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Penumbra: Overture: Scared Playthrough - Part 1 - INTRO - Lets Play Walkthrough Playthrough

by PewDiePie • 766,287 views

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who is watching this in 2015? :D
6:29 "I'm pretty sure I'd have a straight face, unless I'm scared." Oh, Pewds. If only you knew...
Did you that the word "penumbra" is the moment when an object covers a light in a way to create a very weird shadow when two shadows combine in something called the shadow blister effect. You can actually learn about it on vsauce
yeah, we were learning bout it in science. Something about the solar system
Oh my god, this was the very first video I saw of Pewdiepie... I remember having played Penumbra: Overture and wanted to see other people doing it too. Then I found this guy which I thought was hilarious, and when I saw that he was Swedish (I'm from Sweden) I got happily surprised and decided to see if he had more funny videos, like his Amnesia videos. He had about 25 000 subscribers by then and was pretty much only known in northern Europe, mainly Sweden. So I subscribed to him and it has been so interesting seeing his channel grow during the years, I never thought he would actually become the biggest channel on YouTube one day..! His videos and his fans changed a lot during the years, but I must say I still enjoy being subscribed and watching his videos. They still make me laugh :) Thank you Felix for all these entertaining years! Brofist!
who is watching in 2014 ???
You guys are right to be scared. This game's scary as fuck, and the second game's even scarier. Third game sucks though.
I like how Pewds has changed so much over the years, here is is not even showing his face to us, but now he does all sorts of crazy, funny things.
I was gonna say "dat ending tho" but nearly 75% of the comments already say it sooooo, uh, nice ending...?
AHHH his accent used to be so thick. ;u;
I remember 3 years ago, I saw this video and subscribed to PewDiePie. Good times :)
Who else misses this Pewdiepie?
Actually.. He was too shy back then, I prefer him now. (just my opinion, tho)
i actually liked him more around when he was making the walking dead vids because he wasnt to crazy nor to shy
I love Pewds but.... his videos were more entertaining when he didn't make sex jokes and scream every 5 seconds... i miss this pewds ;-;
He sounded sort of Indian when he read that first note. Lol.
more like russian :p
Pewds needs to go back to this. I have a hard time watching his new videos. He just seems to be doing the videos to get them over with. Like he doesnt enjoy it anymore.
I love the old pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Holy shit poods didnt call us bros
That note at approximately 12 minutes in. It was dated at August of 1945. It suggested the Nazi army was still at war. But didn't the war end in the Spring of 1945? If that's true, then the dating of the letter is historically inaccurate. 
You improved so much in english since this video!
This was back in his good thick accent days. 👊 who misses those days?
Amnesha HAHAHAHA aw that's adorable.
Heh. Nice brightness, dude. Why you even have that flashlight out with that brightness all the way up?
It was weird that he just moved the barrels with no problems...I'm used to you saying "BARELLSS"!!
it feels so weird watching these oldones where you dont have the camera
i feel like i get  that old school lets play feel by watching this :D
Who is watching in 2032?  (I'm patient)
Emergency exit procedures... Oh, God I can' t read it... Oh, God we're trapped... Oh, God what's down there... Lol
I love pewds videos but my opinion he needs to use more apropriate langguage cause some kids that are still under 16 maybe watching this
Well in games like this it's rated M for Mature so that's about 17+
nice i love this game :) i'm so going to buy it ^^ 
Damn... the end >.< geez... D:
When pewds does his british accent it sounded so much better back then as it does now
Eren? I didn't know you liked Pewdiepie.... :D
:) Pewdies sounds fab :3 what am I saying.. HIS ALWAYS FAB :D
Just bought the game on steam, who needs sleep anyway. Pfffffff
What degree of difficulity is Pewds playing in? :o
Thumbs, if you are watching it in 2014.
Who cares everybody is
6:18 , seems some people like this by now...i think
It was a dog pewds 😂 a dog. Lol but i still loved it
anyone else see in the description that this video rating is TV-Y ?
Yea, U should buy a camera :3
Out of all of the people who were doing the same thing as him he became the guy with the most subscribers!!!
At the end man....i screamed then laughed my ass off until the nex video started
dat shit made me laugh so hard at the end
like this comment if you wach in 2013
well then you are in the future
LMFAO, that ending though!!!!!! hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa
Awe, your accent 😙 but damn my ears with that ending 😱😂
spits Look at Pewds handling tha barrelz so carefully, He was* to young to understand u.u
Which one is better to you fellow bros? Amnesia or Penumbra? My personal favorite is amnesia
oh, my god...Now i remember why i start to watching you:3 Pewds,What happened to you? You became another person. I miss you. Please come back!Q_Q
I guess its not a good idea to hold ur balls for the last few seconds of the vid...
Why isn't he screaming BARRELS!!! 
7:35 The lid of box goes through the floor
Samaslasher Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
didn't World War 2 for Germany ended before August ?
He didn't screamm BARRELS :(
Hello PEWDIEPIE i come from the future and im here to tell you that over 28 million people will subscribe to u soon!
Riley Smith Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Who else misses this anal nigger
Wow I've been a bro since 2011 crazy man
4:59 I was actually expecting you to go "when you the mornings gone and you cant go on" but then I thought I think this video was before that
I think the Beef Jerky is to fed de dugs :)
During the intro they spelled civilization wrong!!!😂😂 fail!!
in the last video the thanks for watching scared me!!!!
2:48 We can throw more Yak Jannels lol Pewds. brofist
Ah I want more games like this :(
bujaaaaaaa, that ending :D
Bank on mayfair? Mayfair is where DANIEL FROM AMNESIA LIVES! And Frictional games made both Penumbra and Amnesia :o
The older videos are the best <3
This is rated TV-Y as in all ages... lol k
Oh the nostalgia ;)
the only reason your narrating is because you are very scared of the game 
His accent was stronger and I love it ughhh
+Kasper Nilsson I said "The Danish accent is more or less the same." I didn't say "The accent is Danish". 
OMFG I just got so scared!!!1! The second the wolf came onto the screen my Youtube crashed. Flipping freaked me out!!!
Oh, so thats a trilogy? Hows named the last game?
we need to see u while u playing pewds.
#pewdiepieisGOD ever since i showed my cousin pewdiepies videos we literally have 3-4 hours of horror games than a hour of funny ones so we dont pee our pants xD
OMG that scared the crap out of me. No, not the dog PEWDS SCREAMING LIKE IT WAS A FREAKING ZOMBIE SANTA CLAUS
"Let's just take it easy....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I lolled so hard there. BTW dat ending tho
Best end ever and why are you so scared of a dog also yes I'm watching in 2014
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