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HAPPY WHEELS COMPETITION! - Fridays With PewDiePie (Episode 30)

by PewDiePie • 860,834 views

BARRELS violated my camera! Quality sucks now :S Hello and welcome to my show :) .. FRIDAYS WITH PEWDIEPIE! It's my weekly check-in with my bros my subscribers. Check out the descp for more links...

I love how PewDie in the beginning said something about his home town being like the best place ever, and how he's like "I'm not leaving my roots" But like now, he said "I want no affiliation with Sweden." He told his mother, and she like cried. It's so funny.
LOVE WHAT YOU DO!I think you are amazing and cool :-) BROFIST
You are such an amazing youtuber, never stop making videos as you light up many peoples lives with your vids. Keep doing this bro and from everyone BROFIST! It's hard starting on youtube and you made it so far and you were always grateful from 100 subs to 30 million so I respect you. I've been a bro since the start and you inspired me and others to even consider youtube. So keep it up and ignore the haters and remember those who are loyal too you as there's a lot of use!
Pewds play tiger simulator its really cool:-) BROFIST!
thechieflifts he literally is better than you you cant even upload a photo for ur avatar
Your videos suck and the content is terrible, please stop making videos
Dude you're two years too late
If his vids suck then why does he have the most subscribers on youtube
I just found out that my cat like your videos, pewdie
I was making my cat watch it too, but when the blood went everywhere, she looked away!
Your an ideat thechieflifts
Pewdiepie please play the webster nickelodeon!
jeg synes du er for sej og du bare dig selv hele tiden, jeg håber på jeg får chancen for måde dig, engang når jeg er i sverige. brofist from Denmark :)
I HATE BARRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's Pewds video in 0:50 ?
it was pretty hilarious. i watched them on my phone. maybe its still available on mobile?
Most of them are not available, I only found one, I think I'll just give up. But anyway, thanks.
daw i luv you to pewds!
Pewdiepie ur the best man who ever lived u live FOE EVER EVER
This was made a day before my birthday...
barrels can go fuck thereselfs when they think they can beat you pewds. your the best :) BROFIST!
Yesssssssssssssssssssssss this... Is so fucking aweshume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fucking no more barrels aaaaa
I got a intro for u...u r da irresponsible dad in happy wheels and while ur going through a stage a harpoon gun is rightvthere in front of u and u sacrifice your son
I wonder if pewds hatred for barrels is from the wii game legend of Zelda skyward sword because in the weird squid lady boss the barrels roll over you.
it's from amnesia
The fucking barells
Stephano pewdiepie in minecraft is a creepypasta slenderman Ben the rake mothman ticci Toby lafting jack eyeless Jack and cry.
Mack more fu*** happy videos plz
Happy wheels roocks
Pewds your the best :)
Pewds is going to a LoL place
Pewds your the best :)
Say hi if you read this
Sup, will u brofist me?
why are you moving:'(
i fucking love you pewds
NEAR 16MILLION claps more claps i like claping * more claps*
when did u lean english
He learned english in school in sweden he didn't move to the usa he lives in britain.
The intro is funny!!! XD
I love pewdiepie!!!! PS. I'm a girl not a boy!!!! ^ ^ - FRIDAYS WITH PEWDIEPIE.!!!!!!
...why is mentioning your gender important?
Why is Fridays with Pewdiepie episode 23 deleted?
I was noe of pewdie's first subscriber
took you about 5 sec to realize that the camera was filming.
Like this if you are amazed by the subscribers Pewds got in one year.
Pewds, you really say nice things to girls, but guys actually think that its gay xD whatever, we girls like it an we DON'T CAAARREE!!
When pewdiepie goes to Italy is he going with his girlfriend cause she is from Italy
Fucking funny the intro stephano!.....stephano!
Man I love the intro music u must upload it on YouTube please and can u do a shout out on one of your videos please it'll make my day thanks bro fist yo biggest fan Benjamin Issac Latham
pewdiepie is the coolest and he is the onley friend i have
Thank you! about time someone told this douche bag
"We don't punch here." *Only barrels*
i did it i watched all of FRIDAY WITH PEWDIEPIE XD
you eating chicken nuggets slow motion
What part of your body is your favorite? =3
Fridays with peeeeeeeewdiepiiiiiie
Hey; I BroFisted you PewDie ^__^ *BroFist*
why are there minecraft videos by random people in the video responses?
without beard you look like 17
On frdys with pewdiepie can you put a bike helmet and nickers and dance to (they se me rollin they hatin) stay awesome bro baeee
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