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Sai, Naruto and Sasuke Make Jello

by fightingdreamerspro • 746,610 views

Sai, Naruto and Sasuke make jello. It's like a sitcom, but with more screaming, body-part jokes and sharingans. Check out our thank you to youtube for 500 subscribers video here:...

Some nights I just kick back, put my FDP playlist on shuffle, and let the madness consume me as I drift off to sleep.
Same here, some nights just call for it!
Sasuke: I'm learning, okay? I'm memorizing the technique as we speak! Me: THE ANCIENT TECHNIQUE OF MAKING JELLO!!!! Yeah, you'd want to learn how to use that technique, just stuff it down someone's throat! OORRR stuff it up someone's nose! XDDDDD
XD true you a cool person Jinx
Go back to doing naruto videos!!!!! I miss them 😢
Holy place ow sasuke that hurts JELLO!!!!!!
LOL. "Are we talking Sakura sized cup, or TSUNADE sized cup?
i hate the JELLLLLLLLOOOOOOO so much
That was pretty crazy and how did it taste? I have made jello many times but not orange flavoured jello using actual orange juice and just for the heck of it I would like to see Naruto, Sasuke and Sai cook a Christmas dinner.
This video brings me back to my weeb days. Still love you guys so much ♥
Hey sasuke what's kicking can I help again
i never make jello befor
Lol I like the parts when Naruto tries to get the jello.
And never did we see Naruto actually getting his fix of jelly.
Naruto said they where japanese why are they speaking english
They live in Canada. They are cosplaying japanese anime c.haracters
is sasuke a girl here?
i agree most girls that cosplay guys are really good some not so much but i agree
I thought Naruto was the one lecturing Sai.... XD
is naruto drunk on ramon???????????? :D
"JELLOOOOOOO"                              - Naruto -
Seriously Naruto. Do you always think cup means breast whenever other people say it. =.= You're a weird one...
Fightingdreamerspro Check Them Out
Are we talking Sakura sized cup or Tsunade sized cupe lol Naruto xD
lol 3 am just give the jello to naruto
That was good jello I took at 7:00Am
cute!!! it seamed like there was a hint of SasuNaru at the end or is that just my yaoi fangirl brain :3
twinfool your cool have made croos over naruto and kindom hearts it would be cool also responed if want talk about it
Sasuke: come back to bed Sasuke u really want him in bed O_O
I know that Sai is a Girl. I think that Sasuke is being played by a Boy and Naruto...... I have no clue...... No offense to anyone there. This video is awesome. You guys do a really good job.
Only naruto is the real boy
Jabari Joyner Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
"Are we talking Sakura size cup or Tsunade sized cup?" I died.
Wheres the English?... were Japanese! DAMMIT!
If nova is a girl then y is her shirt open
You know whats werid when it got to 3 am it's 3 am when im watching this video o-o
i love you guys, id love to cosplay with you guys
Hey Ajalina Barret don't be so mean ! I meant is sasuke a boy are girl in the video
THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY i love jello!
Naruto: "How about this one? It's about 5 inches..." Sai: " If that's what you think is big enough..." Naruto: "I think it's big!!! What's wrong with it!?!" After all these years, I can't believe I never caught that...... I see what you did there fdp ;)
Two are girls. The one that plays Naruto got a sex change and is now male.
i think your guys cosplays are awesome :) XD
I can't believe this was 6 years ago... I've been following you sense about this vid and I'm just sitting here all proud and shit! You guys've come so far, it's insane!
I know! The testosterone injections made a big difference.
You guys are amazing cosplayers!! This is one of our favorite skits!! <3We hope to be just as good as you guys!!
i didnt know sasuke went to home ed
i think this is due to the fact she is being saske if not the idk
Want moarrrrrr naruto parody xxxxxxrawwwwwrrrrrrxx
naruto doesnt say nuuuuuuu he says JELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Whoever plays Sai is freaking awesome. Sasuke gets annoyed and stops him and Sai just mutters he's gonna kill him *snorts* and he probably would too!
Aw the ending should've been naruto getting the jello but he ended up not liking it haha
This is so funny! I like the part where Sasuke drags Naruto out of the kitchen and he's all like JEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
turtles are better than snails !! my computer sucks !! sometimes it goes fast but other it goes really SLOW !!
Naruto: -looks down- it's 5 inches Sasuke: I don't think it's big enough Naruto: What? I think its big enough Sasuke: I don't think it's big. OMG, you don't know what's going through my mind xD
Naruto: "whats a spoon?" XD i died!
"hey sasuke what' kickin'.....Can i help again :D" EVERYBODY SING ALONG
Sasuke: Now we need too... *turns box* Put it in the fridge. Naruto: I KNOW WHERE THAT IS!!! *slams fridge door into Sasuke* Sai: I bet you would...
Like if you've ever sang Naruto's Jello Song while making jello yourself.
i see what they did there...LOL XD
it's a guy and i think his name is Luke or sumthing like that =)
Opps spilt some sorry sai! Lol ROFL
I used to watch tis and I didn't understand that. now I do and every time I hear it I laugh. xD
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