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Top ten epic songs

by newgenisis • 315,014 views

My top ten epic songs. Orchestra and choir. Fear the crap quality.

damn that intro...all i read was "new genitals" 
needs o fortuna and requiem for a dream
Never mind...sorry..they are right there.
Listen to Ameno by Era
This should be the soundtrack if they ever make a movie about Chuck Norris's life.
Shitty list... if u want real uplifting orchestra listen to: REACHING by audiomachine..... Now that's fucking music
I find it a bit to peaceful :3
Fighting over the last retros at footlocker
As i listen to this , i imagine myself at a war : p
What about requiem of a dream?
centaur was used in the hobbit trailer! (or something similar to it)
Going in: I hope O Fortuna at least makes number ten. Coming out: Nooo!!!! Classical music has died! Still great songs though. I enjoyed it.
Is it just me or does that magicka song remind you of pirates of the Caribbean..
OMG IT´S SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ika Merdekawati Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Musik ini yang membantu saya dikala sedang down, dan musik ini juga yang mengubah hidup saya 180 derajat. Semoga hal positif bisa terpantik dalam diri saudara melalui musik ini, sama seperti yang diperbuat musik ini dalam hidup saya. Selamat Menikmati.
Lychee Grew Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
The deep spirit of the times 1724network dan....?
I am actually glad that you didn't put Requim on this list, for the fact that the track is just so over used it becomes boring after listening to it so many times...
more like 58 300-pound men and one open toilet...
In every top 10 most epic songs there is always Heart of Courage in my opnion EPIC ENOUGH!!!! :D
my bad #4 is soul calibur refrence
Listening to this music makes me feel my swag level increasing
"With an iron fist" is the best. I might use an iron fist to club 16+ dislikers.
Wtf....Why did the last song was so strange,,,why did I see all thoes things on that song?????
Nonono, Top 1: Immediate Music- Crusade :D :D
Two fluttershys, both of them back down
1st song was outstanding. Loved it! ;)
please tell me the name of the picture oon the #1 song
at one point it sounds like singing "apina vie sut kotiin" which means "monkey is taking you home" in finland :D
50,000 obese people. Half a chocolate bar.
I think he might want it back... just saying,,,
you should have done "in the hall of the mountain king" that song is so absolutely awesome.
6 people don't understand taste in music
This got me through the hardest shit ever. Thank you very much for helping me release the demon from within my intestine.
was magika used in pirates of the carribean or any other pirate movie?
Catch the falling sky always reminds me of Ben Barnes' sexface in Dorian Gray... Not that I mind ;]
you missed " 399 violin orchestra" an this was added on my bday hahaha
No dude. Listening this destroys all swag from you and you become true gentleman and everybody loves you
i love this video, suprisingly, i had heard most of these songs before...does anyone know where i can find the last picture?
is it just me,or does every song just sounds alike? but their epic nontheless
8 should be 1 in my opinion , im a mass effect fan
If a song doesn't have latin singing, then its not epic.
I'd recognize my 2Steps anywhere!
who thinks that "Two steps from hell- Heart of courage"should be the final song thumps up :)
Awwwww... I thought Aqua Vitea would be there.
You want Romeo, you’re not worthy, you’re cock thirsty. You’re nasty and probably got Herpes.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 is the most epic song ive ever heard by a land slide. jebus help me
2 overly obese men at a hostess market... 1 twinkie left...
Heart of courage two steps from hell is a victory song for winning the war between good and evil! Not just ganondork but dark link
#2 reminds me of the Dwarven chant in LOTR when the Fellowship is running away from the Balrog in the Mines of Moria.
I think this video came out long before the Hobbit...
I would chose almost the same songs, exept that I would put All or Nothing-Brand X in :)
Flameheart would be a perfect song if Hollywood made a movie of The Warrior Heir. You know, now that I mention it, I need to call them. Right now.
anyone got any suggestions for music about epic battle between darkness and light? cuz i need something to play while i write mah novel :)
This just made me orgasm a little xD
Thanks for the tunes. ........ most excellent ☆
Number 7 is my favourite !!!!!!!!
excellent choice of music and perfect mix!!
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