o-o (Sorry, I don't know who he is xD I'm not a giant fan of BIGBANG you see)
+Noemi Vida in this song, they say "니가" but yea "네가" means I/I am in korean as well...
+Noemi Vida +ZelAA Inspir.  Ohhh ^~^ This makes so much more sense, as my friend and I were having a debate whether or not "Nega" meant "I am" or "You're" :D
Elias Sanabria Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
sorry im a bad boy but you are a Good girl
Did they film the MV somewhere in Brooklyn, New York??? Because they place where they are looks familiar to me and it looks like I've been there before!
OMG I know that place too! I've been there. I don't live there, but i recognize it! WOW! But, they do film a lot of their videos in NY
i just wanna go there and just be all like omg they touched that pole and that side of the building and then id most likely fall and cry cause they are so perfect
Can someone plz tell me where they filmed this in? It looks a lot like a neighborhood near me where I live in NYC. Like uptown Manhattan or the Bronx... Or is it another city?
Who is the one with blue hair?
Probably the only kpop singer i like
it sounds like he says sushi fun XD hahahaha 0:40
They need to stop appropriating black culture. They need to be unique and not copy someone.
Your username is BelieberforLife, so your opinion doesn't matter. Not that it would anyways
+GabeOFFTHEWALL your opinion doesn't matter either because its YouTube understand?
Asians are the best
Can't get enough of this #1 in my heart!!
They fight cold with dancing for VIP ❤💪
Début de malade ♥ J'vais essayer de l'apprendre par coeur ;) > dur < BIGBANG - BAD BOY M/V :
Now show me a proof of TOP's ugly moment. Anyone? I haven't seen a single one.
+Athalia hahaha that scene was hilarious!
Is it just me who found it really annoying how GD's hair kept flying into his face while he was singing in the beginning?
Lol its funny that you mention it because in an interview, i think Go Show, GD mentions that when he had his like that it would get in his face and during concerts and stuff he'd have to tilt his head to the side and stuff lol
+izzy hi ikr that part was so funny.the way he tilts his head
Um sorry im new to BigBang but whos the one with blue hair in this?
Blue hair - TOP Long hair - Jiyong (GD) Red coat - Seungri Blonde hair - Daesung With glasses - Taeyang
Ok so I just started listening to Big Bang and I don't know their names. Can someone tell me their names and which ones they are please? C:
Black cap + green jacket = G-Dragon, Yellow hair = Daesung, beanie + sunglasses = Taeyang, Blue hair = T.O.P, red jacket = Seungri
Not imitating black culture bc this is the hispanic part of queens lol. Just dunno what i think about all the non-asian girlfriends tho.
they will comeback in april.. ^^
Yeahhhhh BIGBANG♥ 
A lot of kpop is influenced by black culture. It's literally fact - they're in an urban environment wearing clothing associated with hip hop (esp GD). Of course all artists are influenced by other artists so just accept that they were inspired by black culture and move on. It's not an insult to them or their culture but to deny this is racist. Look at G-Dragon, he's the perfect example of this point. I rest my case.
...please comeback.
whos the guy with heaviest voice?
Turn it uP is T.O.P
es el T.O.P¡¡¡¡¡
Love da one with da beany, red jacket, and the blonde one like to DIE FOR 😘😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😱😎😎💖💘💋💗💞❤💕
Am I the only one who thinks this videos are too short? I mean after every music video from BIGBANG I check how long the video is, most of them are 3-4 minutes long but to me it seems like 60 seconds. I can't get enough of them!
Can someone tell me hip hop korean with a chill vibe like this one. Ive heard a lot of this kpop songs but i dont like them very much. I adore this song though please tell me :(
Thank you so much I liked the exo k but i loved the 2ne1 song. Its so amazing thank you
I was searching kpop music when i accidentally clicked this..I have fallen for this song..Sometimes accident in life may lead us to something nice or either bad..
For me today is February 28 and three years have passed, I'm still waiting for the return of my kings.  #BIGBANGISBACK ♥ 
3 AÑOS!!!!!! no lo puedo creer...el tiempo pasa tan rápido. Aún recuerdo el día en que llegué corriendo a mi casa para ver el estreno del video... ♥Big Bang I LOVE YOU♥
oh my little hedgehog g dragon! HAHA 
DaeSung is cute af and TOP just... Ugh, dat sexy walk doh.... <3
honestly the song good boy by teyung and GD should be called Bad boy and this should be called Good boy
In the beginning i think it was Drake, the voice is quite similar -
Was this filmed in NYC? I feel like I've been to the places where the boys are
It looks like they made this video in Philly. Im saying this because of the train thingy above them. Who know I could be wrong.
Ah okay, I just figured cuz Philly kind of looks the same. Well its good to know ^.^
I came across Taeyang first and didn't know he used to be apart of this band let alone even know what this even was. I then came across G Dragon after finding their video together of Good Boy, so started to listen to G Dragon a lot more after and now came across this band/them again.  Who was the lead person of the band? I would have thought G Dragon but this TOP person seems to be the lead. It's not a big deal but I'm a little interested in the history of this band and what not.
can someone please explain to me why gd looks like bulbasaur 
1:30 to 1:36... What the heck was she thinking?? You don't leave T.O.P😨😨
Has anyone else noticed that Daesung is bow legged? 
today 28/02/15 are 3 years since this MV was released <3
For those of you confused... black culture is very popular in korea... black PEOPLE arent... just like everywhere else! Fin
Il y a 3 ans déjà... <3 Pfff, ça passe tellement vite T-T <3
HELLLOOO!!! I am new to kpop. Can somebody, if u hav time suggest big bang best songs? i mean in some order
I heard big bang is havin a comeback soon. I wish to enjoy wi all of u
Let's play spot the white chick!
I love how all the guys are like "Baby pls don't leave me." and then TOPs just like "Don't touch me b*tch!" xD
T.O.P. 😍 i love this song 🎶
This is the first song I listened to from them. And I already just lost my tomboyness.
You should try other songs like: monster, fantastic baby, blue, love song, haru haru. They are solo artists too. GD:one of a kind, crayon, crooked, heartbreaker, the leaders etc😂Taeyang:eyes nose lips, wedding dress, i need a girl, where u at, love you to death. TOP: doom dada, turn it up. Seungri: strong baby, let's talk about love and Daesung has songs in japanese 😊
28 February, 2015 years! 
The guy in the yellow hat is BAE 😍😍😍 lol
Lolol fun fact: His real name is YongBAE ;) 
The song is basically about all of them trying to get their girlfriends back but they're rejecting them because they're a bad boy and the girls are a good girl ;D American music is basically all about sex and drugs and this song is about love, no sex, no drugs ;c
Uggghhh! You clearly only ever hear mainstream music. Maybe you should take the time to find some real artists. please stop lumping all American artists together just because that's all you hear on the radio.
+Motherfucker Jones Ah, My bad. I meant most American Music and I don't listen to the radio qq
Wait a sec.... I just noticed they are not speaking English.... 0_0
Big Bang should get back together
They are still together :)! They are working on their comeback.
TOP has the best voice out of all of them
+Chrisy K His voice is really deep and unique and stuff, and whenever its his voice, rapping or singing, i enjoy the song.
Sisilia Wang Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:
whats the name of the dude with the blue hair
T.O.P (real name Choi Seung Hyun)
Umm lol I kept hearing nigga in the song lol , maybe I'm just hearing random stuff
내가 (naega) means I am
Who knows the names of these models? Especially that asian one with GD? Tell me pretty please (☻-☻)
I asked about models.......
+ren rayen oh sorry, my mistake. I have no idea who those girls are.
Who is the blond guy ?
hai..d na to healthy..naaadik nquh ke gd...huhuhu!!!!
Rosa D'Liss Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Adoro essa música. Adoro o som que eles fazem.  ✿◕‿◕✿
lol tbm amo essa musica
why does GD always have that UHHH sound first before he rap lol z starting of the video 1 to 2 sec ? by the way where is this place they shoot their mv for bad boy ? lol 1.20 taeyang height does not suit that girl lol haha and taeyang probably drop his cap after dossing his cap and drop on floor lor 2.22 to 2,26? haha and now from bad boy to good boy from the new mv ?
im pretty sure this area is near the Queensboro bridge, near NYC.. i always go there all the time. 
ic is this in the usa? a place?
I think everyone was too busy staring at T.O.P but after repeating several times, I seemed to have noticed a man wearing a top(haha) hat and a large coat at around 2:00 and the best thing was he made a very sharp turn for some unknown reason! I don't know why it was just me who noticed it!!
+marmargotjams he's just like "great now i'm going to be late for work" xD omfg this video makes me laugh more than it should
"There's a guy with blue hair up ahead better turn the other way" XD
i normally listen to punk but lately ive been listening to kpop a lot and i actually like it omg what have happened to me 
+marianne jl I usually listen to industrial metal and Norwegian alternative rock so I can feel you :D
I love the ending lol After they are done they just walk away normally XD
I know GD's leader but what about the rest of them?
I support vietnam artists! #USA #Carolina -@IMTHECAROLINA Follow up and we can cross-promote!
where was this filmed??
yeaah this jam is awesome. Yo yo yooo
That moment when ur the only one who cant dance :3 and the other 4 can >.............>
what's the name of the Turtle Guys?
who noticed "ZAMAAN MIDDLE EASTERN"??? :D
whats wrong with girls???they r ignoring bigbang huh ??? :D
I friggin' love G-Dragons jacket. It looks like be skinned cookie monster and glued it on his back. XD 
He sorry, the h and the b are right next to each other. Lol
sooooo this is "swag"in Asia? fuck off justin bieber xD
funny they have a song now called "im a good boy" XD
yup but i still love them <3
lol they all still have their hairstyles from FANTASTIC BABY
Actually this came out before fantastic baby
컴백좀하자 제발..
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ수많은 알파벳 댓글을 제끼고 발견하니 왠지 반갑다ㅋㅋ
+Lianora Kawaii  GD is actually right in the middle, both Taeyang and TOP are older than him.
I know, I read his wiki wrong. I thought it said 29... cx
kakachi Moh Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
What does M/V means .?
HOW????!!! HOW THEY LOOK SO PERFECT?! I think i'll go crazy... i want comeback:'(( ♥♥♥
I don't know they're born to be perfect <3
Sarah Zaraa Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Je la kiff trop!!!!
Hey c'etait juste Harry déjà et les autre ils s'amusait.. Et pis l'âge ça compte Pô👍😄🆗
♬(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Does anyone know where the video was shot at? I would really like to know.
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