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TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 17

by TeamFourStar • 4,527,608 views

Episode 17: A Lovely Bunch of Dragonballs Cast: Takahata101 - Dende, Guru Lanipator - Vegeta, Kuririn Megami33 - Bulma MasakoX - Goku, Gohan KaiserNeko - Zarbon, King Kai Little Kuriboh - Freeza...

7:36-8:36 Vegeta: All I have to do now is stay under the radar and not fly around like a jack--- saying  Krillin: I've got a dragon ball!! Vegeta: I was gonna say Come and get me Freiza but THAT WORKS TOO!!  Zarbon: I might as well as hide under a rock maybe freiza wont find me if i just lay low and dont fly around like a jack--- saying  V: COME to papa YOU BALD -----. Krillin talks to bulma while im saying this Me: Well at least gohan is a smart person and not flying around like a jack--- saying G: IVE GOT A DRAGON BALL Me: DANGIT GOHAN I WAS KIDDING
That's the type of dialogue that make this series hilarious
Zarbon's question why is Vegeta not naked is not that ridicules. I mean why would you want all the dirt and bacteria from the armor to get into the healing process. Not to mention the first time Vegeta was healed after leaving Earth he indeed was stripped and put into the pod.
+ShawnthenonBeliever Pretty sure that was "Watch Dogs".
Anyone else notice Bulma was humming the Dragon Ball ending music?
+Treyworld I loved Dragon Ball. Z took a big turn from Dragon Ball. 
Yeah Z did take a big turn from Dragon Ball. Know what it was? TURNING THE SILLY TONE OF THIS INSANE WORLD SERIOUS.....AND ALIENS.
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-Lord Freeza, Vegeta is really giving us a pounding. -I'm coming Zarbon, quick, grab my balls!
+Jorge Beltran at least people whose mother tongue isn't english can understand some parts of this épisode that they couldn't understand.
Funniest part in the entire abridged series so far.
When Vegeta Comes out  of the water How does his hair stay strait up?
Because you touch yourself at night.
+Darrian Howser ...And also because sex is good for health ! ^^
9:18 Bulma: OMG he's so hawt, I just want to grab him and... Goku: 69, 70, 71 Notice the 69 Also the transition from bulma to goku, then to Vegeta was a nice touch
Calling it now, Zangya (the girl from the Bojack movie) is Zarbon's girlfriend.
+BA Senpai Zangya WAYYYYYYY too strong for Zarbon
Zangya would wreck Zarbon just for looking at her tbh xD
6:47 - 7:08 It's a sad day in your life when you're outsmarted by Goku of all people.
Yay another team four star fan 😄
Vegeta: I've got a lovely bunch of dragon balls!  doodoodoodoo Vegeta: Here they're all sitting in a bunch!  doodoodoo Vegeta: One star, two star, all as big as my head! Vegeta: I give them a toss, a planet across, that's how Vegeta wins! Bye, bye! 4:46 to 5:06
I just realized a continuity issue. How did Goku see the Fake Planet Namek? It was the established that all of that was Krillin's nightmare. So how would Goku see it?
+mcfry13 It doesn't. Just something I never noticed after watching numerous times.
Ah Continuity... She is a fickle bitch.
Vegeta:I've got a loveley bunch of dragon balls dodododo here they all are sitting in a bunch. one star two star all as big as my head give em a toss a planet across thats how vegeta wins bye bye Me: XD Oh god he's hot and funny! Bitches beware!
Wow SuperKamiGuru's unraised hand years old no wonder he's so wise he's ancient
Vegeta, what does the scouter say about this episode's innuendo level?
I'm about to blow my load all over your insides... no homo.
Lol. My favorite characters, like Super Kali Guru and Dende, are voiced by takahata, A.K.A, a fuck-mothering  vampire!
+Dylan Vermillion and it also shows that i am real super sand legend
Hahahahahahahha... loved it Bulma: oh my god is so hot i just wanna Goku: 69 Hahahahahahah incredible. Vegeta: im just gonna blow all my load inside of you
Zarbon: Vegeta's really giving us a pounding Frieza: i'm coming zarbon ,quick grab my balls! Ginyu force : laugh  XDDDDD
cuhhacahamm, You are now Thinking about what Zarbon Did to you while you were unconscious ................ have fun with that
If Vegeta ever got immortality he would never get stronger because he would never be within an inch of his life
yeah, if you think about it...he wouldn't get beaten. technically making him the strongest in terms of endurance if he was immortal.
Anyone else sense a little stewie in freezer?
quick grab my balls
I think... I think Zarbon was bi.
"I just want to grab him and, 69!" XD
Smh freaks me the fuck out!!
Zarbon and Freeza's interactions are fun. Lol.
1:55 completely understandable reaction
In case no one noticed the song Bulma's humming is the song in the end of every episode of the original Dragon Ball
Bulma: Kill it with fire! Tristian: Thats right sister! Burn the witch!
Wait, Vegeta never saw Porunga or Shenron so how does he know what Shenron looks like in his dream?
That was not my intention. Oh!  That reminds me!  *throws dog biscuit at Guldo* Guldo:  Grrrrrrr...  >:(
Frieza: Ginyu, hurry up, double time! Zarbon really screwed a pooch on this one! Zarbon: Lord Frieza, Vegetas really giving us a pounding! Frieza: I'm coming Zarbon! Quick, grab my balls! *awkward silence *snort *maniacal laughter
Pause at 10:24 looks like vegeta game the best head ever !!!
5:15 well the back of his head looks like a butt
"Later bitches." -submarine noises -   That's the best thing ever in this episode. 
I was expecting the death of that freaking alien genotipe too.
You should be nude inside the healing tank ... seriously
Best Birthday Present EVER! x
He hung up on me how to hell did he do that
You have to love the transition from Bulma going "I just wanna grab him and-" then Goku saying "-!69!, 70 70-" and Vegeta saying "-!1! time you beat me"
I just noticed the broly reference, and I've seen this video 50 times. Lol.
Vegeta:I've got a lovely bunch of dragonballs do-do-do-do 1 star 2 star all as big as my head! I toss them across the planet toss thats how vegeta wins bye bye!
when scar trys to use the bird as a radio
best episode by far!!!!
Vegeta: later bitches XD
4:46 makes me want to watch richard diamond xD 
Vegeta kills so many dudes in this saga :(  Barely any in the Android.
Poor Zarbon, he's just eccentric
Dear Freeza, |_)_)
They're all a bunch of morons: Krillin, Zarbon,and Vegeta
"My power is maximum" I just got that reference, lol.
Dragon ball z is the best
Somebody make a loop of vegeta at 4:52
Does anyone else think that tfs gaming should have a goku gaming channel
Who does the artwork in all of the thumbnails? (or most of them rather...)
I finally got after years why frieze said grab my balls
if i spamed what                                                                                                                                                                                                  would you do>!>!> <!> <!>
Vegeta was already one of my favorite characters..I didn't know I could love him even more XD
I literally blasted laughing so hard when they we're like "You didn't raise your hands... THAT'S HOW OLD I AM!!!!!"
"EEEEEEEEEE!!!" - goku
I'm about to blow my load all in your insides (nohomo) boom!
4:25 simply best joke in all of DBZ: Abridged
4:30 the most funniest thing in abridged history has been witnessed 
Okay, I have a hypothetical question:  What happens if someone whom is immortal is totally obliterated in the same sense that Cell was in that every cell was vaporized into oblivion? Do they just pop back into existence or what?
I would imagine immortality would give you some kind of unnatural resistance - your cells COULDN'T be vaporized into oblivion. Or something like Buu - you can regenerate even from your ashes.
Think Greek Mythology. All the deities are immortal. But Ouranos was torn to pieces, completely disembodied and unable to reform a body. And it also depends on what kind of immortality you're talking about. The Greek gods had what is referred to as "True Immortality" where the person is eternal, never to age or die unnaturally or otherwise, which can be good, unless you meet someone strong enough to obilerate your body and leave you disembodied but conscious. Then there's the more common forms of immortality, which don't have actual names but generally mean that either you won't die by natural causes but can still be killed and you still age. The Norse gods had this kind of immortality. Or the kind where you won't age or die, but can still be killed. The gods on the show Supernatural have that kind of immortality. 
Omg whenever someone touches Vegeta's hair the only thing I can think is "His hair looks so soft. I wanna touch it >w>"
What is the joke with the note of frieza and a butt on it?
is bulma talkening about zarbon or vegeta
Guys did you notice that the names in freeza's family are all related to low temperature
I promise I will absolutely not- click, brrrrrrrrrrr gasp rrrrrrrrrrr Goku, I swear to God I will ride your *ss on this one! Oh myy! D*mmit, Takei!!
zarbon: i'm going to be completely honest with you. this is sounding really gay.  The irony hahahahaha isn't zarbon the gayest person in dbz. not that there's anything wrong with that
Hey if it were possible Nappa was able to go super saiyan would he grow blonde hair or just have a yellow aura.
he only grow hair on SSJ 3,so he would only have the aura and a yellow mustache.
Poor Zarbons girlfriend :(
+Onix Dow Hey, I dont judge him. 
Come to Papa, you bald bastard
I was going to say come get me Frieza, but that works too
I swear, I felt nuances of 'Bowling For Soup' all over this episode.
"I'm about to blow blow my load all over your insides... no homo."
his real name would be apple,but since its writed on japanese it is write as appule.
HA! Bulma was humming a girl worth fighting for from mulan. lol thats awesome!
No it was the dragonball english ending song.
I still don't get why there's a reference to George Takei. What did he do relative to DBZ?
Whenever somebody thinks what a person said is a sexual innuendo, they would play a track/clip of George Takei saying "Oh my!"
Vegeta: (singing) One star, two star all as big as my head Me: Yeah... I don't think they're THAT big, Veggie-San Veggie-San is what I like to call Vegeta
So I'm not the only one who does that? insert goku squeal here
Wtf why are there ads in this vid?
how is zarbon straight? 
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