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by EurovisionGR • 62,212,634 views FOR LYRICS, PICTURES, BIOGRAPHY ------------------- EUROVISION 2009 WINNER -NORWAY -ALEXANDER RYBAK -FAIRYTALE -HQ...

2009. I was a child. That time Eurovision was won by a boy looks like a prince from a fairytale - cute and kind. Now I am an adult, and a man in a dress won the Eurovision. I am crying. Should my future children think, that Conchita is the example to follow? I don't think so. btw, I am not a homophobe, but the world is making a mistake.
+Mr Creeper you are horrible if you think that. Open your mind and respect. Gays are not horrible. Horrible is your intolerance. 
+nicktgn Hahaha, just some gays are not horrible, this guys who act like normal people not like Conchita Wurst did. It's not fine that me and everyone + every children need to see at TV a man with beard and dress at the sime time just because he/she want to make people to know that is freedom, we know that is freedom we don't need him/her to teach us that.
This is awesome song. I remember this. But this year winner is disgrace. What are they teaching our children omg.
That it's ok to be different? To accept people? To think that no matter who they are they are human and should be allowed to express themselves any way they wish, as long as they're not harming anyone? No doubt you'll be teaching your children to hate.
Second greatest Eurovision winner ever :D Good job Norway!
i was 12 in 2006 and i voted for lordi xD shit was awesome
Oh look, Your ThePain guy who hates tennis. At least we both like Eurovision, that's all we have in common.
Yıl 2014ün son günleri hala dinliyorum :)
kaan Europe's Skies şarkısını da dinle süper adam ya :-)
Great job, Norway.
Ty I'm from norway!
Fun Fact: Alexander Rybak is the norwegian voice for Hiccup in the HTTYD movies.
Lol. When I saw those movies I actually thought Rybac kind of looks like Hiccup.
One of the best of Eurovision :3 Full of joy, energy and happiness for a broken-love song :3 That's why people love him, his optimistic is amazing!!! 
Ata'nın Kızı Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Ana Lúcia Teodoro Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Uma alegria....
Go scandinavia!! Some of the highest points ever: Denmark 2013 Sweden 2012 Finland 2006 Norway 2009
+Mr Psycho what with ? your keyboard ? ha keyboard warrior! Go back to your momy kido!
Aii! Look! It's Hiccup!
It is! He is the voice of Hiccup in the norwegian versions of the movies. (But you probably knew that😁)
I remember when I was watching eurovision and this song came on and i hated it, and later on it won the competition, i was shocked i hated it so bad...  Now a few years later what the hell this is a great song! :D
But the funniest is he's Russian..! :D
Sorry i meant Belarus!
Alexander Rybak gay değil. Onun kız sevgilisi var. Şarkının sözlerinde de eski sevgilisinden bahsediyor. O yakışıklı diye ona gay demeniz çok mantıksız. Bilmeden yorum apmayın. Google'a "Alexander Rybak ve sevgilisi" yazın ve görün. 
Barbara Klimek Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
First song of Alexander Rybak's I listened to. The main reason I started playing violin~
He plays Hardanger Fiddle though :P
I don't even watch Eurovision but even I can tell that this song is stereotypically hackneyed and has the same melody as every pop love song out there. Nothing about it is winning quality and I'm sure the only reason why it won is because of the Justin Beiber lookalike kid with a cute smile.
The thing is that this song drags in traditional Norwegian music together with a beat and rythm that is modern pop. The fact that it involves "fairytale", is also dragging in traditional Norwegian culture. He represented Norway excellently
Hayatimda dinledigim en guzel eurovision sarkisi
Песня замечательная.  Действительно заслуженная победа.
Adam herşeyi tamam da saçlar unutmuş
Beata Pac Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago (edited)
pamiętamy go z tego utworu :)
Tack så mycket ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
i call it the combination of Scotland and Romania (or Russia) hahaha
ne çok sevmiştim bu parçayı...
this piece of shit went number 1
Notice how one of his strings tore in the middle of the performance? I'm no expert with string instruments, but he took I think he took it like a pro ! Btw: One of my favourite songs ever, and truly a beautiful piece of music 
He looks like Justin Bieber hahaha lol
The best artist with the same voice here  and in MV
Now I can't get the "I'm in LOOOOVE with a fairy taaaaale" out of my head. Sadly, the only way to get a song out my head is to replace it with another.
Supongo que a los del Este de Europa le gusta esta musica, a mi me parece horrible.
+Emperatriz de Rocafermata El sello de la ignorancia: Creer que lo que a uno no le gusta, es una mierda!
+Leticia Barrirero Te doy toda la razón, esta canción para mi es una obra de arte... Que lastima que la mayoria de las personas no sepan apreciar la verdadera música
bu şarkıyı kız arkdaşıma çıkma teklifi ederken söylerim ben aq :D mühthiş bir müzik ya 
hayırlı olsun reiz  :D
it is to bad she changed sex to a man. she was good before to imo
Δεν ξέρω απλός τον βρικα
I'm in love with a fairytale , Even though it hurts. I so too : (((
1:40 - those backflips O.O
Amazing song. I love it . But he sounds a bit nervous. Other than that it was great.
Ingilizcem kötü ama bu nun gibi sarkilari anlamasamdaolur
Benim dinlediğim en güzel şarkı bence eurevision şarkı yarışmalarının birincisi olmalı
ya amk şarkıyı gördükçe moralim bozuluyor aq adamdaki tipe bak bizdeki tipe bak ne günah işledik bu kadar amk 
the winner maybe showed us (children) that we can be who we want but the song just was NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT good AT ALL GO ICELAND GO
You show us that you clearly know how to write
Paras kaikista viisuloista mitä selasin.!!! t:sanna
2009 год... Время, когда ты  успело?...
Да евро виденье уже не то 2014. 
Dünya-Ahiret kardeşim olsun daaaaa, bu ne yakışıklılık beee :)
He don't like a norwegian. More like an east european...
His parents are russian immigrants from Belarus.
Рыбак рыбака видит из далека :D lol
Abi sarki okadar da guzel degilde adam kemanla costurdu
Norway totally deserved that win! :D
2.34 that shoe 😂😂😂
It's actually a hat. The dancers are kicking a hat off a pole. It's a part of norwegian culture. So the shoe you saw... That was a hat. Search for it on Google to find out more about the "kicking hard off poles" thing:) I don't remember the term for it sorry
Alexander rybak is awesome singer and violin player !!!!!
This song was the only one that really deserved that first place! 
Vasil Milev Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
2009.05.14  its my birthday.haha
houcine amaidi Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Çeçen olsa varya...(ben çeçenim)
Best winner of eurovision
desde argentina la mejor cancion junto con euphoria de loreen genios los dos 
his smile is killing me :)
Scandinavia is the shit :D
I like Aleyxander Rybak
...ALEXANDER RYBAK...**FAIRYTALE**... ... piękna piosenka , zwycięzca Eurowizji...!!..:)
Kolejny utalentowany Słowianin ;)
que hermosa música, estilo del lejano oeste y toda muy bien el violín
chipi ci peter linmpitriini
Bu adam eurovisionun gay yarışması olduğunun kanıtı
Bak janna mısın nesin siktir git topraklarımızdan sik kadar beyninle bize ders vereceğine git amına kpyacam ha atatürke laf ediyo ibne şimdi biliyorum yazcaksın bişeyler bilmiş bilmis orospu gibi yazma siktir git am beyinli
اجمل اغنيه
2:34 mikrofon hava yolları sehayatı by tekme
mikrofon değil o şapka :D
He made alot of fuss back in Norway, as it came out that he'd been sleeping with both of his backup singers, without the other knowing
Paweł Czubin Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
kocham tego goscia jest wzorem dla mnie
podoba mi sie jego utwory
Okula hoca dinledi. Boook. Goni pogum gibii
Το θυμαστε αυτο??????
Δυστυχώς. Ναι χδ 😄👎
Why scandinavians are reach most points of eurovision 1-Norway 2009 winner 2-Sweden 2012 winner 3-Finland 2006 winner 4-Iceland 2009 2nd ??????????????
just for example...ex soviet states (+Serbia as Russian cultural brother) 2013 - Azerbaijan 2nd, Ukraine - 3d 2012 - Russia 2nd. Serbia -3d 2011 - Azerbaijan -1st winner 2009 - Azerbaijan - 3d 2008 - Russia -1st winner, Ukraine 2nd 2007 - Serbia -1st, Ukraine - 2nd, Russia 3d 2006 - Russia 2nd =))
The song's name is not fairytale.. HE is the fairytale... :)
ohh woow that was one of the stuupid song of eurovision,f king fairytale silly imagination..we are into a real world
Lmaoooo he broke a string!! ;P :D
only one winner of the eurovision who really deserved
This is so perfect song!♥♥♥Real Eurovision song!♥♥♥ Alexander Rybak,we love you!♥♥♥♥♥ Kisses from Serbia!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Erkan Demir Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Eg sigar det mari.
Dom vera Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Levent Gunes Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Ali Uzun Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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