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epic fail !

by vansOnLuke • 2,265,540 views

please visit for funny vids weekly epic fails laugh harder than ever before with these LMFAO pics

0:33 so this guy walks into a bar ok.
Okay, I laughed at 1:08 but only cause I wasn't expectin that one... but the rest is shite.
this is youtube, not twitter. so PLEASE DONT put a @ before a name and think everyone knows what its all about
how the fuck did i get here 1 minute am looking at lorrys then this? wtf
[iminent=mEmbwAgUWfOB] _____________ I have just posted a cool Emoticon!
the first picture in this video is just really really gross even the cat going out of the window that was closed awwwww!!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!
You mean NAZIS though, right?....hahaha!
that girl wit poop in the toilet bowl was fuckin' crazy... lol...
I am glad to see the like/dislike bar represent my current feelings on this video.
*definitely Ironic really that this was in a fail vid...
0,48 haben die ein schwanz oder was
at 0:55 that's my friend OMFG . GOtta tell him :)
why they looking up the skirts ewww
0:27 WONDER IF THATS HER PROFILE PIC...btw this video suk...v.v
o my god!!! the cat!!!! owwww! poor thing
0:50 lol thats a twat you would not like to tamper with
Can author tell me,what music is played in this vid?
Yeah I really don't understand what makes people laugh about such thing?
somewhat funny and the music was worse had to mute it
the kid and the basketball. that was called fatty was just plain mean. sorry but ididnt laugh
it really didnt make me laugh but ok
that why they press dislike there one pic we most hated of look like Adolf Hitler!!!
That was the first time they realized their cheerleader team mates were... guys.
Das ist nicht so lustig wie der name sagt
At 00:38 it's Hitler with glasses
1:05 at the but looks like crap
ورائع جدا جدا (*_^)
if i wanted to see pictures i would of gone to google images
Lawl I know I use to make those faces when i was a base
واش تحس به سخييييييييييييييييييييييييف هاهاهاهاها
the pic with the cat is not funny. Many many Cats die this way!
At 1:17, i litteraly said Dafuq?
No he's not an uneducated fuckhead. He's just shortening his words to type faster. Usually it's just a habit. You're just a grammar nazi, and of course, a douchebag.
00:35 That isn't a fail. That hurts.
0:26 ewww she forgot to flush!! :P ~
U must see the video :' SAMMY SPEAKERS CORNER ' NOW !!!!
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