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Sexy and i know it; Awesome dance! trying to make it world wide.

by Olivia Hippensteel • 1,865,776 views

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Dog in the back like... Dafuq am I watching??
watching some hot ass girls dancing
Hmm...found her phone number. Weird. +1 (717) 524-9269
Girls, you need to show some ass, too much running man there.
+Destiny Cooper I don't believe so.  With a 3 minute plus vid one must mix it up a bit.  Assuming you are a female only proves my point (meaning not just horny guys feel that way).  The vid would be better with at least some shaking of the butt.
the best of the video is the dog
The girl on the left is pretty cute
I fucking loved when you picked up your dog like YEAH BITCH haha
i can do way better then that haahaaaaa
i would like to see you prove it show me yout titties lol rofl foreal
0:17-0:25. Dog thinks," What the heck? ". :D The sound woke em up. x]
This looks like something I would do at a sleepover but its cool that you had the courage to upload it.
hey thanks girl would you like to talk got like a facebook or messenger get back to me
They were doing this for fun. Whats with you girls being mean and you guys being pervs -.-"
lmao you guys are amazing. love it!
Haha awwh there's a dog in the bed! x)
Soo the girls bra strap..0_o hahhahahaa
why are you warring white suck with black suck?
oyşhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boşaldım beyler
this reminds me of a work out session video._. no offense
Damm oh yess baby move your breast for me ;) <3
Someone needs to tighten her bra straps.
Come on babies!!!... you can do it better
The dog is all like "what the fuck are they doing."
Hahaa, Reminds Me Of Something My Friends And I Would Do xD
That boobs are sexy and i know it !
did anyone notice that the right girl has two different socks ?
what my at dances better when she has rabies??? thats makes no sence
does anyone else see the dog in the background! :)
im 11 going on 12 and ur a pervert and i hate u to the fact ur a perv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha look at the dog he's like omg why wount they just fucking hurry up dred lol!!!!!
one day your probably gonna regret ever doing this
Is this the dance from the game just dance three for wii
that akward moment when the dog gets more action than you :/
Lol awesome I was just looking at all these funny videos, I can say Africa has seen it now
hate it when bitches go on youtube and ruin dances like fuck this look like one of those gay work out videos like bitch gtfo youtube
Not sexy at all. Girl in blue look better
Wiggly..tht was the funny part..!
really sexy which one would you guys bang id bang the blond one
You are not sexy and you don't know it.
The Dog is like. " Ya'll White girls cant dance"
Love those massive boobs. 0:10
Making it world wide? Fuk try getting central AC and a sports bra 1st.
Shut the fuck up! Bet you cant even dance that great! All that matters is that they had fun while doing this.
Dogs just like........... "Wutttt o.0"
U guys looked like u where doing the Harlem Shake at the wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah part.
not the talkin shake ass in like the wobble or somethin..
i wanted to fix her bra strap throughout the whole thing
WOW the dog has back up dancers
this is a good cardio work out! saving it for later! lol
yall suck ass!!!!! yall cant dance worth shit!!!! looking like whores!!!! lol shit my eyes are burned out of my head
You look really hot with the falling bra straps. You should make more videos like this one. Nice moves too!
I was looking at the dog on the bed the whole time...
The blonde reminds me of the first Bring it On movie when she's doing the Spirit Fingers at 1:35
She picked up her dog like YEAH BITCH
Haha I luv the wiggle wiggle wiggle part xD
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