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Lullaby Baby Bedtime music - fisher price

by 2010csmc • 36,059,359 views

Put your baby to sleep with this relaxing music. Extended version

I know he's not my child, rather my little 2 year old brother, and I'm only 13 years old, but when I looked at my sibling, asleep, with this song playiny I cried a little. Its just the though of my 2 year old little brother, who can barely sing his ABC's, and can only name the parts of his head, will one day be a well educated man in his 30's, with a wife and children, a nice house, a full time job, and living his own life. Im starting to sound like my parents. 
So deep... I luv it
WTF Y IS THEIR AN EYE BALL ON MY PHONE XD I thought it was funny lol but it still creeps the mess out of me (Clam music I even sleep to it.)
That eye creeps me right the fuck out and I'm 34...
It worked so good thank you for this baby video ! Super // danke für das schöne video weiter so!
Ok im 16 i was looking for this song. Now im crying because this song reminds me the most of my childhood. It brings back the best memories and feelings
the fuck is your problem?cock sucker
Wow really keep commenting on the EYE BALL? The eye ball is like a mother watching and guarding their baby while they are sleeping. Another thing this is meant as a LULLABY not something to watch you will listen to it in order for you to fall asleep. Gosh looking for a bed time music and commenting on the video. >.< 
Wow they should change that eye and put in fishes
i really like this song it helps me to sleep sooooo sweet.
Sorry, but I can't sleep wit this fuckin Eye of Sauron marble watchin me.
yeah.thats creepy eyes
Te kołysanki działają bo dziecko zasypia
I listen to this everyday cuz this puts me to sleep,so fast
Thank you so much for making this video, it works wonders putting my baby nephew to sleep...the only problem is is it works on me soon :-)
The eye is a focus point for babies
Nice song it really makes my sisters son calm !
Such peaceful music. Thanks for sharing and helping both little ones and parents/guardians!
Thank you this helps me fall asleep fast and I'm 14
Seriously.. what is with the eyeball???
this is for babies to get them to sleep they can NOT see the bloody eye
lol im making my dog sleep with this song :D
Grr i hate the eye ball creepy
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michelle pineda Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
No need for the visuals, just use your own beautiful imagination!
i put this on and i am an 11yr old boy and it worked wile my freinds were watching me
Kris Fe Baybayan Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:hyhgdgfbhhhrHP
I Love It 😄 It Puts My Baby To Sleep Real Quick . & Who Gives A F*** About The Eyeball 😏
I am 34 but i feel so sleepy then sleep when i open this youtube yesterday hahaha
What's up with that one eye floating around?
I'm 17 and this put me and my baby to sleep
my nephew fell asleep in less than 5 mins (was babysiting) thank goodness he didnt cry
LOOL I'm baked and i put this on for my friend to fall asleep to 
Kris Fe Baybayan Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:
Nisreen Ismail Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
That moment when you play this video with your 4 month old baby in your arms and the loud ass advertisement before the video startles him and makes him cry.... #binkie
I love to sleep listening lullabies and I'm 9years old and my 6years old sister also like it 2
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Chloe Anne Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Lullaby Baby Bedtime music - fisher price:
The best lalbye I've heard so far..
this shit made me sleep aswel
extra je veux pour mon fils naissance prévue pour le 24/08/2014
I played this for my 3 month old, went to get her bottles ready for the night, came back and she was fast asleep :-)
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I love it actually makes me go to sleep😊☺😃😄😄😅🐹
Is that eye spying on me that's creepy and I'm 15
The is creepy like its saying I'm watching you and I'm 11 but puts my twin sister's to sleep and im starting to fall asleep to
its the....... SEPTIC EYE
wtf. lol. Fuck baby music.
Man, look at you! Your a turtle! Now stop talking and go lay some egg
Same toe the eye is creepy
This is so calming ! I have a 17 year old Dachshund that has dementia and he gets very irritable he also has sun downing really bad, but I can play this and it instantly relaxes him.  He will lay and just look around  or go straight to sleep. :) 
Thank you Alli Moore ! I agree
+Emilie Michele Thank god! hopefully you got the hint no body won't to hear from a heartless child ! This animal was very sick I had him for 17 years if you love someone or something you do what ever to comfort them even if it seams childless or silly. . Animal or human compassion is total love and from the heart. You don't give up on no one or nothing ! Good by don't chime in as you can see no one is interested !
Lol, it cures my headache alot, thanks!
Im 16 but i use this sometimes
Works like a charm put my baby niece nephew to sleep in one minute
Makayla Crisanti Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
😴😴😴 I fell asleep watching this
2 year old cousin went to sleep in 6 minutes
Olivia why do you say the Oner is stupid
This song is brilliant it actually helped my baby girl go to sleep :) ♥
Dat eye afraid me, i can't sleep now xD
I think...I...will ...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ฟังสบายมากครับ ผมฟังหลับก่อนลูกซะอีกก
I think...I...will ...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Linda Lindvee Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
My mom falls asleep all the time I put this on and shes 30 years old and I'm 7
小竹照枝 Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
OMG The eye is so creepy and I'm using my mom's acount
Yes what is with the creepy eye? You could scare a child with that. All tho it was awsom
Yup! It did it scared my little brother!
I tried this again and my child got scared and woke up a 3:00 in the morning. The owner of this song is stuped
Rick Morari Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:
my baby brother went to sle
in the first 5 minutes it put my lil 2 mouth yr old to a deep sleep
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