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XBOX 360 Update Explained

by WoodysGamertag • 257,839 views

Ratings Collection Sound - This feature is only used by customers who participate in media rating panels such as those run by Nielson. This collectiong fgeature is off by default. When enabled, a...

Can you give the download link of the update!!
انا اكرهك يا مخنث
Stop spamming. It just makes YouTube cluttered with comments that are not about the video. If you have great videos, people will come. It takes patients.
I just bought a digital optical cable for my Xbox (slim) and I'm using the old RGB cables for HD. These cables have a optical port on them do I need to plus my optical cable into the RGB cables or into the Xbox its self? Great videos by the way.
woody what happened to mail monday?? and if you're working on it can you take mine maybe?
ikr woody everyone bought their console for a reason
Lopez from Missouri at times for certain at work
Hopefully That Last Part Saves Cod4
On outro i skimmed the mail monday video and saw how to cheat girlfriend lol
Wait I have a question, so u dnt need xbox live just to update the version for xbox right?
Ratings Collection Sound - This feature is only used by customers who participate in media rating panels such as those run by Nielson. This collectiong fgeature is off by default. WEhen enabled, a sound is played over your speakers. If you have a collection device supplied by Nielson this audio will be used to gather media data. If you are not participating in a ratings collection program, enabling this feature will not do anything.
So wireless scufs still work? Cause I'm thinking of buying one???
im not sure woody aaha , but i know for sure , the wii is where its at
Mr.Woody, Thats a hard question for us all. However both consules have their own positive sides and negative sides. Maybe after the release of the PS4 and the XBOX 720 i think both consoles are so improved ( like having the same processor in bot consoles) it would all be about your own opinion. Which still led to a console war... I bett you, you dont know what console i have...
Really someone who tries to buy every console isn't a no life , and a person who buys one game a year is a no life ? Lets be rational...
no, because there will always be stubborn and ignorant people :(
By hackers and crackers he means Asians and white people
Sorry about the commas thing as I didn't realize it. And I apologize for upsetting you because it's obvious our brains read things differently. Apparently you have a short temper like myself or as I like to call it "A quick bullshit detector." One last thing, if you're actually Russian, all further negative remarks I revoke. Simply because Russians are FUCKING AWESOME!
that ratings collection sound i turn it off the buzz sound coming through my hdmi cable on my dashboard screen stop buzz
Help I have connected to the internet xbox live but when my xbox is downloading the update it stops and can't update
you lost the argument. i can tell your clutching at straws your repeating yourself now stop while your ahead of yourself
hahahahahahahahahahaha............. SHIT FRAMERATES HAVE YOU PLAYED XBOX
The ratings collection sound is that little blip noise when you get a message, invite, achievement, etc. Hope that helps.
do an video on the new update for mew3
it made under-mounted shotguns for assault rifles more powerful
Y'all are all retarded. Games are the best.
Ya. Halo started with Microsoft. It began on both Xbox and Mac/PC.
Dude salt is hard as fuck to crack. Whoever made salt was an asshole
Any one esle notice that he got a message at 1:56
That's not a hardcore gamer that's a no life gamer.
Graphics DO matter, however gameplay is more important. I do deserve to play games, since I want to. Consoles are NOT. FUCKING. BETTER. How many times do I have to repeat myself? Many, MANY more people agree with me. People who side with the consoles are obviously sucking Microsoft's and Sony's dick.
How do you record your xbox screen?
1:57 Learn to check your dam messages! lol jk
both of you, its a matter of preference, some people just don't like having to update their PC to play the latest games every year (or have the money). More 'hardcore gamers' are on PC, but a lot of people will just play on console because, it's easier and usually cheaper and any simple minded person can run a console without having to install a bunch of programs/drivers etc. like on PC, I don't have anything against PC, but I'm more of a console person, and I dont have the money to change that.
My Xbox can't update and I can't connect to Xbox live without updating status code 397f-0000-0080-0300-8007-2751
"If you're a guy that runs into crackers in your games..."
Ya you started the "shit talking" when all i said was Xbox 360 has better perks. I've played PS3 they have cool things (Little big planet, God of war, etc.) Im just saying most people think that Xbox live is so expensive so thats the only thing they trash about it. Im saying they're wrong because its very cheap like i said before.
lol. PC players are laughing at the console wars. Its just pointless fights... Im a PC gamer and i like both consoles.
wow, the 360 dashboard looks really nice
im going to take a stab and guess you have pc or wii if not xbox and i say xbox as choice 2 because i randomly picked one. i do like one more but i think they are all depend on personal preference.
woody! I'm from nc as well!! what part of nc are you at?
well from the looks of it, your an ignorant fucking brit, who cant even post a polite comment. people like you get laughed at. so HA FUCK OFF.
it doesnt have adobe flash player.......
Mail monday?? if you're still working on it could you take mine maybe?
fight me man. you have literally no idea what i have seen and done. so calm your vagina
that does not make any sense. sarcasm IS the lowest form of wit. dont believe me google it. sarcasm is a basic joke. say one thing mean another. i dont hate it its just not that funny
the other guy said something about his priorities being fucked up buy people thumbing up my comment
when it gets banned, EVERY butthurt kid will ask their mom to drive then to D.C and get their dads to demand to get it unbanned lol
Lol woody is so old on his profile
no but all it is all person favoured some poepl like ps3 some like xbox some like PC if you hate others for liking a different console then i say you ain't a real gamer, gamers should stick together not fight
i have the update and its the best! somepeople are asking how to update it not wrking weel the send you it and update and if you dont get it you will have to wait untill you get it
enjoy your shit framerates on most games except for cod
how do you get that from what i said. if anything you are the slow one. i said people agreed with me and you bring priorities into it
who gives a shit about avatars
Console wars and PS3/Xbox bashing is pointless as EVERYONE bought their relative console for a reason.
Aha, I must say your very patient for an American. I hope I didn't insult you. But being from Russia, English not being my primary language, I get upset when Europeans or Americans correct my grammar. Yes, I do have a very short temper, I can't use that as an excuse for my hostility. So my apologies... and yes... we are pretty fucking awesome ;).
That fucking update lasted me like 15 minutes and I thought it was an upgrade of the dashboard when I saw it was just nothing.
i agree. and for those who disagree look at it like this. with your pc you can swap out old outdated crap for new fast crap. on an xbox, ps3, or what the fuck els you cant
@TheseCrazyGuyz Yes scuff starts with the original xbox controller not 3rd party ones
Shtupid. Gaming PC = 20x better then a console, so yes, there are pc's made for gaming therefore we can compare and say that pcs are better but i cant afford one
on my XboX 360 it says :a system update is required to sign in to xbox live, but the update is unavalible and im using wired xbox live from my laptop PLZ help
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