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Sexy Loser: ABS TONED - Fitness & Diet

by JLovesMac1 • 1,165,397 views

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Sell me your bottled sweat, please
Beauty is about health and wellness. I like that
Do you have to drink the juice everyday?
It would be good to but if you can't then start with like three times a week with like half a glass. Then as you get use to it increase the amount and the days you take it. That is what I do when I have to get use to eating new healthy foods. At first it is yucky but there comes a point where I just get use to the taste or come to love it. 
Why would you juice the fruits? It seems like just eating them would be more satisfying
this video is really motivating.  Totally makes me want to go for a run! :)
Thank you boo with out you I wouldn't be motivated to lose weight thank you so so so much
You're super funny but you should make a separate channel just for sexy loser!
"DROP THAT BACON Oh I know you can't get off that banana spl...DROP THAT BACON." OMG I was dying.
Mahal kita Jarmaine.. Ur my motivation.. Keep it up.. Stay happy & healthy..
Okay I am not trying to be rude or anything but I looked at these videos and I have seen a HUGE spike in her boob size. Did she get implants?
you look like Mona from pretty little liars ^0^ ♡
thank you for making me want to workout
Lol ur so funny xox
can you recommend any foods that help with dizziness please im desperate been dizzy for over a year
I dont black out but I am dizzy everyday all day from morning till night :( i starved for 9 months eating 1 meal or less a day because my family had no food and now i feel like this for 14 months now:/ ill try to eat  more thank you
Be careful.. You're only supposed to eat 1200-1300 calories if you don't exercise. If you exercise, then you should be consuming more in order to replenish your body. It's really not about the number of calories, it's about the substances that make up those calories
How can I get rid of my love handles
I really wish we were bffs so u can drag my ass with u to wrk out!!!!!
You guys should check out Tati. Look her up on YouTube it's called Tati
You guys should check out Tati. Look her up on YouTube it's called Tati
Just google Morsch Muscle Madness to find out how a unique discovery made an ordinary guy buff.
omg i really like you! :D it motivates me :D
Girl! You are in good shape!! Go you!!! :)
40 pounds in the past 3 months good workout there and very good body I do encourage everyone to start a weight loss journey
jlovesmac1 when do you begging to eat healter and make sport?
You are gorgeous!! You've had kids?? You would never know....I had a c section and struggling to get rid of my lower pooch hanging over my scar. :(
thanks to this video, motivation, and eating healthy i lost 25 lbs in 2 months! thank you so much :) xoxo
How much did you do for each exercise ??
Beauty tips Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
your skin and your hair looks so healthy and I love the fact you have a really nice curves wihout all that fat but you don´t look like anorexic eather
i like your video!!! u so funny :D
hey what's a good work out for abs. i have back problems so whenever i do crunches or sit ups my back hurts like a betch. do you know any good workouts for the abs other than those?
Jarmaine what kind of underwear do you wear when you wear excercise clothes. I always get self conscious
women who are overweight are less likely to be promoted at work than their fitter counterparts. let us help. copyandpaste this into your browser.
i love these videos. you got perfect legs. making me wanna choke you through the screen!
so what looks good on so i can picture undressing you with my teeth
I may start with GOALSUMMER2013.INFO as many people say they are getting good results. has anyone else heard of it? just copy its name from this comment and paste that into your browser, to check their site
just love it. lol very entertaining and fun.
What was that last food picture, wirh red and green berry-like things???
fat burning diet program for women. get the domain below intoyour browser GOALSUMMER2013.INFO
You should do a workout video so we can work out with you!!!
I've been working out for the past 4 days now and watching this video has helped me heaps! thank you. xx
It's been a year... Summer 2013 is almost here o_o. hehe that rhymed :P
your videos are fun to watch! It makes me want to exercise and have fun at the same time! :) more powah to you! :)
very awesome doing . you look sexy and to much beautyful
Whey protein?? Where do u get that??
I knew it!! You did have a boob job! Is that why you went through your anxiety issues? I did after my csection. :) but all good now
LMAO omg I love you, you are so funny yet still super informative! love it!
Okay good i thought i was the only one who knew that bicycle song
fantastic. you have inspired me. funny chick :-)
Hahaha..I can't stop're a f*^%ing riot! Very good tips all in all...Thank you, you are so fun to watch. Forwarding these to my daughter who just gave birth to a beautiful little Zoe Jayne back on June 8th. Thanx again!
We did conditioning at dance yesterday with crunchies of all kinds... My legs feel like jelly that's been stabbed by knives. But they really do work your core and especially if you add the legs with bicycles and stuff :D
was it necessary to wear excessively short shorts? lol..
just eat natural healthy food and workout 4-5 days a week. start with 15-30 minutes of cardio and im sure you'll notice the pounds dropping. also if you have tumblr or instagram they have great fitness pics and inspiration! good luck :)
Where did you get that sweater from?
Is there any straight man who actually thinks abs on a woman is sexy???
You should do cardio first to burn the fat :) and when there's not a lot left (appearance wise) you should start doing both :)
This is so helpful thank you!!!
She has not only the physical strenght, she seems to be strong as a person too. That is very beautiful.
I bet you feel like Mulan! You are so strong!
I think I've found a new YouTube obsession:)
get the site below intoyour browser. -lose weight and look beautiful GoalSummer2013.infO
you think of feeling my warm moist tongue
thanks for the great imfo im gonna try ur way.
Im muslim so im fasting now lol i cant eat anything!
How much weight can you lose in a month?
your my motivation... stop running for too days lol i'm going back
Hey, have you tried "BellyFATtack"? Just google it. There you can get a practical free video by a successful medical doctor talking on how you can reduce body fat. This helped Andre to get rid of his stomach fat. Hopefully it will work for you also.
thats all i do at the gym, the hardest is the bycicle for me...
I wish I had* enough motivation to start working out, it would be cool ,
You don't have to be the same ethnicity as a person/character to feel like them.
I luv luv u messie low bun at the end of the video u sho do a have tro- on tht low messie bun ~.~
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