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Uncharted 3 Ch. 8 - Part 2 of 3 - Useless Teammates

by Chris Smoove • 185,422 views

This is Chapter 8 Part 2 of 3 - The Citadel The last part should be out Saturday night. For some reason it is taking YouTube forever to process these videos.

his gun is aimed at nothing at 4:35
lmao chris looks like such a game noob on this game, unless its just really hard and teamates/enemies cheese like that
@Smoove7182954 Is it ironic that i read your comment and realised i had a NBA ad?
I don't think thats a very.... and hes gone ha-ha-a-a
this was announced to be the game of the year
I am so excited, my dad just bought me this game for 37 bucks! But I can´t play it till 24 December OMG.
Hey smoove get a moab in this game lol
Should I sell Uncharted 3 once I finish the campaign and get 2k12? Is that a wise move?
Smoove dying in 2 episodes in a row? You ain't Mario baby!!
How in the heck are there only 309 Views and you have 697 likes? hahahahaha
I love this... I feel like I'm watching a movie with chris smoove...
7:00 he misses a his feet.
Is it just the poor video uploading quality that is causing the random quality problems like at 2:05?
damn this game is intense makes me want to buy it
Hey check out my channel and subscribe for awesome MW3 Game play
ChrisSmoove realy needs to play infamous 2
Voila !!! x) at 11:10 in french ^^'
Don't worry I don't know either!
@JohnathanAgbor uncharted is great, why u want mw3 gameplay?
where's part 3???still rendering?
I hate how you play this game...
@Smoove7182954 Do some more 2k11. Association, Jordan or more My Player for different positions man :D that would be a smoove move
smoove, your voice is heaven to my ears
the companions are so bad haha. Love these videos i watch them while eating
I don't know what "the code" is. But I think it has to do with ps3 plus
@Smoove7182954 when is the patch for 2k gonna come out?
What do you think about David Stern blocking the CP3 trade?? Isn't that a noob move ? I think everyone get better
8:26 that damn part what I'm stuck it ! Seriously , FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... !
7:07 is like the most epic thing a human could possibly say --- and you said it :) Smoove... You're the best, you make my day
4:40 it's raining men!, hallelujah it's raining men. yeah!
It is the same guy all the time
@Smoove7182954 are you going to do a "lets play" of skyrim
the teammates do help at 2:08 the girl messed the guy up
@BHassan786 yeah, you can. But it's more fun to get in a fist fight with those big guys!!
@psc93krp It's really fun but you have to get used to it first. It's defenitely different from any first person shooters.
Can we get more MW3 games please?
8 People didn't liked the Explosion effects
@chenjoe89 Holy shit, me too! I always check for a new Uncharted before supper!
i want more uncharted its so exciting and suspensful
I laughed so much during this chapter! Favorite part: when u aimed into an rpg rocket with the Drag lmao
8:29 that guy i still mad at you for splashing his head to the toilet back at d'bar
the reason he's slow is cuz he's white he been beatened and battered n the story mode
just sit back relax and just roll with it....
he was punching with one hand and pistol whipping with the other
look t my channel straight awesomeness
I hate comments that end in dots............
i dont think thats a very good and hes gone lol
The prince of percia is the best wall climber ect... Too bad Ubisoft has no plans in making a new game about the prince. :(
@janper16 nooooooo first hes gonna do part 4 of 3
lol, i started to laugh when chris said "i thought it was clear he's a liar!" LMAO! xD
I thought smoove was gonna say HIS SPEED IS 99 when they were running. Speed is really a joke smoove. You the boss.
keep doing these vids and i would like to see more bf3
LMAO Chris Smoove "Smoove Scope" = Shoot em in the nuts
3:26 give tht guy some steady aim
ayy smoove when you were running across that bridge was your speed was at 99 and the old man was still running faster than you.. HA..HA..
@Smoove7182954 can u show vids of the multiplayer in uncharted 3?
From 11:33 to 13:57 This is what power ranger should of been.
How do you zoom? It doesn't work for me
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