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Soulja Boy ft Tyga - Be Quiet (Music Video)

by DeAndreWaySwagg • 771,491 views

Soulja Boy :!/souljaboy Tyga :!/Tyga SkateBoy : download :

Lol that random guy sitting there lol
made her strip like fishbourne daughter AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OK SB LOL
that shit at the end is funny when souljas almost swearing at tyga
Be quiet bitch paper time
they both killed this shit ha!
The beat is sick tbf. please check out my music please opinoins and feeback please
SouljaBoy can't rap -___- Tyga tore it upp ^ lol
Tf Souji Boy I thouyght you lost ur style...WTF you doing rap liek this more I think I your going to be back on thge top again.
soulja boy used to be sick now hes just repetitive and very bad
type in Dread Hefner- Taste Like Water feat. Bravo Banks fuck wit us...... beats n vids
look at Soulja Boy's eyes at 2:10 lol .
Soulja needs to just be a music producer not a rapper he aint got tha voice]
why did tyga make a song with that lame ass fool
ha ha ha Soulja tell Big Or Bitch wtf ! garbage tyga the king beast! *LK* for ever!
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tyga é muito melhor q soulja !!! sem comparação !!
they probably gave him a written rap by a good rapper so that he could keep up with tygas swag and be on his level u swear solja boy knows how to rap lol
All I Can Say Is... Woooaaaaa!!!
soulja boy had an awesome flow in this
Fuck me tyga mm! Fuck blac chyna
ANDREW3446813 is a fucking dunbass
UHM! So did Souljah win because he kept quiet longer there?...I'm honestly asking the rules of this. :/
Lol. We all know who made this beat. The nigga in the chair. Ahahahahaha
damn were you concious when you wrote your comment? you said "Tyga is da shit"
Damn yall talkin' shit! T-Raww killed this shit! Him and Soulja boy ain't on the same level!
my 2 niggas and stop hatin on soulja
still waitin for lil b and tyga
they both killed...but my nigga tyga went in
1:28 Tyga Ima do my own thing Soulja: Ima copy you :) Tyga: Aww damn dude lemme do me
This is his old flow actually. Just listen to songs like "Talkin Bullshit" and "Backseat Action" He just doesn't really do this anymore so it seems fake
i though soulja boy was wearing a bennie fck that nigga , snapback boii !!
this nigga have on pajama.... this isnt kid n play
y when soulja rap wit other people he kill shit
they both fresh and look the same
god tyga gotta embarrass everyone whos track you get on
soulja doesnt even say the right words to his own verse. look at his mouth compared to the sing....
Soulja kills pretty much everything, yall just aint listening.
Omfg tyga+soulja boy whatha fuc.king combination dude! Like a fuc.king bomb c; or best as far i know..
There needs to be a "Youtube's Top dumbest shit ever Channel"
Lmao I'm just laughing cause you see this other guy in the video bobing his head to their music.
The video is dope but why dos Soulja got a fitted on ?
why u gotta hate on soulja i feel he did good video sucks cause of the audio and i like this shit go hard suck a dick u brooke niggas everytime u comment he gets paid two cents so saying he sucks get him paid lol
Soulja was still rocking fitteds
The way Tyga's dancin to soulja's rap, i would say he's the one that actually wrote it, cuz that dont even sound like Soulja boy's flow
why does soulja boy have a fitted hat on
nigga mean muggin better keep dat s**t on hush mode!!!!!
Dope as fuck I like tyga's voice and soulja's swag #nohomo
That has got to be the best I've heard Soulja spit since...forever. N*gga u killed Tyga on tht beat!!!!!! UGLYboyz 4 Life!!! SODMG n*ggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzz
hahaha soulja boy nominated worst hiphop artist EVER
TGOD punk ass nigas won't go as hard. Wiz got Record Labels, views on YouTube, and his brand of shoes. Top that off!
Tyga is the real shit. soulja boi is just shit..
Brasil RAP Music ... /watch?v=HWZqpS3TWOc
he still got it but now he into swagg rap thats what he said in a interview
Why does soulja boy videos look like photoshop garbage
Shut Up Hating Drake Gay Singing & Stuff
Soija boy neva went wack he just hiding
A lot better than I thought it would be.
SOulja should rap like dis more often
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