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Ryan Robert's Ice Cream Party!

by SourceFed • 267,056 views

Ryan's FB Event Page: Description: Mom asks the world to honor her dying baby by giving your kids ice cream sundaes instead of dinner! Order your SourceFed Posters here:...

thank you so much for posting this I never had a chance to comment on here because this was the first time I have saw this yes I am Ryan's older brother Zach, if you do not believe me you can message me on facebook my last name is Gaudette so Zach Gaudette on facebook my picture is me in track. I wouldn't make this up. I would just like to say a major thanks to you sourcefed for doing this video and I hope all you guys had banana splits yes it was very difficult to handler but with me being only 14 it has made me a stronger indivual and I feel I can make it through most can. once again thanks very much for this please get back to if you wish and I will gladly tell you more about him if you would like.
This would be a perfect time to release the hearts that you can grow from a person's cells to the public. yes, that is happening, it's working perfectly, and yet they can't be bothered to actually save lives with it yet.
Sometimes I wish it would be me with every birth defect so no one else would have any ;(
How can u dislike this video all my love 2 u ryan n my god look over u.<3
Aw Lee do you need a hug? I need one too!
Alrite ill admit it. Im a guy and i teared up. Im not the only one. Also Lee's adorable.
lee's parts just make this that much harder to watch
Damn!.. why we can press Like only once on this video? :P SourceFed crew and YOU web-people are AWSOME! ;)
That was great guys! It's this kind of thing that gives me hope. Thank you.
This is amazing! & Lee I'm sharing those tears with you (,:
A good contrast to the many humoristic videos
Now everytime I have a banana split i'll think of Ryan. :3 this must of really meant something to Lee considering she had a heart defect...
I love watching this video. I keep watching it. It's my favorite. And, like Lee, I was tearing up as well, which isn't that common for me. It's a wonderful idea and I love it. If we had ice cream in the house, I would make some.
Awwwww the whole crew joined in :3
that's the idea, though i'm not a baby so I don't qualify
Seeing Lee tear up made me tear up. :( RIP Ryan. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
That story is probably the most amazing and triumphant thing I have ever heard.
What sick person would dislike a video like this?
RIP Ryan. You were an inspiration to my family and many others.
Fuck those 187 people who disliked this video!
watching this makes me think of my mom. she has many medical problems and at times is difficult for her to walk. i remember when she took me to amusement parks n rode rides with me n wish she could now. Do not take people u care for n love for granted. -kaleb
Well that is true but stop looking at the big picture.
RIP Ryan. That little guy touched my heart more than I expected from a child I only knew from a friend of a friend on facebook.
Don't let Mayor Bloomberg know or he'll outlaw it!
y'all I understand getting mad on the web and posting things, yes I have done this before out of extreme rage, loneliness, and depression, but I regret all that I have done. go post a mean or angry comment on a video or picture that suits or relates to your emotion and your comment, NOT on a video like this. this is something that we all need be happy that there is so much love for a family and a little boy that tons of people have never even met. so I ask all of you who are criticizing others,
Beautiful baby. Beautiful story. Beautiful reporting. Thank you Sourcefed!
How are they gonna get him laid? Cool story sourcefed
i love you lee....your tears make me feel emotions for once in a great while
This is so good what you guys did to show this story. Makes me want to keep living on this planet to see how good people like you guys help and support those in need of a caring family like sourcefed.
I might cry, but I've been watching YouTube videos for so long that my eyes are too dry from not blinking.
If you disliked this you should die a slow painful death because q small but mighty young soul has motivated the world to do everything they can imagine. The plain banana split has a little more meaning now
im goin to have a banana split tomorrow i hate my self for missing this but my internet was down for a week i hope his family copes well cause i have been in similar situation iv lost two brother and its quite heartbreaking not just for the family but mostly the mother sorry for her loss
You have a point this is about this poor baby that can't live for much longer and you dislike it. Heartless little bastards
it took me 10 minutes to watch this story because I had to pause every time I felt like i was going to cry.
it's not about the ice cream it's about enjoying the time you have in general. at least ryan's mom is smiling while she laugh's at how literal everyone is taking her sentence. Enjoy your ice cream and enjoy your lives :)
I come back to this video once in a while to just remind me how us humans are the best thing.
Good composure lee. I know that was hard
This is the video that made me believe that SourceFed and the people there are the best thing that ever happened to the internet, When ever I feel like my life is crap, I come and watch this video. And it makes me cry every time I watch it. .
i had to pause and comeback a couple times to keep from crying...
Thank you for this story and spreading the word.
I cried.... hardcore cried... To Ryan :) and to all he inspires <3
Aww Lee, girl you had me tearing up too. It's such a tragedy & one that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Baby Ryan Godbless.
Lee is one of the most kind hearted, loving people ever.
Do I HAVE to eat a banana split? But seriously my heart goes out to Ryan and his family
Sourcefed, you guys are great. You know how to bring joy to knees but when something serious happens you still know how to bring it but also having a heart. Keep doing what you guys do and your awesome.
thanks Lee, i come here for comedy, and now I'm crying lol
I wish youtube had a Love button.
every time i eat a banana split i start coughing and it hard to breathe :-/
I could have made it without crying Lee, but I'm a sympathetic crier, and this story is totally a tearjerker. It really is awesome to see total strangers rallying up for this little boy. :3
I love you sourcefed it's these moments that makes me want to keep watching everyday. Dedicated to Ryan!
lee!!!!!! y u gotta make me cry too?!?!
I don't even like banana splits, but I want to eat one for Ryan!
oh man i am crying so bad this is so bad you guys i cant stop crying
I was already choking but when I saw lee's tears... I couldn't help it
First date with a girl? Let's have banana splits for a little guy I know. Sister home for summer vacation? Let's have banana splits for Ryan. Good luck buddy. There are thousands upon thousands of people cheering and praying for you. You've impacted all of us. We love you.
now i feel bad about having suicidal tendencies, fml
RIP little guy. You lived more in your short time then some do in 80 years.
i want to do this but i hate bananas so much! :(
It bothers me that I don't feel anything when I watch this.
Wow, this is amazing!!! One SourceFed video where there isn't ignorant haters and we are all united to have a banana split for Ryan. Simply beautiful :)
OMG I love this video its wonderful
@HappyPillsSkateboard no time for hate
that first picture is so adorable and this story is both heart warming and heart breaking...
Rest in Peace Ryan Roberts. Its time for one last final, To Ryan.
I love how moved Lee is by this. :) I keep watching this episode as I believe it to be my favorite.
I usually just do my thing on youtube. Watch the video, dont like it, dont subscribe to it, and dont favorite it. This time I actually did something different. I favorited the video, liked it, and I am showing it to my brothers first thing in the a.m just to show them how fortunate they are.
Dammit Lee!! Sitting here crying like a baby!
DAMMIT LEE! I want to hug you when you're sad :(
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