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Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #116 (Week of June 11th, 2012)

by Rooster Teeth • 405,158 views

Jack and Gavin take over AHWU this week to talk about Lollipops, Chainsaws, Stupid Sunglasses and more! Enjoy!

Holy crap, Gavin actually found some sunglasses to match the size of his nose!!
Gold Digger by Kanye West!
omg Gavin you silly willy. 
jack has glasses of pimps
The way Gavin dances, I'm having an orgasm!
Goddamn it! Stop cursing me out like that! I don't need anyone's shit! Do you not see I'm in a fucking bad mood right now??? Stop calling me a fucking slut or slagg! And I am NOT a whore! Mess with me again and I'll get you back!
Whute was the song they wher dancing to
If you're talking about the one in the very beginning that they were dancing to, it's Gold Digger by Kanye West & Jamie Foxx
DANG BOY!!! Those are the largest sunglasses I have ever seen in my entire life! =O
Which MLP:FIM remix is playing in the intro?
0:11 I'm dying. I'm dying. I'm dy- I'm dead.
guys can think other guys are cute it just depends how you think of them as "cute"
Gold Digger by Kanye West at beginning
I only watch AWU for the background.
"It's pronounced JONES. JO-NES. Come on, it's a common name"
Is Gavin coming to Supanova 2013 in Perth coz I'm going
Gavin looks like shaggy from scooby doo
Just watching Gavin dance like a idiot what about you?
Replaying the first 20 seconds, wbu.
The only person that probably has experience dancing is Michael, he's from jersey haha.
I love Gavin so much. He is so fucking funny. Achievement Hunter in general is hilarious :)
I'll miss you Gavin I have those glasses but hearts and gold and blue and maby wider hey jack don't call Gavin stupid love you ray golo
i just died because Gavin was in the same country as me and I didnt know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I wanted for Christmas was Gavin Free, *Sniffle* I did not get D:
so what about the WWE games they're made by THQ?
I to got my birthday stolen from me... Sadly
Well then you're no fun.. Get the fuck out of here, you're not a true Roosterteeth fan.
why do the glasses suit gavin so much :|
I love the whole crew though, they crack me the fuck up
this is why i love Gavin the best!
I bought lollipop chain saw...ummmm don't recommend it, don't recommend it at all..
wutisdis mlp convention party
Just watched this video at 343,343 views. Seems fitting to say the least.
I love how michael dances on Gavin :D
im telling u guys man Gavin is from the 80's, look at those sideburns
Jack's dance at the beginning makes me laugh everytime xD
what was that thing that gavin shot at jack?
Yah! Mah Birthday was that day :D!
Austin texas? hell yeah me 2 :3 i wish i could play some games with you guys not fair lol D:
0:53 Why do they have 2 cameras filming him????
Wow there is huge mistake.. If u look very closely, you can see camera reflects in Gavin's glasses... You are welcome world
what song is that at the beginning that they were dancing too
What was the song in the intro.
oh my god these assholes are ruining my life <3.
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