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La Roux - Bulletproof

by LaRouxVEVO • 18,640,293 views

Music video by La Roux performing Bulletproof. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 8,877,218. (C) 2009 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

Omg when I was little I had the biggest womancrush on her! She is so pretty! I don't know why people keep saying she is ugly because she clearly isn't.
shes not that pretty 
I think it's just her makeup. Without it she looks absolutely FLAWLESS! 
She looks so ridiculously fucking stupid hahahahaahahah
+Sick cunt Yeah but that doesn't mean you call her ridiculously fucking stupid and laugh
So many bullies here... You all have a big mouth behind your computer While she is enjoying life and shares her music with the world. l bet if you'd met her, you'd be very nice to her. Because you have no reason to tell her stuff like this. it's her own style, she never would tell you ''you're style sucks'' because everybody is unique in their own ways. l work on an music carrier as well. and l've learned a lot. l see people tell her ''you're ugly'' ''her face is annoying'' ''Creepy chick'' Don't you have anything better to do, Than ruining someone's life? Perhaps not. Because you're here lonely behind your computer Fighting with people on Youtube Making others feel down. What if l tell you, ''you're ugly'' ''your face is annoying'' ''you're a creepy person'' l'd bet you feel hurt You would start an convo with me. And fight with me behind your computer While you have pain. But people also just could be nice to each other. Here's an golden rule One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated
She looks like someone from panem In the hunger games !!!
+Rasta Mon minus the unbearable whining.
Fun fact: The vocals can be played on piano using only the black notes. xD
+The Courier You're a lot of fun at parties aren't you
Like if your watching this in 2015
+sp4rtan148 The sad part is that people keep "liking" these shit comments...
this song is epic. who cares what she looks like. Susan boil doesn't look what everyone expects but she can sing.  
I seriously thought this was an 80s music video
Yeah? That 2010 cgi really looks retro... /sarcasm
2014 peeps where ya at?
Watching this Feb 14th 2015 :)
With all that makeup she still looks like shit.
+MellowMatt why were u watching this video, I'm not saying its wrong of u to not like her music as thats ur opinion even though i personally really like her music. why r u so mean to her when she's done nothing other than do something with her life. jealousy. also u realise that when u post something mean it can be read and taken personally sorry to write an essay or sound hippy dippy cause I'm not I'm just saying ur making ur self sound like a twat of course i don't know u and I'm not judging I'm merely saying how others may judge u
Well maybe she isn't putting on makeup to look good and impress...she's doing it for the fun of it not everything is done for the emjoyment of others
She is ugly, but the chorus is catchy! I have to say, a couple months after this music video came out, I saw it on TV and I honestly thought it was a boy at first
+MurdocFuckingNiccals I agree. Except I'm bi, so no change is necessary. XD
Hi, my name is John F. Kennedy and I will be singing Bulletproof by La Roux
thats so catchy. I sing it all the time in dance class.
Pitch Perfect brought me here ;)
Jajajaja saame😂 This time baby I'll be bulletproof🎶
Wow, so much hate from big tough people behind computer screens! I remember when this video first came out. I didn't really like he song, but I loved the video & her style. I still do! Being who you are and embracing it is one of the most amazing things in life.
like if ur watching in 1709
Silvia Lac Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Been there, done that, messed around. I'm having fun, don't put me down. I'll never let you sweep me off my feet. I won't let you in again. The messages I tried to send. My information's just not going in. I'm burning bridges shore to shore. I break away from something more. I'm not turned off to love until it's cheap. Been there, done that, messed around. I'm having fun, don't put me down. I'll never let you sweep me off my feet. This time baby, I'll be, bulletproof. This time baby, I'll be, bulletproof. I won't let you turn around. And tell me now I'm much too proud. To walk away from something when it's dead. Do, do, do, your dirty words. Come out to play when you are hurt. There are certain things that should be left unsaid. Tick, tick, tick, tick on the watch. And life's too short for me to stop. Oh, baby, your time is running out. I won't let you turn around. And tell me now I'm much too proud. All you do is fill me up with doubt. This time baby, I'll be, bulletproof. This time baby, I'll be, bulletproof..! This time...I'll be...bulletproof..! This time baby, I'll be, bulletproof. This time baby, I'll be, bulletproof..!
When my daughter was 10, this was here fav song. She played it a million times!  It is still on my itunes!!
Cute. I love her and all her lyrics are really good, and love her! SHe has a very good taste ;)
The fact that this song has 18 million views gives me hope that someday my poorly-produced rock music will go platinum. 
Sorry but she is most ugly women i have ever seen
Still more beautiful than most women today
I will say this. She has a beauty of her own. It's unique. Like every human. Her hair is freaking amazing. And I really love this song. And it's meaning. She is no super model, but in fact you've probably seen worse. She's famous and most of you aren't. So right now. She could care less about any of you who says that she's ugly. She gorgeous in her own way and no one can take that from her.
Yeah ! Haha the last part where you said " nobody can take that from her" it's kinda wrong, people can bash her face or throw acid on her so it's possible for anyone to loose they unique looks ...
La Roux became a time traveller....
When I look at this video, it really looks like a concept for a K-pop group like TVXQ or 2ne1.
+CutiePieKitten12 I don't care about the singer or her face, it's the fact that you're a toxic piece of shit for no reason.
True, but stop complaining
Watch where you're pointing that hair, Elly, you'll have someone's eye out in a minute!
Judith Petrova Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This time, baby I'll be bulletproof!!.
Sis, you are playing good music! :D
OMG,i was listening at spotify when i heard the first beat i thought that it was familiar to me then i looked at the singer/title song bar it was La Roux. it brings back my memories as a child when i was listening to it, i knew it that it was something i already heard but forgot it... that was a boring long story that i just typed, wow claps hands slowly
my dream pop collaboration would be La Roux (on synths and vocals), Tuneyards (on co-vocals and drum loops), with St. Vincent (shredding on guitar). Oh, and Robyn could do some kooky dancing in the middle of all of it :P
Darude - Sandproof
I was thing that that place was in a bath room but I love this song
why is rick astley singing like a girl
Shes a really good singer
You should see her live. 10x better than her recorded stuff :3
5 years on and people are still listening to this song. Just shows how amazing this song is, and how bloody incredible La Roux is. ^-^
I think her hair is unique no one has it like that and she is a gorgeous woman
anyone watching this in 2015? it may sound stupid but i am 
Yeah keep the beat onnnñnnnnnnnnn😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
When I was 5 I was scared of her. Facing my fear. Still quite scared of her 6 years later- fuck.
i love her accent and her voice is amazing
lol had the hugest crush on her when I was like 13
Hey, back then, this was a good looking music video, until the future came in...
Am I the only who thinks she kind looks like a dude?
I she or he a girl or a biy because she looks like a tomboy
What do you mean 'biy'? If you're trying to say bi or bisexual, that's not a gender. Bisexuality is a sexuality. And she's technically a female but she refers to herself as gender queer (she doesn't refer to herself as being male or female).
wonder if that white and gold dress is bulletproof?
I rather like the song, but watching this video makes me thing it is almost like it was made in the 1980s and inspired by what the late 70s and early 80s thought would depict the inside of a computer a la "TRON"
+A Eliza I wasn't saying I didn't like it.  Growing up in the 70s and 80s, it was kind of nostalgic to me.  I drew the reference to TRON (the original movie), mostly from the character in the movie "BIT"  who corresponds to a lot of the graphics used in this video (although they are much better resolution in this video that "BIT" ever was.) and a very brief appearance of an unnamed program that had a similar style of "hair" to what Elly has in this video. Clearly computer processing power has come a long way, and the graphics are far better, but it did have that "Oh I remember when..." feel to me. Though I will say when the makeup she wore didn't draw one's eye quite so much away from her eyes, I definitely like it better. I enjoy the video.  But I also enjoy the song apart from the video.  It was just an opinion that came from my observation, and I can practically guarantee, you put me in a room with 99 other people, and my opinions and observations will be different from at least 96 of those people, on any subject.  I'm just that weird. :)
+Scott Burton   I know that you don't hate the video. Yes, I understand your reference to "TRON" concerning "BIT". Also, I do understand what you mean about the "Oh I remember" part too. It always happens whenever we make the link from something that's present to something from the past. I too have opinions on most subjects that differ greatly from most people, especially those from my own country. I don't believe that it makes us weird. I believe that we're just being ourselves & that we're different. Being different does not mean we're weird. It's a good thing in my opinion.
This video i'ts a Kz map counter-strike.
She is a good singer and I love that song and she is pretty
When the fuck 5 years passed ???
where can i by that white jacket!!!!!!!
I used to be obsessed with La Roux but sadly my friends weren't :( it's nice to relive her music!
I'm here because of pitch perfect....
She has a striking resemblance to Rupert Grint...
She sayin everything with no feelin
Bulletproof remix is better
Watched at 17,895,779 views, Comment when you watched!
18,501,969 (rewatched lol)
Victoria Robin Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This time baby I'll beeeeee bulleeeeeeeeet prooooof Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Me and my bro r the only ones that can sing this song
+sp4rtan148 Be cause the songs hard for the rest of us to sing, Lol
The. Peple who bulle. Laruax Is. Sdpid
She should have a flake in that hair though!
que mierda de canción me vengo a dar cuenta de ella y por un remix que si esta bien!
hey evrerybody, Iori Yagami is singning
Man this thing is fugly .....
She is clearly one the best singer ever and she is pretty ;)
I love this music so much!!! She is so pretty!!
This video is so creative
Hey, you're an amazing human being. Go you.
to be truthful, she's pretty dam sexy.
why did I ever stop listening to this
i saw her in lewisham lmao
I have nothing against her I think that she is pretty but i dislike her makeup.
I know that it is meant for the video i'm just saying that I don't like it that much to clarify.
Man, he needs to install the latest update to humanity.exe - there's a patch that fixes some recent bugs in the software, such as: -Fixed muscle degradation bug. Muscle mass is now retained without having to train all over again -Removed excess fat storage bug -Fixed sporadic error where motivation.exe would fail to launch. -Fixed organ degradation bug + Disabled illness system. Players now only log out when self prompted or during PvP. -Fixed: Common sense now added to all versions. -Rewired o
ummm, la roux is a female.
"Look at her appearance, ew so gross." Yet almost NO ONE comments on how Lady Gaga looks.
Actually a lot of people comment on lady gaga's appearance, hence the reason everyone says she has a dick
Maybe this time she'll be commentproof
A great female singer, that is far better than all those other trashy singers relying on shit songs. Awesome!
And she is bullet proof say what you want to say but nothing is true except for "SHE'S BEAUTIFUL" ! try to beat that reply-ers !
yex (no typo there) yex type yex and right click SEE WHAT IS SHOWN
shes pretty, but some of the makeup she puts on in the video makes her look kinda weird
yeah and we all are different and like different things and have different styles
Toy Freddy Friend Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Super Cool and Catchey
This song is cool, and she is cool is there any more thing to say?
I remember this from when I was 9
She is female and gender queer
i came here from moviestarplanet..
Lol I came here from memories
This was a very easy music video for her to do. All she had to do was walk, sit, and pose. 
sorry that there's no twerking and such slutiness like the artists you prefer :-)
Kristen Richard Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube: flashbacks with this one fuckin 200 I thank u for the many years....the GoodTimes and the fkn BPM <3 luv ya two hunge
+Kayla Walsh  Her hair reminds me of a sundae. Definitely a hairstyle that stands out!
i lOVE that hair style she has!!!!!
Ferenc Egyed Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
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