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The Great Head Shaving!

by TS • 6,647,867 views

On January 14, 2008 I shaved my head because I bet that the cowboys would go to the super bowl and well i lost! So here is the video from that

why cry, i mean come on, you knew what you were in for... there was a sold 50/50 chance it would happen... plus hair grows back, as it grows back try experimenting with it...
I hate the cowboys too but isn't this a little extreme? You couldn't have had her eat a bowl of cobwebs or something? Maybe jump in the pool in the middle of January? Oh well it will grow back.
She's still pretty either way ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I suppose for what's essentially a land mammal she's alright
Holy shit, what a freaking crybaby. She makes a stupid bet to begin with, never taking into account the consequences if she actually lost (which you always do before making a bet of any kind. Number 1 rule). She didn't even have to go through with it if she didn't want to, yet she chose to do it anyway, and then she sits there and sobs about it like she's some sort of victim. Girl, I'm sorry, but as the old saying goes: you made your bed, now lie in it.
+Zirnon247 The point is that she didn't even have to make the commitment. She wasn't being held to anything. The whole concept of this is just ridiculously pathetic to me...
+Mykaela Sanchez i actually agree with him I mean i feel sorry for her but she did make a bet, if it was me i would shave a patch of my head but hair grows back.
Your a trooper. Fuck and a woman of your word. Fuck that I hope everything and everyone around you is just as real as you. Cheaa.
Don't make stupid bets like that and maybe you would've kept all that pretty hair.
Ridiculousness brought me here. 😂 Who else?
Thats really dumb because i know you have to keep a bet, but you guys could have stop her and the man from shaving her head because TBH she was beautiful until you shaved her hair, i mean not that i think your not pretty its just wrong to shave your hair.
That's classic!!! Don't see why she was crying tho she knew what was going to happen if they did lose. She made the bet now had to deal with the outcome
Quit your bellyaching!!
I have a heartache for her ;'( 
Il y a des actes humains que je ne comprendrais jamais... What you can think about this... Every people around the world is crazy...
Because someone made a stupid bet then uploaded the video for views? Yeah, I feel terrible for her.
Omg thats sad.I would have never made that bet.Especially on the Cowboys..haha
I'm not the type to feel like I need to comment on a video but here's a little message to you keyboard worriers ... This isn't mean what is being done in this video you heard at the beginning she's doing it for a reason . The reason this lady is crying is because we all get attached to our hair it's a part of us , she is having her shaved off so she is removing a comfort blanket and it's an emotional time for her.
warriors you fucking retard
I don't get it, it's just hair...I would shave my head and wouldn't even care, like it's going to grow back and you can always wear a hat
You say that and I agreed with you until I shaved mine, I'm a guy with a nikki sixx type hairstyle and I just cut it to try and switch it up, worst year of my life growing it back, never ever again.
She looks like she has downs, who crys like a little child cus her hair is cut of ..
I wouldn't even agree to something like this ever in my life. 
why follow through with a stupid bet? i would have said, fuck off im not cutting my hair. retard. Your family members are a bunch of hateful cunts.
Don't bet if you're going to Regret...😭😭😭
At least donate your hair selfish
Why agree to do it then cry?
Why would you make such a stupidass bet, especially if you're going to be that upset about it.
Good on you for going through with it! Shows strength of character!
u made the bet so now build a brige and get over it
Must have been awkward for the guy to just keep cutting her hair as she cried. Nerves of steel!
Hahahaha!! Dumb Bitch
this is kinda fucked lol
wow this is a very stupid person 
What the fuck.. A jokes one thing but why would her own family actually make her do this...Assholes
They didn't make her do anything. She agreed to the her. That's how bets work. Just because she's female and crying doesn't mean she can go back on her word. Would you give a shit if it was a guy? Be honest
Ya you got a point !
Support the cancer, but i hope your hair grow alot faster though
+Sang Nguyen she didn't do it to support... she lost the bet. shes even crying about shaving her hair.
Kudos for paying your bet. Big time. 
Why did her cousin say she is going to hell when the boy gave all the hair ???
You look like a boy with boobs eww
God what a fucking crybaby. It's just HAIR. Throw on a damn wig until your hair grows back and stop crying like a bitch. She was stupid for making that bet and nah I don't give her props for going through with it. I'd give her props for going through with it if she took it like a champ but she's sitting there blubbering like an overgrown baby.
ok i totally belief you in that part mamitachocolate i know its just hair, i put my hair in braids to help it grow.
You go girl You sutil look vary pritty your brave🙀
Yay ture she is all was pretty
Can you learn English bitch *pretty *very dumb ass go back to first grade you cunt
What a little crybaby. YOU MADE THE BET! You didn't even have to do it. And you still did it. Now you cry? Wow I wanna give the girl a real reason to cry
well it didnt look that bad, it fit u
All of the butt hurt in the comments here is giving me cancer make a bet you follow through. If you don't then what kind of weak person are you that you can't hold up a bargain? The situation did not call for the tears and blubbering so tighten your sphincters and grow up.
Why is she crying , she was just laughing , plus it's a bet she can say jk , too dramatic 😒✌️
Aww, I have a heartache for her </3
You retards why would do something like that fake friends I hope you now karma is at your door idiots
that turned into something very sad, they all had to give hugs to make her feel better..
You have no rights to cry because you did not have to do that
And also she went through with a bet, yeah she cried but she is brave.!
Lmao I am dyinnngggggggg laughing
She so dumb bc it's hair it's healthy if u shaved it anyways and it will always grow back.
lol it's like a trainwreck you can't stop
white people at their finest 
+Jayill970  真剣に?白痴。(¬_¬) 彼女が泣いた! したがって。彼らは愚かだ。
Honestly I feel the worst for the guy who did the shaving.  At the end you can see he feels like a dick for doing it.
"Oh my god who does that? You're going to hell!!" xD
Well then I'm sorry I attacked you. There are just so many other people who said that and meant it.
Son still cutting fuck that crying shit lol 
It's been 6 years now!!! It has to be grown by now!!! She is such a baby. It's just hair and it will grow back. 😒
I can feel her pain. I had to shave my balls last week for an oncologist appointment.
Beautiful hair. shoulda donate it to cancer patients. dont cry its gonna grow.
Why is she so sad think about the peeps with cancer :(
It is ok don't cry stay strong
"I dreamed a dream of time gone by..."
Fuck the Cowboys go redskins
you brain dead birds xd laboratory animals kinzel fuckers suck off
You cud've bet of money! Y hair? Thats so dumb...
At least there was no money involved as far as I can tell. Hair grows back.
New idea.. shave your head challenge!!! Cancer benefit cause!!
Why did she shave her hair??
HAHAHAHAHAHA are you just learning how to curse?
Wow, that was mean :(
That got awkwardly silent reeeaaal fast
as if she couldnt get any uglier..
Congratulations, you had to luagh at her while crying? She is you F-R-I-E-N-D got it? You cant luagh at her. The best thing is to hug her, that will make her feel better.
You are a bitch it's just your hair! Jesus
I'm not trying to head or anything but it was just a bet you could've easily said no I don't think there's a reason to cry over it being your own fault that you decided to go or make that bet I'm sorry but I don't feel bad for you
she shouldve at least donated it
Is she laughing or crying
+Reyja Quiqui No but I'd cry if I was a Cowboys fan like she is. 
+Reyja Quiqui Oh please, she's not getting her whole head shaved off. Just her hair.
should have betted this year. 6-1 just saying....
I wouldn't let someone shave my hair off even if I lost a bet fuck them
why . she chose to shave her head so why the crying... she chose to do that!!! 
theyre cousins, not friends.
The girl took on the bet knowing this one simple thing would happen, also knowing that, since they're all family, they probably wouldn't have made her do it if she decided she didn't want to after all. By the way, it's just hair, this shit grows out of your body on its own. Or you could even buy yourself a whole wardrobe of new hair styles and colors, cause people do that too. 
what would you have won ? ps viral video though
+Lucas Musser that doesnt answer jack son!
+Mattaction 90 if you dont have nothing nice to dont say it
Alcohol and football.
I hate sports fans so much
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