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Away We Happened - Ep 2

by Wong Fu Productions • 2,399,955 views

Ep 1: Ep 3 Ep 4: Ep 5: "Away We Happened" is a new and unique web series where you...

The dying part got me
Hes joking no one dies
So can I swap bags with someone, a dream girl.
Just don't do it intentionally 
yeah because life's that good to us right!! hahahaha
I wish relationships could happen like this in real life
someday bro someday...
If I were Jean I would just meet up with Daniel first and see how that goes. 
Dem complimentary colors. 
"You're dying?" ...well that escalated quickly XD
holy crud i thought she was literally going to die... O_O 
If they didn't have their bags with them how could they have changed clothes
Why would they bring every piece of clothing they own with them in one bag. -.\\\
Because every state has a place called CLOTH STORE. Haha just say it.
Room mate: Jane .. you're dying .... ~ Sad song starts playing ~ Main girl: .......... Room mate: Mouths. I'm sorry ... Main girl: ........ Room mate: Pouts .... Main girl: No i'm not. xD Priceless
this is like a phone advertisement
It kind of is. They worked with AT&T to promote their new HTC stuff last year.
So basiclly in the last episode he wore diffrent clothes and lost his bag with clothes in it in this episode he wears diffrent clothes from last episode xD
She's cute but definitely can't act. He's only marginally better. It's too forced and stilted
LOL 1525 is my password to ....... I LOVE THOSE NUMBERS
Why did daniel say he needed something from his bag... but didn't get anything from his bag?
+Vincent Tan his professional camera is in it Its just that he cant get it until they meet
he also didn't get a muffin at the coffee shop.
You guys could really make good Korean dramas
You're dying..... intro sad song...... Im not dying
Wait! He said that he need from that bag something too!
Just finished episode 1. The fate of the greatness of this series lied in the hands of people in the past... Oh god :/
Oh my gosh, the "you're dying" part got me for a second
Wow! Roomies telling each other there dying!
She doesnt see her ex-boyfriend
At 00:11 what is that ringtone called and is there anyway I can download it?
i still dont understand how they have each others nubers in the first place
her roomie is waaayyy too funny! :D
Amy: Look Jane your dying. I'm sorry.................... Jane: No I'm not. That part was hilarious!! Soooooo funny.
Love the lying part
Holy shit, it's "Tink"!
ikr the guild was a awesome show!!!
"Jean, you're dying." Mouths "I'm sorry." "No I'm not." So funny!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Is it just me, or is there tons of product placements in these videos?
Dan will find letter and no
Look jean, you're dying. ............... No I'm not. I lost my head laughing there
Woah, my name is Gie cx
Yeah, I found that out too late cx
i started laughing so hard a little too much when the dying part came
Product placement, product placement and also product placement.
Hey its the girl from the guild!
Chloe this is for you
roomie mode?!?! +Abby Cheng SCIENCE CAMP WITH FRENCH COOKIE AND CARROT!!!!!!!!!
The acting is reeaaallyy bad but it's a good story. It's kinda hard to watch
These videos inspire me to get a new phone 
I'm dying.... No I'm not
i see you product placement  [then again i'm suppose too see you]
Damnit. She is so me..... :))) I'm the girl who writes letters to the guy she likes :)))
Are they getting sponsored by the phone companies to show the phones?
All the Wong fu web series are great
when she said you are dying I was like what :((( :D 
victor kim's ringtone?????
and roommates tell each other EVERYTHING
the product advertisement in this is mad! lol
the girl from the guild? 
I really like the roommate!
I almost fell over when they said she was dying!!!!!! Then I started laughing
it's the chick from the guild!!
This should be a k drama
how did i not know about this series earlier!?
seriously, beats by dr dre? like every where :)
Lol "you're dieing"
Eloisa Sarrial Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
A Mini Web Series ^_^  Away We Happened - Ep 2
Lin!!! of the Guild fame!!! Way to go!
Love this we show amazing
Not even kidding, this was put together so well. Love the filming and editing. 
I really thought it was real xD
Jeremy lin or just jeremy?
Omg I love this!! Wf productions keep it up XD
anyone know the ringtone used in this episode? When Jen called Daniel? couple secs in the vid?
Wait till they see their phone bill......they won't be so happy anymore
Ur vids r so pro & I luv Jen<3
I meant Jean... >.< Sorry my mistake I was thinking of the name Jane for a sec.
I survived to ep 3 but it was too awkward and script to wacth.
No. And it never happens
my name si daniel tooo
Usually the girls bag is organised and the guys bag is supposed to be messy
So much product placement lol
thank god not only me thought that was the cheesiest fuckign call ever jesus
Jen from headtotoe!!!! :D
Hahahaha 0000 is my lock combination for my phone
Budianto Layka Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Very exciting video
3:44 i just laughed. i didnt even think she was trying to be serious lmao
This is like Korean drama but they're speaking in English awesome :)
does anyone know what that ringtone is at 0:11 ?
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